Visto nel Web – 273

Fresco e nebbioso di giornata ecco cosa ho wisto nel Web 😄


Server Runs Continuously For 24 Years
#:Web, Internet
::: Slashdot

Time to take a stand
magari quando lo pubblico è tutto finito ma è da citare
::: Stack Overflow

What Is the oldest computer program still in use?
::: CompSciFact

Get “Non-Technical” People Writing Code Too
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: ThePracticalDev

Microsoft Reports New Subscribers For Office 365 Plunged 62%
#:tools, componenti software
::: Slashdot


A short #Python class puzzle
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: reuvenmlerner

Update: the @ACLU just ran the numbers again
::: brianstelter

Children as Data Scientists — New paper about an awesome system
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: makoshark

Front-End Developer Handbook 2017
#:manuali, how to
::: newsycombinator

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs – Interactive Version
un altra versione del classico SICP
::: xuanji


Timeline of Computer History
ehi! foto i news nuove 😀 😉
::: Computer History Museum

LISP Information and Resources
This is a collection of Lisp / Scheme books and online resources
::: Bill Bradford

The Racket PPA for Ubuntu has been updated to v6.8!
::: racketlang

New compiler variation optimizes parallel code “better than any commercial or open-source compiler”
#:programming, codice, snippet

New zine: “Networking! ACK!”
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: b0rk


Motore di ricerca per trovare pubblicazioni scientifiche e libri
funziona 😀 spero siano OK i downloads 😆
#:Web, Internet #:tools, componenti software
::: MoniaMarchettin

Apple Sets a New Record For iPhone Sales
#:dispositivi mobili
::: Slashdot

LibreOffice 5.3 Released, Called ‘Most Feature-Rich Release’ Ever
#:tools, componenti software #:free open source software
::: dcavedon

typestring – C++11/14 strings for direct use in template parameter lists
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: oss_cpp

Oh My Giraffe! (a cute endless runner game) is Now Available on Ubuntu
::: dcavedon


Contrasting Word and LaTeX
dipende da cosa vuoi fare, la complessità; l’utente normale è sotto
#:tools, componenti software
::: TeXtip

Why I am learning Rust now
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: ThePracticalDev

…and there goes the evening/night, trying to tame the CLI!
le so! le sooo!!! 😊
::: Flavio_MfM

Mathematics for Computer Science
#:manuali, how to
::: CompSciFact

Announcing #rustlang 1.15
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: rustlang


How to Install LibreOffice 5.3 on Ubuntu
#:free open source software
::: dcavedon

Indian court in a landmark case: equal access to education is more important than #copyright
::: communia_eu

Just announced an enormous longitudinal dataset from @Scratch
#:linguaggi di programmazione
::: makoshark

Dependency injection overview
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: ThePracticalDev

Amazon Now Has More Than 341,000 Employees — Added 110,000 People Last Year
::: Slashdot


In what way would learning Smalltalk make me a better programmer?
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: Quora

Five years of public activity in the Scratch online programing community
#:programming, codice, snippet
::: danyoel ::: makoshark

In memoria del Prof. Antonio Cantaro
::: Dario Cavedon

New HTML5 version of SICP
cioè sempre la 2nd edition ma in HTML5
#:lisp(s) #:manuali, how to
::: b3h3m0th

Basic Malware Analysis Tools
#:sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: HackingTutors


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