Visto nel Web – 240

Un’altra puntata, lunga, pasticiata che sto facendo troppe cose. Beh ecco cosa ho visto nel Web.

flying bottle
*takes deep breath*
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: internetofshit

Model evaluation, model selection, and algorithm selection in machine learning – Part I
::: Sebastian Raschka

The origins of SageMath – creating a viable open source alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica, and Matlab
chissà se…
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: William A. Stein

House Poised to Advance Privacy and Defend Encryption… If Allowed to Vote
#:Web, Internet #:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: Electronic Frontier Foundation

NSA Couldn’t Hack San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone; Now Working On Exploiting IoT
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: Slashdot


Building Fizzbuzz in Fractran from the Bottom Up
la saga continua; questo capitolo è über 😀
#:umorismo #:lisp e derivati
::: Macrology

Squirrel 3.1 stable has been released, check it out
forse non tutti sanno che Alberto è torinese 😉
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: Squirrel

Why Microsoft is turning into an open-source company
da fidarsi? uhmmm… prima vedere cammello (cit.)
::: ZDNet

breve storia triste
::: moltitudo

The Tension Between Free and Expensive
#:free open source software
::: Knowing and Doing


Best C Compiler for Android
#:tools, componenti software
non è eccessivo compilare su Android?
::: Technotification

10 Useful Python Data Visualization Libraries for Any Discipline
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: :Mode Blog

An Offer You Can’t Refuse
::: Sandra and Woo

20 Greatest Inventions in Computer Programming
trovato cercando altro 😉
::: Hongkiat

GitHut – A small place to discover languages in GitHub
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: GitHut

studio rivela

uLisp Version 1.1 allows you to create stand-alone applications by loading a Lisp image from EEPROM and running it
#:lisp e derivati
::: johnson_davies ::: johnson_davies

Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn
::: daw985 ::: vexmark ::: disinformatico ::: dantz ::: SirSteven ::: TheNextWeb

The strange case of the copyright of open-source software
::: Daniel Lemire

Introducing GP: A General Purpose Block Language
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: Computing Education ::: Scratch Wiki

Tell the European Commission to #FixCopyright
::: creativecommons


Il Laboratorio-Museo Tecnologic@mente di Ivrea rischia di chiudere per l’assenza di una nuova sede
::: Quotidiano Piemontese

Apple Announces iOS 10, watchOS 3, and new features for tvOS
#:sistemi operativi
::: Slashdot

Analyzing Capital Bikeshare Data with Python and Pandas
pythonisti estremi
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: Keith Kelly

New Device Sold On The Dark Web Can Clone Up To 15 Contactless Cards Per Second
#:malware #:hardware
::: Slashdot

Writing a 2D Platform Game in Nim with SDL2
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: HookRace


I made myself a “motivational” poster to hang behind my desk. I legitimately think this will result in less errors.
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: HEPfeickert

The Fathers of the Internet Revolution Urge Today’s Software Engineers to Reinvent the Web
#:Web, Internet
::: IEEE Spectrum

Link tax — why should you care?
::: Medium

Ascii art diagrams
#:tools, componenti software
::: John D. Cook

Prescindere da C nel 2016 – è possibile?
Dr.Blaster dice di no
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: Grab the Blaster


Norwegian Parliament just passed legislation allowing the use of malware for surveillance
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: fstenv

Maru OS exits private beta, lets you use an Android phone as a Linux desktop
#:sistemi operativi
::: Liliputing

Universal “snap” packages launch on multiple Linux distros
#:tools, componenti software
::: Ubuntu Insights ::: Slashdot

Air, Land, Sea, Cyber: NATO Adds Cyberspace To Operation Areas
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: Slashdot

Make Linux Live Disks Easily with Etcher
qualcuno l’ha provato?
#:tools, componenti software
::: Make Tech Easier


Mikko Hypponen: “Vi racconto la corsa alle armi digitali”
#:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: la Stampa

VPAID – è una minaccia?
chi ne sa qualcosa?
#:Web, Internet
::: Google+

Things I require at a hotel
::: Spacekatgal

Discsussion about “A philosophical difference between Haskell and Lisp”
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: unbalancedparen

Datafun: a Functional Datalog – Implemented in Racket
#:lisp e derivati
::: racketlang


Code usage examples in your editor, as you type
#:tools, componenti software
::: Sourcegraph

Intel x86s Hide Another CPU That Can Take Over Your Machine — You Can’t Audit it
#:innovazioni, futuro #:sicurezza, spionaggio
::: Slashdot

‘Spam King’ Sanford Wallace Sentenced To 2.5 Years In Prison For Facebook Phishing Scam
::: Slashdot

Executive Says Facebook Will Be All Video, No Text In 5 Years
#:Web, Internet #:innovazioni, futuro
::: Slashdot ::: Slashdot

The Web’s Creator Looks to Reinvent It
#:Web, Internet #:innovazioni, futuro
::: The New York Times


Software Industry Has $1 Trillion Economic Impact In US
a spanne 5.5%
::: Slashdot

IBM original PC motherboard (prototype) 1981
::: nixcraft

Unix fundamentals 101
#:sistemi operativi
::: Ops School

How Sexism Held Back Space Exploration
::: The Atlantic

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Must Pay Record Labels $395,000
::: Slashdot


BASH Programming – Introduction HOW-TO
#:manuali, how to
::: The Linux Documentation Project

Now Advertisers Are Watching Your Emojis On Twitter
#:Web, Internet
::: Slashdot

Twitter, Facebook and Google Sued For Facilitating Paris Attacks
questo è pericoloso, imho
#:Web, Internet
::: Slashdot

Citigroup Sues AT&T For Saying ‘Thanks’ To Customers
::: Slashdot

A Visual Explanation of Back Propagation Algorithm for #NeuralNetworks
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: mattmayo13


If you control the code, you control the world
#:innovazioni, futuro

Composing Programs
in Python3 à la SICP
::: Composing Programs

Integrating Python into Scala Stack
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: ScalaFriends

Talking Small
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: Rob Hoelz


ASCII art diagrams in Emacs org-mode
#:tools, componenti software
::: John D. Cook

Apple Explains Why iMessage Isn’t Coming To Android
#:ditte #:dispositivi mobili
::: Slashdot

This blog post still blows my mind every time I read it
#:programmazione funzionale
::: GabrielG439

You might like this – contemporaneous
#:free open source software
::: m2m_johnlewis


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