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Sono in ritardo, lo so, ma ecco le news, cosa ho visto nel Web.

Is Your Computer Stable?
#:sistemi operativi
::: Coding Horror

Seeing Beyond The Hubris Of Facebook’s Free Basics Fiasco
#:ditte #:Web, Internet
::: Slashdot

A lesson in shortcuts
::: Google+

A first sneak-preview of Structural Pattern Matching for #Java is available
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: _Javaslang


” @Putin ‘s internet guru says ‘nyet’ to Windows, ‘da’ to desktop #Linux”
#:sistemi operativi
::: kirschner

The fundamentals of #freesoftware is the reason why #ilovefs
#:free open source software
::: itsfoss

Dating a programmer: pros & cons

Galileo is the genesis of a symbolic and numerical math tool written in Scala; a Computer Algebra System (CAS). It’s similar to matlab or octave, but has many features of maple and mathematica as well in the sense that it supports variables and symbolic calculations.
#:programming, codice, snippet #:free open source software #:programmazione funzionale
::: cascala

The Linux Foundation Forms Open Source Effort To Advance IO Services
#:innovazioni, futuro
::: Slashdot


Big computers, big hair: the women of Bell Labs in the 1960s – in pictures
::: Slashdot ::: the Guardian

Before Gates, Zuckerberg, or Jobs, 6 women programmed the first digital computer
::: Digital Trends

You can use this to finger the weather for almost any city in the world
#:algoritmi, codice
::: climagic

When a programmer says, “I can learn any language in a week”
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: williampietri

#:programming, codice, snippet
::: The Ubuntu Incident


::: MadBob

Diritto di ripubblicazione in ambito scientifico: proposta di modifica alla legge sul diritto d’autore
#:Web, Internet
::: Minima academica

Kotlin 1.0 Released
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: Slashdot

Shots Fired: See Google Mocking Apple With its New Ad
#:ditte #:dispositivi mobili
::: Getting Geek

Tree-based Pipeline Optimization Tool
Python, non (ancora visto); qualcuno ne sa qualcosa? sembra bello 😀
#:linguaggi di programmazione #:algoritmi, codice
::: rhiever


A Book about Qt5
#:programming, codice, snippet #:manuali, how to
::: QmlBook

The surprising truth about Facebook’s
::: PCWorld

Knowledge Engine by Wikipedia
da indagare; qualcuno ne sa qualcosa?
::: Witty’s

U.S. Hacked Into Iran’s Critical Civilian Infrastructure For Massive Cyberattack, New Film Claims
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: BuzzFeed

Soddisfazioni: @_juhan thanks for letting me know @JohnDCook’s blog!
::: Flavio_MfM


Rust: Are we web yet? You can build stuff!
#lang #web
::: RustFriends

The best theory
::: CompSciFact

How Shari Steele Plans To Take Tor Mainstream
#:sicurezza, spionaggio #:Web, Internet
::: Slashdot

Come eseguire una scansione antivirus su un server o un PC Linux
dubbi su Java –anche lui come me 🙄
::: TUXJournal

Apple rejects order to unlock gunman’s phone
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: BBC ::: Apple ::: Snowden ::: MIT News



Bash prompts
io da sempre (già con il Pr1me)
::: Arabesque

MathStudio is a bit like Mathematica, except that it’s online and free. Worth a look
::: stevenstrogatz

sudo is basically
::: UnixToolTip

mv {E,e}ecummings.txt # Change the case (to lowercase) of the first letter E of a filename using brace expansion.
robe di una volta
::: climagic

fig. made with open src python, matplotlib & friends
#:free open source software
::: fperez_org


Google Translate Now Has More Than 100 Languages And Covers 99 Percent Of The Online Population
#:Web, Internet
::: blackibiza

think like turing
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: pkrumins

Go 1.6 is released
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: The Go Programming Language

Data Written With “Superman Memory Crystal” Could Last Billions of Years
#:innovazioni, futuro #:dati, raccolta
::: Slashdot

Now that’s pretty awesome
::: HugoGiraudel


ZFS is *the* FS for Containers in Ubuntu 16.04!
::: From the Canyon Edge

Breaking GNUS
#:social media
::: MadBob

Python 3 in 2016
completamente in disaccordo 😦
::: Hynek Schlawack

Facebook: Instant Articles in arrivo per tutti gli editori
#:social media
::: Downloadblog

Encryption: We must say no to back doors
#:Web, Internet #:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: World Wide Web Foundation


Il prodotto di Wallis in Ocaml e la ricorsione in coda
#:programmazione funzionale #:personale
::: Mattux’s

the @FBI said that
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: mmasnick

FBI wants to subvert the only thing saving the internet
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: thegrugq

Lo de las licencias es como lo del sexo de los ángeles
#:free open source software
::: spectrumgomas

Verso i 100.000 downloads
#:sistemi operativi
::: bit3lux


An introduction to Linux activity/event trackers
#:manuali, how to
::: HowtoForge

John McAfee Offers To Decrypt San Bernardino iPhone For the FBI and Save America
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
piacerebbe a Beppu Pisane; c’è ancora?
::: Slashdot

Researchers Find Method To Own VoIP Phones, Silently Listen To Any Call
#:sicurezza, spionaggio #:bug #:dispositivi mobili
::: Slashdot

Where Do the Presidential Candidates Stand On Encryption?
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: Slashdot

How Tim Cook Became a Bulwark for Digital Privacy
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: The New York Times


Simple, safe multimethods in Racket
#:programmazione funzionale
::: Alexis King

Mypy 0.3 Released
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: The Mypy Language

Journalists: Crucial details in the @FBI v. #Apple case are being obscured by officials
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: Snowden

How to use Rust in Python (Part 1)
attendo imaziente il seguito; poi copio 😉
::: Davide Aversa

To B OR NOT to B?
::: Popinga1


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