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Se sopravvivo alle alluvioni –bombe d’acqua a non finire, per esempio adesso pioviggina– prossimamente… Io mi sto preparando ma voglio collaboratori, nèh!

The news have it that @Groupon has abandoned their trademark application for #GNOME!My name is Dan and I had a bent iPhone
tranquilli, ma sì, si piega; ma tranquilli
::: The Verge

Elon Musk’s Next Mission: Internet Satellites
::: Slashdot

The Rise And Fall Of The Full Stack Developer
::: TechCrunch

now panic

Codecademy’s ReSkillUSA: Gestation Period For New Developers Is 3 Months
::: Slashdot

Only 90s Web Developers Remember This
::: Zach Holman

Computer Scientists Ask Supreme Court To Rule APIs Can’t Be Copyrighted
::: Slashdot


There’s No Such Thing As a General-Purpose Processor
::: Slashdot

Italy’s Declaration of Internet Rights
::: Joho

AT&T’s latest smartwatch for kids is both easier and tougher
questo saprei usarlo anch’io
::: Engadget

tumblr_mrca7croIa1qz6f9yo1_500Plot memory usage as a function of time
::: Fabian Pedregosa

Testing in Python
::: Connor Johnson

DARPA funds $11 million tool that will make coding a lot easier
::: Engadget


What computers taught me
::: Twitter

Java Virtual Machine: the Essential Guide
::: anturis

OpenMandriva Lx Is Switching To Clang By Default
::: [Phoronix]


Raspberry Pi’s new computer is somehow even smaller and cheaper
::: Engadget

Net Neutrality: President Obama’s Plan for a Free and Open Internet
::: the White House ::: Vox ::: Twitter ::: Luca De Biase ::: manteblog

Era il 31 maggio 2014…
::: Gli Amici di Lubit


Portatile HP? Controllate il cavo

DraftSight 2015, un CAD 2D accessibile ed efficiente
::: Giovanni Longo

The news have it that @Groupon has abandoned their trademark application for #GNOME!
::: Twitter ::: Twitter ::: Ars Technica ::: Bl@ster’s


Mantieni viva la passione per un Internet libero e aperto!
::: Twitter

Samples for using LLVM and Clang as a library
::: Eli Bendersky

Partnering with Mozilla
news da Tor
::: Tor


Germans Can Get Free Heating From the Cloud
::: Slashdot

Install Telegram for Linux as an application
::: deshack

Half a decade with Go
::: The Go Programming Language ::: Bl@ster’s


Facebook lancia la connessione gratuita in Kenya grazie a
::: Downloadblog

Potentially catastrophic bug bites all versions of Windows. Patch now
::: Ars Technica ::: Downloadblog

Snapper is a tool for Linux filesystem snapshot management
::: Snapper


iOS 8 Jailbreak Report
::: OS news

We landed a probe on a comet and Microsoft open sourced .NET. I’d call today a success.
::: Twitter

Microsoft open-sources the .NET core
::: LWN ::: Twitter ::: Twitter ::: Marco’s Box ::: Bl@ster’s


Horse walks into a bar
::: Twitter

“Hello world” is the hard part
::: The Endeavour

Cultura libera, bene comune e Ubuntu, secondo Dario Cavedon
::: Pionero


How Baidu Tracked the Largest Seasonal Migration of People On Earth
::: Slashdot

A scuola con pane e software libero
::: LaBuonaScuola

AT&T To “Pause” Gigabit Internet Rollout Until Net Neutrality Is Settled
::: Slashdot


La cronistoria di un LinuxDay, il nostro
::: Gli Amici di Lubit

Intel Claims Chip Suppliers Will Flock To Its Mobile Tech
::: Slashdot

Linux Foundation Comments On Microsoft’s Increasing Love of Linux
::: Slashdot

fake science

Microsoft Losing the School Markets To iPads and Chromebooks
::: Slashdot

10 pidstat Examples to Debug Performance Issues of Linux Process
::: The Geek Stuff

MyPaint – Disegnare al Pc
::: Freestyle Pc


Etat d’âme de codeur
::: CommitStrip

Strumenti Open Source per l’Architettura
::: Giovanni Longo

How to make an Operating System
::: Samy Pessé


FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Tells Silicon Valley He’s Open To Obama Net Neutrality Plan
::: Quinta’s

From Novice to Master, and Back Again
LOL, per Ubuntu in italiano non c’è ma c’è su

Migrating Firefox


How YouTube Music Key Will Redefine What We Consider Music
::: Slashdot

Gusions Blog diventa “slow”
::: Gusions

Wildcard aims to replace your phone’s web browser with mobile cards
::: Engadget

La domanda è sbagliata; se la domanda fosse giusta la risposta sarebbe 42

La domanda è sbagliata; se la domanda fosse giusta la risposta sarebbe 42

Google Quadruples A.M. Turing Award To $1M
::: Slashdot

Clojure FizzBuzz Without Conditionals
panico clojuriouso, qui 😳
::: Carin Meier

Windows 10 su tutti i Lumia Windows Phone 8
::: tom’s


::: Twitter

GSL – GNU Scientific Library
::: GNU Operating System

Go – We’re moving to GitHub
::: Bl@ster’s


Lo dice anche il dottore: le fibre fanno bene!
::: Twitter

Python isn’t always slower than C

Una prima mondiale: metodi coercitivi per la diffusione del Software Libero
::: Dario Cavedon (iced)


81% of Tor Users Can Be De-anonymized By Analysing Router Information
::: Slashdot

Video di presentazione dell’Hacklab Cosenza
se siete di quelle parti dovreste conoscerlo
::: You Tube

7 Reasons We Overhauled NY’s Website
ok, un pakko di auto-pubblicità ma anche idee
::: Medium


Everybody’s all excited about #golang moving to Github
::: Twitter

What is pyjs?
::: Pyjs


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  • bakerstreetboy  Il 16 novembre 2014 alle 18:15

    Complimenti, Nino.
    Non ho aperto un solo link perché è tutta roba troppo kwomplicata per me, ma le immagini sono spassosissime..
    So che sono una delusione ma i tuoi post rimangono qui, quindi quando ho voglia passo e mi gusto qualche link sul serio.. 😉

  • Gusions  Il 17 novembre 2014 alle 01:22


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