cit. & loll – 134

Buon anno! cinese, cit.oso e lolloso 🤩


Meet the Guy Who Holds the Guinness World Record For Collecting Spreadsheets
Excel rules! proprio come direbbero i miei pals
::: Slashdot

If it’s a good idea
::: RichRogersIoT

I think this is like the fifth time I’ve avoided a major vulnerability
::: asmeurer

NASA’s Opportunity Rover landed on Mars 15 years ago this week, but a dust storm caused it to lose power earlier this year. Chin up little guy – we’ll fix you when we get there! #NASA #MarsMission
💥 Buzz rockz! 💥💥💥
::: TheRealBuzz

Russell deserves the honour
::: analytic_philo

Canadian archeology
::: _youhadonejob1

I wish Slack had a way to block users
::: asmeurer

Inside every large program
::: RichRogersIoT

I really want to believe in blockchain technology
::: fkachav

Being a software developer is a bit like a modern day ancient mariner except the whole map is covered with “Here be Dragons” and
::: battleblow

If you have to keep telling yourself that everyone else is an asshole
::: lizardbill


Another fallacy: “code is life”
::: jmdembe

Me and any bullshit that this year tries to throw at me
::: sallykuchar ::: sallykuchar

You lookin’ at me, pal?
OT ma mi piace troooppo
::: matthewcobb

It may not be obvious from what one can read on Twitter, but I think there are many good people and good things in the world
::: fchollet

I believe their site uses cookies, too
::: mikko

The next best thing to having good ideas is
::: CodeWisdom

Anticipating the evolution of Facebook’s defense
::: evgenymorozov

Una delle collaboratrici del Corvelva, l’associazione che ha trovato vermi, diserbanti e Viagra nei vaccini, per giustificare gli errori da urlo nelle analisi dice: “è stato il correttore automatico”. Fai la scoperta del secolo e mi cadi sul correttore. Fantastico
::: MedBunker

I’m a software developer. With your vote, and access to Google and Stack Overflow, I think I can debug what’s wrong with America. I’m announcing my bid for the presidency of the US
::: lizardbill

What are you doing for the next generation of developers?
::: mariofusco

Algorithms are opinions
::: RichRogersIoT


let’s take a moment to be grateful for small things like this
::: johnregehr

Good design is obvious
::: RichRogersIoT

me explaining our 10 year old legacy code to our new hires
::: cszhu

This airplane landing at Nuuk Greenland airport is something to behold
OT ma 🤩
::: RayRedacted

Apologies to the civilized world for my use of Fahrenheit
::: neiltyson

Seen on Facebook
::: dannynic

Old technology fails frequently, but in a reliable way
::: kevin2kelly

Happy birthday to Python creator Guido van Rossum!

Learn not copy
::: RichRogersIoT

I’m pretty sure adults
::: wilbowma


Parenting Experts Warn Screen Time
::: TheOnion

A comathematician is a device
::: FunctorFact

Haven’t found your Valentine yet?
::: polikarn

long story short: the ASUS E203 arrived few minutes ago and
💥 Andrea rockz! 💥
::: WebReflection

I realized that I was in love not with a company (or a person!) but with an idea
::: bcantrill

Controlling complexity
::: RichRogersIoT

Fixing a bug takes 30 times longer than writing a line of code
::: gknauth

“The “I agree” button should have long ago been renamed
::: fabiochiusi

Time flies

Being “clever” doesn’t make you a better programmer
::: madpilot

::: cobrampi


Solitudine è quando Facebook ti mostra annunci e post che non ti interessano
::: Dio

Because robots are better at “solving” them than humans
::: dangillmor

Client-side validation
::: bendhalpern

C’è Povia? Se sì W Povia!
::: _juhan

::: stephanpastis

My Linux systems used to use Xorg, but they all use Xwayland now. I’m not sure exactly when they switched
::: _wilfredh

#creativity #art
::: S_Galimberti

Usually I do not tweet news stories in Finnish, but the headline here is just too good to pass
::: mikko

Confession: I am a literate programming sympathizer
::: lexi_lambda

Welcome to globalization!
::: elisabmpiller


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