Visto nel Web – 123

OK: Primavera, non tanto OK: influenza, OK: ecco cosa ho visto nel Web.


Desert – Schema di colore per Geany
::: Mattux

The Era of Facebook Is an Anomaly
::: Slashdot

How I rebuilt “Flying Toasters” using only CSS animations
::: Bryan Braun


What’s New In Python 3.4
::: Python

Woot! Python 3.4.0 (final) is released!!!
::: Twitter

Why OCaml, why now?
::: Andy’s


This presentation can’t be opened because it’s too old
::: Google+

[rust-dev] Announcing the new Rust package manager, Cargo
::: Mozilla

Shuttleworth, ACPI, e il software proprietario in Ubuntu
::: Bl@ster’s

57Swans are removed from a stretch of the River Thames

Il futuro di Twitter
::: la Stampa

Over 500,000 PCs attacked every day after 25,000 UNIX servers hijacked by Operation Windigo
::: welivesecurity ::: Slashdot

Why Google Doesn’t Have a Research Lab
::: Technology Review


Three Questions for Leslie Lamport, Winner of Computing’s Top Prize
::: Technology Review ::: ACM

XPocalypse, andiamo avanti tranquillamente (verso il disastro)
::: Dario Cavedon (iced)

Java 8 Officially Released
::: Slashdot


Wherein Paul maligns the lack of proper GNU/Linux support on Android devices
PaulTag 😉
::: Peace, Love and C++

Google Chromecast in Italia: con 35 euro hai una Smart TV
::: tom’s

Motorola’s Smart Watch Looks Pretty Sweet
::: Technology Review


Officials: NSA’s PRISM Targets Email Addresses, Not Keywords
::: Slashdot

Crytek announces its CRYENGINE-as-a-Service Program
::: Crytek

Before Snowden, There Was Huawei
::: Technology Review ::: Technology Review

Reading Can Seriously Damage.......

How Quickly Did Your Country Adopt the Internet?
::: Mashable

Support for internet freedom is especially strong in countries where a large percentage of the population is online
::: Pew Research Center

Simple Kriging in Python
::: Connor Johnson


Click per la versione completa, grazie a Roberto Gambuzzi

Important Corrections to General Inaccuracies and Misconceptions Regarding U.S. Announcement and IANA Functions
avevate capito male, nèh!

World Wide Web Timeline
::: Pew Research Center

Facebook Introduces ‘Hack,’ the Programming Language of the Future
::: Lambda the Ultimate

made in italy

Linux MultiMedia Studio: L’ Home Recording è servito
::: Nerd Slider

Oppo’s New Phone Hits 538 PPI
::: Slashdot


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