cit. & loll – 145

Ecco le cit.osità e lollosità della settimana 🧐 😋



Much of the essence of building a program
::: CompSciFact

Full confidence in your own code
::: feras_dayoub

L’Apple Watch 5 sarà indistinguibile
::: mante

In-browser fluid dynamics, seeded by click and drag
atupiscevole, assay 😯
::: NonperiodicFlow

Come attirare l’attenzione; über-bravi 👀

Uh! ‘n altro tweet che akkiappah! 👀
::: AOC ::: BadAstronomer

Wait… WHAT?!? 😲 Steve Wozniak’s 1985 hot take on the PC: “Nobody at Apple is going to like hearing this, but as a general device for everyone, computers have been over-sold”. “Paper works just as well as a computer, and costs less.”
link dubbio: sottoscrizione? NOPE!
::: PessimistsArc

Conjecture: developers expect complexity
::: shipilev

Superpowers corrupt
::: earlducaine

I’m not a so good developer, but I did a smart move in my career and I keep doing it every time is possible: I always try to surround myself with people better than me
::: mariofusco

tiktok is,,,, good
::: carolinenooo

When we talk mathematics
::: johncarlosbaez

Hard work is a privilege
::: jeanqasaur


One of my most controversial software opinions is that your sleep quality and stress level matter far, far more than the languages you use or the practices you follow
::: hillelogram

‘To understand’ means
::: PaniczGodek

Wait so … erlang’s REPL is just a program that launches programs that send their messages back to the REPL?
meriterebbe un lungo post; se ne fossi capace
::: arrdem

YouTube inutile che mi proponi ogni 5 minuti l’abbonamento premium
::: ptkdev

Reinvent the Wheel
::: xkcd

I used to think that security measures were mostly pointless obstacles to work
::: JohnDCook

I don’t have a garage
::: jessiechar

I don’t think
::: real_fabristol

Un’esistenza basata sul “metto questa cosa qui
parla di me?
::: humarius

la vera minaccia all’identità e alla cultura occidentale
::: peraltro

I have resolved to use only the text emoticons 🙂 😉 😦 O_o
::: greghendershott

Most of the mistakes I’ve made in my career
::: ganley


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