cit. & loll – 65

Giovedì  gnocchi  😯 volevo dire cit. & loll; eccoli qui 😜

Pour l’éternité
::: CommitStrip

Nel nuovo ufficio la mia scrivania è assegnata a questo tizio, che faccio, cambio nome?
::: vikkio88

Wy is Twitter promoting Twitter on Twitter?
::: keleshev

E che tutto questo
::: SteffRomagnoli

Non Sequitur
::: GoComics

I wrote one in Java in 2012, and it works okay
::: lexi_lambda

I’ve realised there is almost no greater (by itself) single treasure than good documentation
::: _profan

Your job as a software engineer is not to write code
::: brandonsavage

Works on *my* machine
::: pikelet

Pythonistas are sooo spoiled
::: rdegges

You can have the project: Done On Time. Done On Budget. Done Properly
::: CodeWisdom

The evaluator, which determines the meaning of the expression is a programming language
sì 😁 SICP 💥
::: CodeWisdom

Caro JavaScript, te to a scrive ‘sta letterina
::: agilegigi

Stone-Age Mouse
::: pickover

Super Power
::: {}

Okay, here’s the deal. No more programming languages without a Maybe type
::: peterseibel

1997: I am *surfing* the web
::: funnylad5

And then we’ll all chuckle
::: matthew_d_green

No, I’M SORRY, you need to upgrade your technical team
::: marcelsalathe

New AI definition
::: GalaxyKate

#lisp is literally an #alien invented technology
::: sepisoad

If you discard everyone who makes a mistake
::: blockloop

destination: wrong code
::: internetofshit

Old, but still gold
::: jajaranza

how to be a wizard programmer
::: b0rk

I’ll pronounce GIF gif when
::: stuartsierra

I haven’t seen Blade Runner 2049 yet
::: ftrain

In Unix, everything is a file
::: owickstrom

Probability is a precise theory of imprecision
::: ProbFact

Inside every well-written large program
::: CodeWisdom

::: daw985

An archaeological dig in the old Sun hq found a copy of the ancient scrolls of X11
::: alanc

I’ve been feeling like I’m a good programmer for about 3 days in a row now
::: lizardbill

Every language should allow interacting with the world without classic I/O
::: volothamp

steps to writing js in 2017
::: iamdevloper

Know how to learn
::: CodeWisdom

How do you do garbage collection
::: HackerHuntress

Is forgetting how to use words and only being able to speak in acronyms a prerequisite
::: doughellmann

I want a fog machine
::: LizQuilty

Better than usual
::: sempf

La Stampa: Così hacker israeliani
::: ilGatt0Pardo

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