SymPy – 6 – operazioni di base – 2

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Convertire stringhe in espressioni SymPy
The sympify function (that’s sympify, not to be confused with simplify) can be used to convert strings into SymPy expressions.

Warning: sympify uses eval. Don’t use it on unsanitized input.

To evaluate a numerical expression into a floating point number, use evalf.

SymPy can evaluate floating point expressions to arbitrary precision. By default, 15 digits of precision are used, but you can pass any number as the argument to evalf. Let’s compute the first 100 digits of π.

To numerically evaluate an expression with a Symbol at a point, we might use subs followed by evalf, but it is more efficient and numerically stable to pass the substitution to evalf using the subs flag, which takes a dictionary of Symbol: point pairs.

Sometimes there are roundoff errors smaller than the desired precision that remain after an expression is evaluated. Such numbers can be removed at the user’s discretion by setting the chop flag to True.

subs and evalf are good if you want to do simple evaluation, but if you intend to evaluate an expression at many points, there are more efficient ways. For example, if you wanted to evaluate an expression at a thousand points, using SymPy would be far slower than it needs to be, especially if you only care about machine precision. Instead, you should use libraries like NumPy and SciPy.

The easiest way to convert a SymPy expression to an expression that can be numerically evaluated is to use the lambdify function. lambdify acts like a lambda function, except it converts the SymPy names to the names of the given numerical library, usually NumPy. For example

Warning: lambdify uses eval. Don’t use it on unsanitized input.

You can use other libraries than NumPy. For example, to use the standard library math module, use "math".

To use lambdify with numerical libraries that it does not know about, pass a dictionary of sympy_name:numerical_function pairs. For example


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