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Uh! ‘n’altra puntata di visto nel Web.

Stroustrup: “Within C++, there is a much smaller and cleaner language struggling to get out”
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: dullboy

The server software will be rewritten in Java
::: JZdziarski

Haskell Tutorial for C Programmers
#:programmazione funzionale
::: HaskellWiki

Pentagon source goes on record against whistleblower program
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: the Guardian

Hey #openscience mavens, please comment on or correct this list of costs and benefits of open-sourcing code
#:free open source software
::: davidwhogg


Breath of fresh air
#:programmazione funzionale

::: Symbo1ics

The two simple rules for the Maker Movement
#:innovazioni, futuro
::: arduino

CodeWorld’s Big Decisions
sarebbe da commentare…
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: Sententia cdsmithus

The Joy and Agony of Haskell in Production
#:programmazione funzionale
::: Stephen Diehl

Microsoft Urged to Open Source Classic Visual Basic
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: Slashdot


Introducing clojure.spec
#:programmazione funzionale
::: Cognitect

bisect — Maintain Lists in Sorted Order
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: PyMOTW-3

The surprising cleverness of modern compilers
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: Daniel Lemire

Your Occasional Reminder to Use Plain Text Whenever Possible
vero, lo dico sempre anch’io 😉
::: Knowing and Doing

Windows Phone Market Share Sinks Below 1 Percent
#:dispositivi mobili
::: Slashdot

Pythagorean Beer Caps

Plan to make programming mandatory at schools a step to foster creativity
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: The Japan News

Cray’s latest supercomputer runs OpenStack and open source big data tools
::: TechCrunch

Death of a Language Dilettante
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: Programming in the 21st Century

Even Apple is acknowledging that the “iPads in education” fad is coming to an end
::: Quartz

creating app as easy as …
#:dispositivi mobili
::: WebReflection


Windows 10 Upgrade Activates By Clicking Red X Close Button In Prompt Message
#:sistemi operativi
::: Slashdot

Adesso vogliono tassare pure i link sui contenuti online
presto potrebbe essere la fine di Visto nel Web 👿 😈
#:Web, Internet #:ditte
::: CheFuturo

How one announcement destroyed the .NET ecosystem on Windows
#:Web, Internet #:sistemi operativi
::: Medium

Google Now Handles At Least 2 Trillion Searches Per Year
#:Web, Internet #:ditte
::: Slashdot

I found π using bash and Montecarlo method and it was shocking!
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: Extended Reality


Today I launched uLisp, my compact #Lisp interpreter for the Arduino Uno and other boards
#:lisp e derivati
::: johnson_davies

Google To Bring Official Android Support To the Raspberry Pi 3
#:hardware #:sistemi operativi
::: Slashdot

US Military Uses 8-Inch Floppy Disks To Coordinate Nuclear Force Operations
::: Slashdot

The Path to Rust
vero; se il programma è grosso Rust va considerato, secondo me
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: Jon Gjengset

Today’s New York Times: Obama and Clinton are wrong: today’s whistleblower protections are “worse than a dead end.”
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: Snowden ::: democracynow


Gira sta roba
::: CBlengio

Announcing Rust 1.9
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: The Rust Programming Language

Get Ready To Be Bombarded With Ads When Using Google Maps
::: Slashdot

Microsoft and Facebook Building Underwater Transatlantic ‘MAREA’ Data Cable
#:hardware #:Web, Internet
::: Slashdot

A Third Of New Cellular Customers Last Quarter Were Cars
#:dispositivi mobili
::: Slashdot


Big Data e sicurezza: linee guida e prospettive future
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: Tech Economy

Book by Simon Peyton Jones and Philip Wadler available free online Impl of Func Prog Langs
#:programmazione funzionale
::: BDTypeaholic

Buon compleanno WordPress!
#:Web, Internet
::: WordPress

All European Scientific Articles To Be Freely Accessible By 2020
#:free open source software
::: Slashdot

Someone In North Korea Is Hosting a Facebook Clone
#:social media
::: Slashdot ::: Slashdot


Windows 10 col trucco e con l’inganno?
#:sistemi operativi
::: Tech Economy

Frinkiac animated gifs are a total game-changer
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: joelgrus

Just updated #rustlang to 1.9 version 🙂 Few seconds to be ready to roll \o/
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: xetibor

Intervista a Lessig, ex candidato alla Casa Bianca: “Ho perso la mia battaglia contro la corruzione politica, ma bisogna continuare a provarci”
::: la Stampa

Millennials Value Speed Over Security, Says Survey
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: Slashdot

Mark Zuckerberg Is Dictator Of Facebook Nation; There’s No Democracy Online: The Pirate Bay Founder
#:social media
::: Slashdot

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