Maxima – 262 – draw – 9


Continuo da qui, copio dal Reference Manual, PDF scaricabile da qui, sono a p.807.

Continuo con gli esempi di enhanced3d.

tube object with coloring defined by the [f(x,y,z), x, y, z] model.

(%i1) draw3d(
        enhanced3d = [cos(x-y),x,y,z],
        palette = gray,
        xu_grid = 50,
        tube(cos(a), a, 0, 1, a, 0, 4*%pi) )$


tube object with coloring defined by the [f(u), u] model. Here, enhanced3d = -a would be the shortcut for enhanced3d = [-foo,foo].

(%i2) draw3d(
        capping = [true, false],
        palette = [26,15,-2],
        enhanced3d = [-foo, foo],
        tube(a, a, a^2, 1, a, -2, 2) )$


implicit and points objects with coloring defined by the [f(x,y,z), x, y, z] model.

(%i3) draw3d(
        enhanced3d = [x-y,x,y,z],
        x,-1,1,y,-1.2,2.3,z,-1,1)) $



(%i4) m: makelist([random(1.0),random(1.0),random(1.0)],k,1,2000)$

(%i5) draw3d(
        point_type = filled_circle,
        point_size = 2,
        enhanced3d = [u+v-w,u,v,w],
        points(m) ) $


When points have a chronological nature, model [f(k), k] is also valid, being k an ordering parameter.

(%i10) m:makelist([random(1.0), random(1.0), random(1.0)],k,1,100)$

(%i11) draw3d(
        enhanced3d = [sin(j), j],
        point_size = 3,
        point_type = filled_circle,
        points_joined = true,
        points(m)) $


Default value: y.

Depending on its value, which can be x, y, or xy, graphic object errors will draw points with horizontal, vertical, or both, error bars. When error_type=boxes, boxes will be drawn instead of crosses. See also errors.

Default value: "maxima_out".

This is the name of the file where terminals png, jpg, gif, eps, eps_color, pdf, pdfcairo and svg will save the graphic.

Since this is a global graphics option, its position in the scene description does not matter. It can be also used as an argument of function draw.

(%i12) draw2d(file_name = "myfile",
        explicit(x^2, x, -1, 1),
        terminal = 'png)$

crea myfile.png.


See also terminal, dimensions_draw.

Default value: "red".

fill_color specifies the color for filling polygons and 2d explicit functions. See color to learn how colors are specified.

Default value: 0.

fill_density is a number between 0 and 1 that specifies the intensity of the fill_color in bars objects. See bars for examples.

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