Sicurezza e disinformazione – 16

Novità ne abbiamo? io ho visto queste


In which integrating very trustworthy third-party apps inadvertently introduces a back-door into your entire company
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: jeanqasaur

Voices against #Article11 and #Article13 are getting stronger, even in @AxelVossMdEP own @EPPGroup. Its members from Luxembourg will vote against. Hopefully @CHansenEU & colleagues will also sign (link:! #Pledge2019
::: Senficon ::: Senficon ::: WikimediaItalia ::: communia_eu ::: communia_eu ::: Wikimedia_Fr ::: WikimediaItalia

John Oliver Fights Robocalls By Robocalling Ajit Pai and the FCC
::: Slashdot

Facebook Sues Over ‘Data-Grabbing’ Quizzes
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::: Slashdot

Russia Blocks Encrypted Email Provider ProtonMail
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::: Slashdot

Il #votoelettronico è una pacchia per aspiranti dittatori
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: cmnit

La “cyberwarfare” come coscrizione permanente
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: carolafrediani

US Tells Germany To Stop Using Huawei Equipment Or Lose Some Intelligence Access
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus | politica
::: Slashdot ::: alanfriedmanit

New: an international group of researchers have found a critical vulnerability in the internet voting system Switzerland plans to roll out this year. It allows someone to alter votes without detection. Basically the one thing you really, really don’t want
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus | politica
::: josephfcox ::: KimZetter ::: SarahJamieLewis

We who care about #dataprotection echo reflections of @timberners_lee : A mature connected world needs effective digital rights & freedoms, democratic oversight, #accountability for actions, and system redesign to change the incentives away from short-term private gain
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus

The @EUparliament today approved the #CyberSecurityAct, which now needs final approval by the @EUCouncil. Assembly’s Cybersecurity tracker has all in one place
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: AssemblyTweets ::: EU_Commission ::: laura_nobilis


As Pinterest and Facebook move to shut down anti-vaxxers, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey appeared on a podcast with one
disinformazione, fake news, bufale | Twitter
::: Recode

I gilet gialli “inondati da fake news”: così sfruttano Facebook per diffondere disinformazione
disinformazione, fake news, bufale
::: jacopo_iacoboni

sharing disinformation online may simply be the by-product of people’s desire to signal their preexisting values and beliefs—ideas that are already being promulgated in the wider media sphere
disinformazione, fake news, bufale
::: fabiochiusi

The latest version of Adblock Plus comes with significant performance improvements
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: 100101010000

Apple makes it increasingly difficult for companies like us to bring the best we have to offer to our users
::: SpotifyNews

Google says it removed 2.3B bad ads in 2018, down 28% from 2017 and terminated ~1M bad advertiser accounts, including ~734K publishers and app developers
ad, pubblicità
::: Techmeme

A critical flaw in Switzerland’s e-voting system is a microcosm of everything wrong with e-voting, security practice, and auditing firms
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: doctorow

Un’inchiesta federale sugli accordi sui dati presi da Facebook con altri giganti tech
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: Slashdot

I wrote about Facebook’s pivot. I think this is quite a big deal
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: benedictevans

I love finding threads like this and realizing some folks doing this would be building an ad server to inject malicious ads
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: thezedwards


Tumblr’s Web Traffic Has Dropped From 520 Million Page Views in December 2018 To 370 Million Page Views in February This Year Following Adult Content Ban
social media | censura
::: Slashdot

DARPA is building a secure voting system that will be fully open source. Hackers at @defcon’s Voting Village will be able to pentest it this year
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus | politica
::: lorenzofb

Just how big was Facebook’s outage yesterday? It was the longest and the largest in recent history
Web, Internet | Facebook
::: ranimolla ::: fabiochiusi ::: Recode

Facebook rolls out requirements for political advertising in #Ukraine beginning March 18… less than two weeks before the first round of voting in the Presidential election
Facebook | ad, pubblicità | politica
::: wiczipedia

This is potentially huge. The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) adopted a statement relevant to GDPR enforcement that could effectively outlaw much of how political targeting based on extensive profiling (e.g. on FB) is being done today in the EU
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus | politica
::: WolfieChristl

Android Q Will Kill Clipboard Manager Apps in the Name of Privacy
a volte la sicurezza (presunta) costa troppo
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Slashdot

Analysis with @SarahJamieLewis and Olivier Pereira of the SwissPost-Scytl e-voting system. The code uses a trapdoor commitment scheme, so it is possible for an authority to provide a proof of a correct election outcome while actually manipulating votes
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus | politica
::: VTeagueAus

Google Play Apps With 150 Million Installs Contain Aggressive Adware
ad, pubblicità
::: Slashdot

70% of security bugs in Microsoft products are due to memory-safety issues
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: lunde_andrews

Man Arrested For Selling One Million Netflix, Spotify, Hulu Passwords
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Slashdot

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the Cambridge Analytica story breaking. You drastically changed the way the world views privacy & data, @chrisinsilico. Privileged to have been by your side through this historical journey – you’re the bravest man I’ve ever met
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: shahmiruk ::: Info_Activism ::: BenPatrickWill


19-Year-Old WinRAR Vulnerability Leads To Over 100 Malware Exploits
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Slashdot

In the first 24 hours we removed 1.5 million videos of the attack globally, of which over 1.2 million were blocked at upload
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus | Facebook
::: fbnewsroom

#Tarrant è almeno il quinto attentatore degli ultimi anni che è sostanzialmente nato nell’internet culture. @InInsieme, l’associazione di cui faccio parte, nasce proprio da questa volontà: combattere l’odio in rete e dare supporto alle vittime
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus | Web, Internet
::: saveriolakadima

Nothing will identify a generational divide more sharply than how voters respond to this revelation
::: Stefaniya

Some expected China’s internet controls would become looser, “due to a sheer inability to control a flood of information. The opposite has happened: China’s technological ability to control the internet at home, and attack tech platforms abroad, has grown”
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: FrankPasquale

Facebook, Axios And NBC Paid This Guy To Whitewash Wikipedia Pages
::: Slashdot

Why Robo-Calls Can’t Be Stopped
::: Slashdot

Those who miss class receive the following message: “Hello, this is little AI, an intelligent voice assistant from the counsellors of Hangzhou Dianzi University. I notice you were absent from class today”
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: fabiochiusi

EU governments are allowing more than 100 advertising companies, including Google and Facebook, to surreptitiously track citizens across sensitive public sector websites, in apparent violation of their own EU data protection rules
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: rasmus_kleis

We Can’t Combat Fake News If We Don’t Really Understand It
disinformazione, fake news, bufale
::: _arianna


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