cit. & loll – 27

Oggi come un fiume in piena, ecco qua 😀


My talk on Python best practices is now outdated
::: keleshev

Geek girl or photoshop? 😂
::: evilripper

‘Hardware eventually fails. Software eventually works.
::: CompSciFact

Programming Wisdom
::: CodeWisdom

Petit jeu des 10 ans de l’iPhone
::: CommitStrip


Bug fixing
::: evilripper

Some people just have no respect for tradition
::: ehud

Glad that all programming languages have flaws
da citare spesso, quasi sempre 😀
::: keleshev

I really hope that this a typo. Should consider carefully
::: Shawpsych

Debugging code
::: slashdot


#coderdojo in corso
::: Micio1970 ::: fescarr

Good luck to my PHIL30043 students—may Church’s spirit be with you and your recursive functions
::: consequently

Extracted a Toyota car
::: LinuxTecGeeks

Make types great again
::: pandamonial

#linux inside #debian
::: radhios


How malware bypassing anti-viruses work
::: malwareunicorn

Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller
::: GoComics

10 minuti di lavoro su Windows spiegano la follia omicida
::: lopo

identify -format %k [image] # Count unique colors in an image
::: climagic

Affidarsi agli algoritmi is the new affidarsi a Dio
::: Iddio


Maybe floating point should be an advanced lang feature
::: gclaramunt

Can everyone read the code on the slide?
::: gfixler

::: timpastoor

::: Google+

what i would love to have in linux/X as a desktop widget
uh! anch’io
::: mntmn


Manca la corrente!
::: dcavedon

This is exactly why I gave up trying to learn Dutch
::: mistersql

L’ISIS minaccia
::: IsisMinaccia

Evolution of desk
::: tecmint


I decided to use first and rest this semester instead of car and cdr
::: wallingf

I don’t often want to charge my phone and use headphones at the same time
::: mattmight

This is the best argument against superintelligent AI I’ve ever read
::: mims

Ho disinstallato Pokemon Go
::: evilripper

Il momento della ricerca della parola giusta per non superare i 140 caratteri
BB vi conviene seguirlo –avvisati nèh! 😀
::: BeppeBeppetti


The best theory is inspired by practice. The best practice is inspired by theory
::: CompSciFact

Voice Commands
Dvorak no ma tastiere strane tante, con panico; Apollo aveva il tastierino a sinistra perché alla destra c’è il mouse
::: xkcd

Programming languages, like pizzas, come in only too sizes
::: CodeWisdom

Me, to my 9-year-old: “And now for an important lesson in software engineering…”
::: bcantrill

number of computers
::: computerfact


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