30 anni 💥 di Web 🎉 3

Ancora una lista sul compleanno del Web 🤩 (continuo da qui).


In 2004, how we share photos was changed forever
::: webfoundation

In 2004, ‘The @facebook’ was created to help students at @Harvard connect. The concept caught on
::: webfoundation

Wonderful energy and creativity
::: timberners_lee

The Centre nurtures the next generation of female technology leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs
::: webfoundation

Stack Overflow launched in 2008, demonstrating what’s possible with the internet: an open community that gives people knowledge at their fingertips.
Since then, over 1.8M people have visited us just to learn how to exit Vim
::: StackOverflow

A great quote from @timberners_lee
::: webfoundation

Who run the world?
::: webfoundation

Here is a short video I recorded to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Web, but also understand the threats to its values and share some tips about what you can do to help protect it
::: mickael

Today we had the pleasure of hosting Sir @timberners_lee aka Father/Inventor of the Web
::: Cc_HUB

In 2015, 1 billion works were shared under the @creativecommons license
::: webfoundation

In 2015, the @fcc passed regulation to protect #netneutrality, protections we sadly need to fight for once again today
::: webfoundation

In 2016, the #KeepItOn campaign was launched, to ensure online access is a fundamental human right
::: webfoundation

In 2016, #NetNeutrality becomes law in the EU
::: webfoundation

In 2016, the @ICIJorg published the Panama Papers: the biggest data leak in history
::: webfoundation

In 2017, the ‘WannaCry attack’ encrypted data and held it ransom, causing chaos for people and businesses
::: webfoundation

In 2018, @UNSGdigicoop was founded to push for online and technological access around the world, with co-chair @melindagates
::: webfoundation

In celebration of 30 years of the web, we’re looking back at our first homepage from 1995 when Amazon.com opened its virtual doors
::: amazon

Happy birthday amazing, open, world wide web! At #web30
::: MarietjeSchaake

Happy 30th birthday to the web from our team at inrupt!
::: inrupt

Sic transit…
::: alecstapp

I could never have predicted it would take off
::: webfoundation


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