cit. & loll – 143

Aspettando la foto del buco nero (a colori, se possibile) ecco intanto i cit. 🧐 e i loll 😋


Prolific developers don’t always write a lot of code
::: RichRogersIoT

The first step of any project
::: CodeWisdom

io che studio sto cazzo di linguaggio php e
::: Defcon1979

Conversation (ir)réelle
::: CommitStrip_fr

The best performance improvement
John è uno dei miei eroi, quello che mi ha convinto ai linguaggi interpretati (Python in particolare)
::: CompSciFact

Elizabeth Holmes made a fake $9 billion company and got the entire world to believe her story, but somehow my alerts are all about how she’s getting married. It seems that Google and the media have joined forces with Asian mothers around the world
::: jeanqasaur

Reminds me of my Prolog days – I met a man from company who had landed a big job
::: joeerl

Do you love how a traffic light every 10 feet makes you feel safe?
estremista, cito, non condivido
::: deech

“Alice & Bob” first appeared #otd in 1978 in MIT prof. Ron Rivest’s paper w/the “S” and “A” of “RSA”

Books can now transport you into another dimension with #AugmentedReality! #MR #XR #tech #AR @pascal_bornet
passibile di più interpretazioni fino a quando si accede ai tweets di Pascal, rockz! 💥😯
::: evankirstel

If a developer says they don’t really care about design, change their editor theme to Hot Dog Stand
::: markdalgleish

The programmer has to be able to think in terms of conceptual hierarchies
::: RichRogersIoT

In my experience, not any single programming technique (FP, TDD, etc.) is a predictor of success in software
::: keleshev


Simili ai post con cui hai interagito
::: Dio

Extreme Pac-Man!
::: MarshallJulius

Scherzo al giggino
(anche se … se potessi raccontarla; ma no; comunque è capitato a –no)
::: CBugliano

Dream in year
::: RichRogersIoT

You don’t pay engineers to write code
::: RichRogersIoT

Welcome to Seattle
::: ByRosenberg

Bezos could buy an IKEA RIKLIG Teapot ($14.99) for all the people in China
::: BezosInContext

Not sure who this (joke) slide will offend more
::: RDBinns

Lisp traditionally uses `p` for boolean functions because the printing presses that ancient Lispers printed their code with were missing glyphs for þ
thread divertentissimissimo 😋😁🤩💥
::: jckarter ::: jnadeau

Uh, this looks fake but, alas, it’s our iPad today after 3-year-old tried (repeatedly) to unlock. Ideas?
::: eosnos

Il talento è scintilla; il genio, fiamma
::: S_Galimberti


Hello? Support? I can’t get into my computer
::: jckarter

Oggi la connessione internet prende da dio
::: evilripper

If you’re looking forward to this year’s WWDC, don’t
::: TimothyParody

#Haskell tip: if your program doesn’t compile
::: pasiphae_goals

Alternative Big O notation
::: jwcarroll

Ok, now that you asked
::: mathematicsprof

Every odd integer is the difference of 2 squares. Proof
::: fermatslibrary

The Internet of #Ransomware Things
::: Fisher85M

Ma oltre che su Twitter, ci state seguendo anche su Google Plus?
::: CBugliano

Blocking in the ’80s
::: manisha72617183

In the short term, corporate-driven AI
::: evgenymorozov

::: fchollet


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