cit. & loll – 100

Anche se –OK, niente– ecco le cose cit.ose e lollose del Web 😊

Breve storia informatica triste
::: Genjuro75

Code is not a collection of keystrokes
::: RichRogersIoT

remember a pedestrian truth
::: counternotions

today is a good day
::: ManishEarth

thinking maybe i need a break from twitter
::: yungbiryanii

One core principle for building a welcoming programming community is a focus on “yes, and” as opposed to a “no, but” culture
::: amasad

I’ve given up on prioritizing
::: AstroKatie

In the age of YouTube you can be a nerd in anything without spending a fraction of the time that you used to have to
::: amasad

Sometimes software does exactly what it is told to do
::: manisha72617183

First LOL today
::: lilianedwards

Coming soon: my blockchain-based compiler suite
::: wallingf

Alex Camilleri – Malmo

Sometimes out of the blue the coffee shop plays Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma
::: jakevdp

I’m very proud of my Github contributions chart!
::: xima

I realized our research group has two slogans
::: jeanqasaur

When a man only got his letters in the morning he was pretty safe from surprises for the rest of the day
::: mattthomas

Libri in realtà aumentata? Il progetto #eMooks
::: SergioGridelli

Initialization in Modern C++
::: timur_audio

The cleaner and nicer the program, the faster it’s going to run
uh! leggere il thread
::: CodeWisdom

There is no limit to the amount of machinery
::: jdegoes

Lambda Calculus is unambiguous, but can be interpreted in many ways
::: Cronokirby

Bennet, casse automatiche (con scanner portatile)
::: fulcorno

About 1,000 instructions is a reasonable upper limit
::: CompSciFact

A program is much like clay
::: dukecrawford

Oh god, that is too close for comfort
::: codepo8

I won’t hire a plumber without seeing some of the public toilets they’ve unclogged in their spare time, for fun
::: lizardbill

The maxim is to always optimize your code for reading (in the future)
::: djspiewak

Correct brace style
::: TheMichaelBurge

C++03: void foo() const volatile;
::: jfbastien

Real footage of everyone who buys a raspberry pi
::: GidgetNomates

My pregnant wife texted me a selfie in a new dress and asked “Does it make my butt look big?”
::: billingsley313

I spend most of my day working with tools that weren’t even in science fiction novels twenty-five years ago
::: JohnDCook

l’eredità più importante di Elon Musk e #SpaceX
::: a_a_f_t

Programmers’ Hardest Tasks
::: RichRogersIoT

I always enjoy event parking in the Netherlands
::: ow

Anna spesso gioca a scrivere lettere casuali sulla tastiera del server di casa
::: orporick

Arrays do start at 1. Ask any …
::: sethohio

Haskell is
::: CodeWisdom

Computer Assitance for the Modern Novelist
::: tomgauld

Il lanciafiamme di Elon Musk è in arrivo
::: outpump ::: Genjuro75

trains so busted time isn’t even numbers anymore
::: itsa_talia

Senza parole, immagini
::: RoweBraxton

If I had to write a 100% honest resume
::: lizardbill

Then along came C, which seemed to break all the rules of advances in programming languages of abstraction, abstract data types, and so on. It was almost like ASM to academics. It was cringe-worthy
::: stevesi

First do it
::: CodeWisdom

This program simplifies images into primitive shapes
::: Rainmaker1973

tfw you solve a bug
::: noopkat

Only God and I knew
::: farbodsaraf

Turing test
::: newscientist

Most of use who started coding in the 80s started with BASIC
::: hisham_hm

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