cit. & loll – 44

Giovedì? Uh! ecco qua 😜

A crashed advertisement reveals the code of the facial recognition system used by a pizza shop in Oslo
::: GambleLee

Modern Web Development
::: sbodrero

I forgot how to get to Google
::: MartensJD

::: Symbo1ics

2017 is finally the year of Linux on the Desktop
::: CarmenCrincoli

::: vikkio88

Friday afternoon is a good time
::: nixcraft

An engineer 1+1=2
::: andreacolangelo

Man, spreadsheets really are the worst
::: peterseibel

Russian man visited Chinese click farm
::: EnglishRussia1

The bitterness of poor quality
::: ValaAfshar

Weird things I notice when I edit lisp code
::: lexi_lambda

US Coffee shops have finally reached consensus that wifi passwords shall always be “lower case, no spaces”
::: lisperati

help i’ve forgotten what computers are for
::: worrydream

If something seems wrong but you dismiss it
::: CodeWisdom

Remarkable how many software devs don’t even bother
::: cackhanded

::: doctorow

Are you a flunkie, Goon, Duct Taper, Box ticker or Task Master?
::: PGDynes

Simple things should be simple
::: CodeWisdom

Students are like 3D Printers: They believe the solution is adding more material, so they keep adding lines of code
::: robertominelli

This WILL happen
::: MarksLarks

extreme programming
::: inconvergent

Rental Car
poi basta, non metterò più Randall, promesso
::: xkcd

::: __apf__

Riguardo a #WannaCry la postale dice “aggiornate gli antivirus”
::: vikkio88

Douglas Adams’s Whale
::: ThePracticalDev

Code Progression
::: nixcraft

Je sais pas, ça a l’air important
::: Bouletcorp

::: Calvinn_Hobbes

Deutsch vs Englisch im GoogleTranslator
::: Lighti85

Your ability to convince others
::: hergertme

Cellular automata is simply fascinating
::: stefanomerlo

How many ports would you like to see in the new MacBooks rumoured to be unveiled at #WWDC? [POLL]
::: JonyIveParody

#Linux è un ottimo vaccino naturale contro i “virus”
::: madbob

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