Visto nel Web – 125

The end is nigh, martedì arrivano i Maya l’XPOcalypse. Ma intanto ecco cosa ho visto nel Web.


Software Upgrade At 655 Million Kilometers
::: Slashdot

Why I am Scared of the Oculus Deal

China Prosecuted Internet Policeman In Paid Deletion Cases
::: Slashdot


Re: Facebook acquires Oculus – A letter of concern
::: Medium

Research tools: Jump off the page
Researchers are learning to embrace online lab notebooks, but not without growing pains
::: Nature

Git Source Code Review: Overview
::: Fabien Sanglard’s


WSJ: Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever
::: Slashdot

The revolution will be tweeted
::: Twitter ::: HootSource

The Day Microsoft Gave Up World Domination and Settled For Relevance
::: Waffle


Amazing approximation to e
non so se sono OT ma 😉
::: The Endeavour

How Twitter Has Changed Over the Years in 12 Charts
::: The Atlantic

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 552, 31 March 2014
ehi! c’è Lubit 🙂
::: DistroWatch


Scientific Python in the Browser: it’s coming!
::: Cyrille Rossant

Bootstrapping a simple compiler from nothing
incredibile! Edmund è un matematico esperantista tosto, assay 🙄
::: Virgin Media

A diagram to help you decide whether or not you should deploy on a Friday at 5pm
::: Twitter


How will the end of Windows XP impact your organization?
anche Peter Norton vi dice che siete fuori moda
::: Symantec

Con Linux Puoi… dire addio a Windows XP!
::: Con Linux Puoi

Canonical Shutting Down Ubuntu One File Services
::: Slashdot


I nemici della rete hanno imparato dalla guerriglia: usano a loro favore la complessità facendo confusione
::: Luca De Biase

Microsoft: Start Menu Returns, Windows Free For Small Device OEMs, Cortana Beta
::: Slashdot

Vint Cerf: CS Programs Must Change To Adapt To Internet of Things
::: Slashdot


Rust 0.10 Released
::: Mozilla

Brendan Eich Steps Down As Mozilla CEO
::: Slashdot

How The Rise Of The “R” Computer Language Is Bringing Open Source To Science
::: Co.Labs


Introducing Pyston: an upcoming, JIT-based Python implementation
Pyston is still in its infancy and right now only supports a minimal subset of the Python language
::: Dropbox Tech Blog

Facebook Messenger introduce le chiamate gratis
::: Chimera Revo

Oxford Internet Institute Creates Internet “Tube” Map
::: Slashdot


Build Your Own Lisp
Learn C and build your own programming language in under 1000 lines of code!
::: Build Your Own Lisp

Fotografie da #SOD14, tra dati e tagliatelle
::: Bl@ster’s

Guida alla migrazione da Windows XP a Linux
::: XPocalypse

red dot

Illustrating the Socioeconomic Divide With iOS and Android
::: Slashdot

UK Government Pays Microsoft £5.5M For Extended Support of Windows XP
::: Slashdot

Modern C++: What You Need to Know
sentito solo 23 per minuti che altrimenti mi convince troppo
::: Channel 9


Python e GTK+ parte 1: installazione e documentazione utile
un blog nuovissimo, da visitare, salutare, valutare i poi seguire, nèh!
::: Appunti tecnici

Why No One Trusts Facebook To Power the Future
::: Slashdot


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