cit. & loll – 40

Giovedì? eccolo qua 🍇

Shoutout to the Amazon box thieves who opened my box
::: h0h0h0

Without requirements or design , programming is the art of adding bugs to an empty text file
::: CodeWisdom

Attending a conference? Please carefully study this flow-chart and act accordingly
OK, ma bisogna ricordarlo?
::: jakevdp

The Final Fact-check
::: GoComics

This is all your fault
::: UniStudios

Io, per esempio, devo nascondere anche che non conosco il tedesco
::: pberndro

What really bugs me about all this “Windows is vulnerable”
::: hashbreaker

Another fun optical illusion in a few lines of matplotlib
prossimamente su questo stesso blog 😜
::: jakevdp

Simple doesn’t mean stupid
::: CodeWisdom

Tutto quel che succede online ogni 60 secondi
::: gretascl

Daughter: Dad, you know Binary Search Trees?
::: Google+

Verrà il Giorno del Giudizio, designers… Verrà…
::: madbob

Yeah, in fact, Haskell is a nice guy!
::: freeuniverser

Good code will be easily replaced, when necessary
::: ziobrando

Why not rebrand as a mere platform connecting diners & cooks
::: FrankPasquale

The problem with connecting everyone on the planet is that a lot of people are assholes
::: fabiochiusi

OMG. Schrödinger’s Linux/Unix directory
::: nixcraft

c’è molto altro ma notevole anche per se 😎
::: wallingf

60 years ago today researchers ran the first FORTRAN program
ahemmm… ieri o cmq il 19 aprile

Programming is one of nature’s ways
::: wallingf

::: nikitonsky

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