cit. & loll – 5

Ferie; ma stanno quasi finendo, intanto ecco…


…and here is Animal No. 25 :), “Yakkety Yak”. Inspired by #Ubuntu release 16.10

Sylvia rockz! 😀
::: sylvia_ritter

Translation fail #Dell #humor
::: dcavedon

When I install software and the installer asks me to accept the GPL I cheer inside
::: jonoxer

Software is eating the world
::: maccaw

Oh good we’re disrupting God
::: WarrenIsDead


if (currentTime.minutes % 5 == 0) {

::: Mark_cpp

That’s…that’s not how graphs work
::: ejmaroun

emacs: command not found
::: wallingf

Amazon q&a is there for the customer
::: johnregehr

Pro-tip: Only ask for a *finite* amount of tape
::: StephenPiment


[faccina kwy]

::: ThePracticalDev

The existence of Twitter is forever validated by the following exchange
Twitter rockz! 😀 JK, la twittatrice che non ti asetti, anche 😀
::: jk_rowling

Le C++, une arme de terroristes
::: nizarus

Appena defollato account che si stava autoretwittando compulsivamente. eccheccazz
::: SteffRomagnoli

Apple: If we’re forced to build a tool to hack iPhones, someone will steal it
::: csoghoian


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