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Continuo da qui, copio dal Reference Manual, PDF scaricabile da qui, sono a p.783.

draw is a Maxima-Gnuplot and a Maxima-vtk interface.

There are three main functions to be used at Maxima level:

  • draw2d, draws a single 2D scene.
  • draw3d, draws a single 3D scene.
  • draw, can be filled with multiple gr2d and gr3d commands that each creates a draw scene all sharing the same window.

Each scene can contain any number of objects and key=value pairs with options for the scene or the following objects.

A selection of useful objects a scene can be made up from are:

  • explicit plots a function.
  • implicit plots all points an equation is true at.
  • points plots points that are connected by lines if the option points_joined was set to true in a previous line of the current scene.
  • parametric allows to specify separate expressions that calculate the x, y (and in 3d plots also for the z) variable.

A short description of all draw commands and options including example plots […] can be found [prossimanente].

More elaborated examples of this package can be found here and here.


(%i1) draw2d(
        title="Two simple plots",
        color=red,key="A sinus",
        color=blue,line_type=dots,key="A cosinus",


You need Gnuplot 4.2 or newer to run draw; If you are using wxMaxima as a front end wxdraw, wxdraw2d and wxdraw3d are drop-in replacements for draw that do the same as draw, draw2d and draw3d but embed the resulting plot in the worksheet.

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