Visto nel Web – 199

Un po’ perso tra troppe cose, in attesa di aggiornamenti, ecco cosa ho visto nel Web.
1000A Kenyan won the gold medal in javelin after learning how to throw on YouTube
::: Quartz

Windows 10 oltre il danno anche la beffa
::: BagaiLinux

Number of A.I. publications by country
::: rasbt

Autograph is a #css generation language
::: kruhft

Intervista a Brian Kernighan


Congratulation UK
::: thek3nger

Twitter works just fine – but for investors, anything except total market domination is a disaster
::: the Guardian

WordPress Italy Cookie Choices (for EU Cookie Law) update to 2.4.0
::: Google+

dubbi ma chissà… (ho la tweep-list piena di lispers)
::: npm


Why A + B != A – (-B)
::: PVS-Studio

Prime vittime della legge bavaglio in Spagna: vietato criticare polizia e politici (sui social e non)
::: Valigia Blu

5 details you shouldn’t give Facebook
::: Fox News

Hundreds of “black hat” English Wikipedia accounts blocked
::: fabiochiusi

Marissa Mayer di Yahoo è incinta di due gemelli
::: blackibiza


Ray Kurzweil, ingegnere capo di Google: “Nel 2030 diventeremo ibridi, connessi al cloud con nanorobot”
::: l’Huffington Post

The Most Important Obscure Languages?
::: Slashdot

Python Packages info & stats
::: PyGarden

The Long Reach of Windows 95
::: Slashdot

Quand je corrige un bug envers et contre tout
::: CommitStrip


The worst mistake of computer science
::: Lucidchart

Putin vs. the Internet: The Laws That Matter
::: Bloomberg

Finnish Government and the Desire to Constitutionalize Mass Surveillance: Toward Permanent State of Emergency?
::: Verfassung

The end of a cycle. The beginning of a new one.
::: Medium

Facebook e Maria Elena Boschi
perfettamente d’accordo con il Mante; e le risposte in automatico sono le peggiori, per contro ci sono siti seri dove si risponde velocemente e esaurientemente (verificato di recente, posso fornire particolari)
::: manteblog ::: peppeliberti

02.09.15 - 1

Ex-Android devs, HTC employees unveil Robin, a cloud-based ‘smarter’ smartphone
::: ExtremeTech

[Video 281] Andrey Syschikov: Practical usage of advanced Python constructs
::: Daily Tech Video

Mozilla, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Others Form ‘Alliance For Open Media’
::: Slashdot

On the Ubuntu Phone and the Challenges of Mobile Operating Systems
::: Medium

Facebook’s New Spam-Killer Hints at the Future of Coding
::: Wired

::: Archeo_Nella


Turkey Arrests Journalists For Using Encryption
::: Slashdot

State of the Haskell ecosystem – August 2015
::: Haskell for all

Google OnHub – considerazioni
::: Grab the Blaster

Polaroid’s latest instamatic doesn’t use ink to print photos
la voglio!
::: Engadget

Così Hacking Team e altre aziende vendono sorveglianza in Colombia
::: la Stampa


MinecraftEDU, la guida pratica per usarlo a scuola
::: Startupitalia!

Il diritto di sorvegliare tutto
::: Chiusi nella rete

Desktop image for my new Macbook
🙄 ecco, Rainer è tosto assay e allora… OK, bello 😉
::: RainerJoswig

Stack overflow has reached 10 millions questions!
::: Stack Overflow

Catsters guide is complete!
guida Haskell online
::: Brent Yorgey


Wikipedia gode di buona salute
::: Wikimedia

our friends @wikimediapolicy have a new website & they nail the message on copyright
::: communia_eu

Temete le IA? Dovreste temere la SA: la Stupidità Artificiale
::: Charly’s

Despite Reports of Hacking, Baby Monitors Remain Woefully Insecure
::: Slashdot

Domotica e notifiche su smartphone
::: ElectroYou


Canonical Kills Desktop Ubuntu Software Center, Focuses on Mobile Apps
::: The VAR Guy

“How Google’s new logo is just 305 bytes?”
::: rasbt

The future of visualization in Python – are we going where we want to be?
Uh! com’è che nessuno mi ha detto niente? devo indagare, prossimamente, forse 😉
::: Almar’s

Computer science: Enchantress of abstraction
the legacy of Ada Lovelace, mathematician and computer pioneer
::: Nature

A Lot of Computer Data on One Sheet of Paper (1956)
::: JF Ptak Science Books


The Top 10 Technology Blogs That You Must Bookmark
sì, no, non esattamente ma anche OK
::: SearchOnWeb

An experimental, proof-of-concept fork of Python 3 designed to optimally exploit multiple CPU cores, fast SSDs, NUMA architectures and 10Gb+ Ethernet networks
::: PyParallel

For Future Wearable Devices, the Network Could Be You
::: Slashdot

BB-8 in vendita

Data validation in Python with voluptuous
::: Julien Danjou


Simple Genetic Algorithm In 15 Lines Of Python
::: Quantitative Journey

What to do when a company ignores unsubscribe requests
::: roikles

Python Interpreters Benchmarks
::: rasbt

Examining the core memory module inside a #IBM 1401 (1959) mainframe
::: verdebinario

49% of teens say text messaging is their 1st choice for communicating
::: pewinternet

Programmare è un gioco, anche da grandi!
::: Girl Geek Life


Microsoft: da MSN al Comune di Pesaro come sbagliare tutto e vivere felici
poi di questo non ne parlo più, promesso
::: Tech Economy

New Steve Jobs doc examines the myth of the man who made Apple
::: Engadget

This basically says it all
prossimamente, forse, dico qualcosa sulle dimensioni (ci sto lavorando)
::: ThePracticalDev

LFE-Clojure (JVM) Interop using JInterface
::: lfex


The Interdependency Of Stanford And Silicon Valley
::: TechCrunch

Report: Google Will Return To China
::: Slashdot

Some of my game designs
sembra intrigante 😀
::: Xelf

Revisiting Vernor Vinge’s “predictions” for 2025
::: Daniel Lemire


is a java.util.Map implementation with worst write (put(k, v)) operation latencies more than 100 times smaller than in ordinary hash table implementations like java.util.HashMap
::: OpenHFT

Verso Lubit 6
forza Lubit!
::: Lubit Linux

Freer Monads, More Extensible Effects
::: Lambda the Ultimate


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  • robitex  Il 6 settembre 2015 alle 10:23

    Congratulazioni per i 1000 post… e la prossima domenica saranno anche 200 Visto nel web. Grande Juhan.

    • juhan  Il 6 settembre 2015 alle 10:25

      Grazie e certo per i 200.
      In realtà ormai siamo a quota 1008, and counting…


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