Sicurezza e disinformazione – 22

Un po’ di links rimasti, poi si cambia. E in coda anche il cit. & loll 🧐


WiFi Finder, a Popular Hotspot Finder App, Exposed 2 Million Wi-Fi Network Passwords
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Slashdot

Copyright filters are automatically removing copies of the Mueller Report despite it being in the public domain
copyright e brevetti | censura
::: HackerRadioShow

NIH, FBI Accuse Scientists In US of Sending IP To China, Running Shadow Labs
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Slashdot

Employees Call On Microsoft To Protect GitHub From China Censors
::: Slashdot

Obama e Clinton hanno citato i credenti cristiani. Evitate Google Translate e foto dell’Isola di Pasqua
io Google Traduttore lo uso solo per singole parole (per pogrizia); recentemente non mi veniva proprio l’italiano per “hamster”, anche se c’era il disegnino.
disinformazione, fake news, bufale
::: DavidPuente

The fake news hysteria lead to the shutdown of social media for the mere possibility of disinformation, making platforms liable for content that doesn’t even exist yet – but it’s ok because social media are evil and kill democracies!
::: fabiochiusi

#SriLanka: Even with good intentions, blocking channels of communication or use of #VPNs, which can protect #privacy & #security online, puts people in danger. It blocks journalism & emergency response, disconnects families. We urge authorities to #KeepItOn #EasterSundayAttackLK
::: accessnow

My comment on the #TerReg Report, voted by the #EuropeanParliament last week
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus | censura
::: VincenzoTiani

A New York student sued Apple for $1 billion, claiming the company’s facial-recognition software falsely linked him to a series of thefts from Apple stores
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: business ::: AntonioCasilli

Don’t let these people write your privacy laws
social media | privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: alissacooper

The @Puri_sm Librem Key. Here @Todd_A_Jacobs takes a look at how the #LibremKey stacks up against other multi-factor tokens like the #YubiKey 5 and also considers what makes the Librem Key a unique trusted-computing tool
The Librem Key is a new hardware token for improving Linux security by adding a physical authentication factor to booting, login and disk decryption on supported systems
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Linux Journal


ShadowHammer Targets Multiple Companies, ASUS Was Just One of Them
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Slashdot

None of this is true! Let’s look at how each of the companies were founded!
disinformazione, fake news, bufale
::: historic_ly

Yo just a heads up, Twitter is rolling out a new desktop version and the feed is about 75% people you don’t follow and it seems to ignore some of your personal settings
Twitter | privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: LittleVMills

EU votes to create an enormous biometric database
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: fabiochiusi

Sous la pression de plusieurs partis paneuropéens, Facebook assouplit temporairement ses règles sur les publicités politiques
Facebook | ad, pubblicità | politica
::: Numerama

Facebook sta spostando il core su Instagram, ma instragram è già il nuovo paradiso della contraffazione (e della disinformazione)
social media | privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus | Facebook
::: jacopo_iacoboni

Twitter: “Any attempts to undermine the process of registering to vote or engaging in the electoral process is contrary to our company’s core values”
social media | politica
::: fabiochiusi

they remember how well you did it
::: RichRogersIoT

I started blogging 15 years ago (2004-04-25)
::: treyhunner

“#Haberdasher’s #Puzzle”: cutting an equilateral #triangle into four pieces so they can be rearranged into a #square
::: Nereide

Happy bday to Larry Tesler, inventor of “copy-paste”


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