30 anni 💥 di Web 🎉 2

Continuo da qui, celebrazioni, ricordi, cose 🤩

In 1994, the first blog was created
::: webfoundation

We join the @webfoundation in celebrating 30 years of the web by commemorating the creation of #GeoCities in 1994 by our Chairman #DavidBohnett
::: DavidBohnettFdn

In 1994, how we search for jobs changed forever #Web30 @Monster
::: webfoundation

Happy birthday to the World Wide Web!

For a trip down web memory lane, check out the very cool @WebDesignMuseum whose mission is to preserve the design of our first websites for future generations
::: webfoundation

30 years later… This morning a dusty but frisky Steve Jobs NeXTstation just started again and WorldWideWeb 1.0 Alpha build succeeded!!! Happy #Web30 Birthday
::: pcheron

Fun fact: web browsers used to be commercial products
::: mikko

Help us build a timeline of the web’s history! Do you remember the web in the 90s? Share your favourite web memories
::: webfoundation

The Web does not just connect machines, it connects people
::: royalsociety

In 1995, the first form of Craigslist was born, and the marketplace was changed forever
::: webfoundation

I was lucky to be a young person when the digital revolution was just getting under way
::: BillGates

AOL sold the former Netscape company, now known as New Aurora Corporation, to Microsoft, who in turn sold them again to Facebook. The former Netscape company is currently a non-operating subsidiary of Facebook
::: rodolfor

Tim Berners-Lee Says World Wide Web Must Emerge From ‘Adolescence’
::: Slashdot

Happy #Web30! Fittingly, our next #rp19 keynote speaker Nanjira Sambuli (@NiNanjira) advocates for digital equality & a web #ForEveryone at the @webfoundation & as a member of @UNSGdigicoop
::: republica

::: vgcerf

30 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee proposed his “information mesh,” which today we know as the world-wide web. I wrote about his proposal last year
::: TwoBitHistory

I stopped by my old office at @CERN yesterday, where I worked on the WWW
::: timberners_lee

In honor of World Wide Web turning 30 years young today, here’s a snapshot of our first website, circa 1997
::: DFWAirport


On the web’s 30th birthday, here’s the first site I made, back in 2000. It’s about my Thailand trip, and breaks every single design rule in the book
::: willfrancis

In 1998, one of the most recognisable companies in the world, @Google, was founded… in a garage
::: webfoundation

In 2000, ILOVEYOU. The Love Bug virus sent a love letter to millions of internet users, rapidly becoming the biggest virus outbreak ever
::: gcluley

Things that didn’t exist before the World Wide Web was invented in 1989

We remain strangely fixated on 20th-century conceptions of national sovereignty while the nature of 21st-century digital sovereignty is being rewritten offstage in complex computer protocols
::: rasmus_kleis

What kind of web do we want? It’s not always obvious, says @timberners_lee. The Contract for the web wants to work to find the answers to these questions and create a web #ForEveryone
::: webfoundation

When the web came around, it felt like a utopia
::: mikko

And finally…
::: webfoundation

The Internet is much older than 30 years. It’s the web that’s about 30
::: MartensJD

turns out, the whole Web was created 30 years ago to free academic information. Should academic publishers be banned from using the Web then, because they corrupt the whole purpose of the Web?
::: Sci_Hub

Today is the 30th birthday of the World Wide Web! To celebrate, we’re changing @NiemanLab’s homepage today to look like the very first webpage made by @timberners_lee
::: jbenton

Io mi ricordo quando, da laureando, installammo Mosaic sul RISC6000 IBM dell’istituto di Astronomia di Pisa. Venivo dal VAX, da telnet, da ftp e gopher, sembrava di essere entrati in un altro mondo
::: orporick

Happy 30th Birthday to The Web 🎉
::: andybelldesign

Of course with every new feature, every new website, the divide between those who are online and those who are not increases, making it all the more imperative to make the web available for everyone
::: linuxjournal

In 2008, @Spotify was launched
::: webfoundation

In 2012, the Grumpy Cat was born
::: webfoundation

Did you connect to the internet from a Windows machine in the early 1990s?
::: mikko

In 2003, @4chan was born #Web30
::: webfoundation


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