cit. & loll – 83

Indovina? sì, un cit.+loll sempre più cit. nuovo di pakka 😋

I’ve written code in safe and unsafe languages
::: kelseyhightower

Pretty excited about today’s addition to the library
::: johndalton

Q: Do you or don’t you…?
::: lizardbill

Opportunity lies in the place where
::: RichRogersIoT

types of vacations I need
::: notfolu

italians: hold my beer
::: ffffjd

While it is true that you learn with age
::: ThomasSowell

npm is a conspiracy
::: horse_js

Blind men and an Elephant
::: YanJeanLee

It turns out that style matters in programming for the same reason that it matters in writing
::: CodeWisdom

All of @elonmusk’s other cars now
::: thephysicsgirl ::: AFSpace ::: loganabbott ::: scott_kerr ::: _youhadonejob1

You don’t pay engineers to write code, you pay them to understand subtleties and edges of the problem. The code is incidental
::: RichRogersIoT

Be wary of coworkers who read a blog and suddenly have a new solution to every problem
::: TheMichaelBurge

Great definition of #IoT from a security perspective
::: azuech

Never to late to learn
::: Alexintosh

I find work in AI
::: AndrewYNg

Un #CurriculumVitae che spacca?
::: SergioGridelli

For those who don’t believe that Separation Logic is nothing but magic
::: ilyasergey

i admit, i probably deserved this
::: Vicas3

Testers don’t break your code
::: RichRogersIoT

The only thing that takes longer to arrive than a Friday
::: manisha72617183

Some people try to write a complex regular expression that achieves a lot in one go
::: secretGeek

The History of Unicode
::: xkcd

Arrivata nuova mail
::: madbob

LEGO Masters
::: periskkop

When the best leader’s work is done
::: RichRogersIoT

There’s never enough time to design the right solution
::: CodeWisdom

Great email footer #StopEmailPollution
::: RichRogersIoT

I bought my boss two copies of The Mythical Man Month
::: RichRogersIoT

Time to see whether practice agrees with theory, moving from LaTeX to Python. Wish me luck
::: JohnDCook

Photoshop is basically like deep learning
::: fchollet

New rule: You don’t get to have opinions on software until you successfully use it for something
::: TheMichaelBurge

At a bank trying to prove my address
::: jevakallio

Lo dico a voi perché se me ne vanto con Carla mi guarda strano e scuote la testa
::: orporick

Your move emacs
::: ohhoe

One of my minor annoyances with Python
::: asmeurer

Quando hai il genio puoi fare qualsiasi cosa
::: SergioGridelli

I love it when people who never do web development think it’s easy
::: seldo

The good news about computers is that they do what you tell them to do
::: CodeWisdom

did an autonomous killer robot write this
::: marrowing

I feel bad for kids who are currently learning to program by moving shapes and animating dogs
::: iamdevloper

You may have never realized this: 1/89 decimal expansion is just the Fibonacci series
::: Rainmaker1973

If someone builds a Deep Learning-powered startup
::: AndrewYNg

Is programming the only profession where a 30 year old
::: amasad

It’s math. It’s art. It’s Fourier transform. Brilliant
::: m_m_campbell

Think* before your code
::: captainsafia

The amateur software engineer
::: CodeWisdom

L’Intelligenza artificiale poco usata da aziende italiane
::: LaPausaCaffe

Asks Alexa what’s the value of Pi. Regrets it immediately
::: xKaliSec

La verità è che la storia di Steve Jobs che ha creato un impero
::: C_Carlotta_C

In the end, regardless of where you are on the development hierarchy, keep coding
::: CodeWisdom

A student sent me a question about homework at 4 AM
::: wallingf

You should learn from your competitor, but never copy
::: RichRogersIoT

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