cit. & loll – 130

Arriva cit.osa e lollosa come sempre 😋


Reminder: We used to think about it as the far distant future. Starting tomorrow only 20 years are left
::: okasion2012

may you be ashamed of the code you wrote in 2018, because it means that you learned something and improved your coding skills
::: mariofusco

Happy New Year! If you’re still working on your 2019 resolutions, don’t only plan what you want to do, but also plan what you want to learn. This may be the best investment you can make in your future. I regularly set learning goals for myself, and hope you will too!
::: AndrewYNg

E’ pur sempre debugging
::: andreacolangelo

Ça commence à faire beaucoup de coïncidences. 🤔
::: Bouletcorp

Best 404 page ever! 😂
::: DZone

Hello, I just wanted you to know that I had sushi
::: vikkio88

Recognise genuinely smart people
::: RichRogersIoT

I was bitching about time in operating systems when I came across this 1857 time table
::: cpuGoogle

UBC is now the #1 Canadian University for PL.*
::: wilbowma

The third highest-rated professor at Harvard is “Stack Overflow”
vero o loll? CMQ dr. Overflow è sempre disponibile, anche per quelli di fuori


Sequencing (e.g., the semicolon, BEGIN, PROGN, Python newline, …) is a brittle and terribly weak abstraction. It’s an overused bug magnet
::: stylewarning

ero curiosa di vedere se il profilo incluso fosse davvero quello del Ministero della Difesa
::: terminologia

In case you were wondering who will control all the machines…
::: evgenymorozov

distante “ben 27 mila km”
::: cmnit

Pearls Before Swine for January 05, 2019
::: _juhan

When someone uses spaces over tabs
::: dvIpr

Holy crap I’m a professor!
l’entusiasmo dei nuovi 😁 lovevole ❤️
::: wilbowma ::: wilbowma

::: TheKenMunroShow

Computer Science Courses that Don’t Exist, But Should
::: RichRogersIoT

So many very good robots!
::: mikamckinnon


Nell mi vit ho comprto due tstiere @Logitech
::: ivosilvestro

il terziario che ci piace
::: lautonini

Starship test vehicle under assembly will look similar to this illustration when finished. Operational Starships would obv have windows, etc.
::: elonmusk

Remember: Every time you misidentify a traffic light in a Captcha
::: libovness

Hey technologies, please stop
::: coolstuffcheap

Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified
::: CodeWisdom

I’m ready for the meteor of death now
::: AlexKoppelman

having too many tabs open is an age-old problem
::: sarayasin

Heathrow departures stopped as drone reported
::: BBCNews


Componenti buoni si vedono
::: pri_mario

Working with an unplugged laptop
::: ktf

Se la conoscenza può creare dei problemi
::: miracolosegreto

As a first approximation
::: Dereklowe

Gosh, these old professors, making me use ancient technology like Java
::: wilbowma

Question (s)
::: jk_rowling

*closing 20 browser tabs* you do not spark joy
::: ReinH

#Javascript syntax of functional methods like filter and map feels very kludgy
::: Gianlucadfiore

La precisione degli orologiai sarebbe inutile
::: LorenzoTomasin

Ho fatto incazzare una strega in chat
::: Dio

john kraus

John Kraus

The indispensable function of the mathematician
::: JohnDCook

Ma quelli che nella bio scrivono “influencer” e non arrivano a mille followers…
::: BeppeBeppetti

Boomers: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade
::: HydroHaacker

Inventor of USB Unintentionally
::: HardDriveMag

Un racconto di fantascienza in un tweet
::: disinformatico

been reading about sequences that converge to zero. they’re so cool
::: cwillmore

Oh this is the secret o getting tenure?!
::: wilbowma

This was the best two minutes of my life
::: bedroomflicker

TIL that changing random stuff until your program works is “hacky” and “bad coding practice”
::: smaine

8 y.o. reading “Girls who code”
::: elibendersky


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