cit. & loll – 135

cit. e il loll – rassegna costi e benefici 😋


This didn’t age well…
::: LeapingRobot

“Corso Base di Linux con Bob”. Il “con Bob” è parte integrante del titolo
Bob Roberto rockz! 💥
::: madbob

Bedtime Stories
::: turnoff_us

Per me, ginecologo, è pur sempre qualcosa di unico ed emozionante
::: MedBunker

I’m happy to affirm this as well. The well-funded vulture capitalists have as much moral authority on this as they do about anything else: none
::: wwahammy

OH: Single instruction
::: samth

Huawei is bad because it
::: evgenymorozov

Not a slam on this person or JS progs, they’re trying to do their best in a horrible context
non verificato (mi manca il coraggio)
::: Symbo1ics

See also: chess in the 1980s
::: lizardbill

If you ever feel like a failure, just remember that
::: matthew_d_green

Designing the system and writing the code is the easy part
::: fchollet


The apocalypse will come and go and I
::: extremefriday

Sì certo, le curve delle donne, ma allora io le potrei dire, anche con il rispetto per l’autorità, che anche soltanto le due cose come CURVE DI LISSAJOUS, capisce?
::: Arnathoth

You know you are a nerd when you spend your vacation
::: jessfraz

Era finito il toner 🐈
::: Tony_Matique

Difference between machine learning and AI
::: gadievron

I programmatori lavorano di notte
::: madbob

When can you do it?
::: RichRogersIoT

No Hard Feelings
::: jessfraz

have a few questions
::: johnregehr


‘Fly, My Pretties,’ Says Jeff Bezos Releasing Swarm Of Amazon Drones To Hunt Down Nude Photos
the Onion, nèh!
::: slashdot

Heisenberg Release Uncertainty Principle
::: RichRogersIoT

Il marketing #Apple è quella roba che nel 2019
::: Genjuro75

Too many programmers program this way, and that’s why most software is the way it is
::: keithtpinson

The moment you realize “it’s totally okay to just let people be wrong on the internet” is the moment twitter instantly ceases to cause you stress
::: Viss

Internet dopo le 19:00 è chiuso
::: LSpark_zwz

Non voglio sottovalutare i vantaggi del 5G, ma se
::: ivosilvestro

::: hrmny_

This made me remember when I used to make the calculator say “boobs” “80085” and “hello” 😛
::: jessfraz


Coding as a team
::: jessfraz

My mom 50 years ago with an IBM 1401 and me just now with a DEC PDP-10
::: kclemson

This is my aesthetic
::: jessfraz

Nevertheless, she persisted
::: timetit

A sad decline for a once-proud operating system
::: waldojaquith

#GDPR #privacy #privacylaw #privacypolicy
::: saurnou

Hofstadter’s Law
::: RichRogersIoT

Tip of the day: If your printer has a USB port
::: mikko_2014

Local Gas Station
::: gknauth

No way to prevent this
::: mjg59


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