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cit. & loll – 49

Caldo, troppo, roba da solstizio 😯 Ma ecco cit. & loll fresco-fresco 😎

Same with me always
::: Google+

Once a new technology rolls over you
::: CodeWisdom

List your most used commands (sorted)
::: NabilElqatib

docx received, 2 pages, no images: size 150kb
::: zacchiro

Google begins beta testing “feudalism”
::: leemkuilschu

#CJEU looks at knowledge & intent in #PirateBay #copyright case
::: FixIt_EU

Pretty sure they’re just trolling at this point
::: lizardbill

Party Time
::: CommitStrip

Declaring absolutely that your systems have not been compromised by a highly sophisticated intelligence service
::: JohnHultquist

Dear young person, if you are a geek, the world needs you
::: CodeWisdom

The two hardest things in Computer Science
::: listrophy

“Russian Hackers” is mainstream media equivalent of “The Jews”. You can blame them for anything you want, facts don’t matter
::: t_a_w

Water drops create beautiful human-like animations
::: ValaAfshar

Non Sequitur
::: GoComics

I love the moment when I come home from a bookstore with an armful of great new books and settle down to vacantly scroll Twitter for 3 hours
::: sadydoyle

The generation of random numbers is too important to be left to chance
::: alienoid

Remember the following classic C data types, it could save your life
::: Lioncache

I am a 10X developer
::: discostu105

After refreshing my C++ knowledge on C++14/17 …
::: thek3nger

The Life of a Project
::: Jonahlobe

Home is where your devices are plugged in
::: GonzoHacker

URGENT: the Internet is doomed, unless we save it. July 12 defend #NetNeutrality!
::: dcavedon

cit. & loll – 48

Non so voi ma per me il giovedì e questo 😜

Server failover illustrated 😂
::: Google+

On the immediacy of interpreted languages…
sono d’accordo, anzi di più, amo le REPLs
::: sanityinc

OK, this made me laugh
::: jakevdp

The back cover of the “Thinking Recursively” book
::: alienoid

e se iniziassimo a formattare i documenti in A4 landscape?
::: madbob

Machine learning and deep learning are 99% open source
::: chrisalbon

The biggest problem with machine learning
::: GonzoHacker

Man Versus Systemd
::: eagle1maledetto

Totally understand
::: dennybritz

Mathematics f∈(ℤ→ℤ)→(ℤ→ℤ)
leggere i commenti; parecchi rokszes 😎
::: TimSweeneyEpic

::: nicolaiarocci

confermo che “#Safari is the new Explorer”. Apple sta al web come Microsoft negli anni ’90
::: madbob

The FCC wants to let ISPs slow the Internet to a crawl and force sites to pay for “fast lanes.” STOP THEM
::: fightfortheftr

::: ZachWeiner

Refactoring old code without tests
::: SamBehnam

Trump has blocked me from reading his tweets
::: StephenKing

cit. & loll – 47

Il Web è grande, c’è di tutto, a volte ci trovi cit.azioni, a volte lollosità; io ho trovato questo 😊

Programming languages
::: rakyll

Print the Unicode emoticons block codes and symbols
::: climagic

Norvig’s Law
::: johnregehr

In a debate, if you find yourself saying …
::: amasad

Came for the code, stayed for the barbecue
Jake rockz! 🚀
::: jakevdp

Software developers fail in two ways
::: CodeWisdom

when they replaced my office name tag they kept the sticker
::: johnregehr

Who needs a #Nespresso*? The Commodore 64 #coffee maker (1985)
::: PulpLibrarian

Programming Wisdom – Jeff Atwood
::: CodeWisdom

No, Microsoft. Hell no
::: bbaskin

Who needs Tinder?

Erik Meijer
::: CodeWisdom

Apple fans right now
::: chrisdmytriw1

I’ve been writing Haskell for work for almost 18 months now
problema comune a tutto il mondo
::: lexi_lambda

Perfect software doesn’t exist
::: CodeWisdom

Un passettino fuori dal medioevo
::: fulcorno

here’s a vending machine in a mall for buying Likes for your Instagram pics
::: Alexey__Kovalev

Gregorian calendars bite hard (when they bite)
::: gsylviedavies

The hardest part about programming
::: vaidehijoshi

Programming is the art of knowing
::: dnscollective

This drone is so good at avoiding obstacles that it can fence
::: ValaAfshar

The language of mathematics is not hard
::: italiancpp

Most regular expression problems can be solved by breaking a complex regex up into multiple lines
::: lizardbill

Was recently reminded of this little trick: writing valid Python code that looks like C++
::: jakevdp

AI inside
per l’inglese c’è il pulsante con la bandierina (francese)
::: CommitStrip

cit. & loll – 46

#covfefe 😜

Ho le risposte a tutte le domande
::: Flavio_MfM

In Microsoft C++ there are inline, _inline, __inline, _forceinline and __forceinline specifiers
::: vreshetnikov

Anti-Drone Eagles
::: xkcd

usarlo con echo e poi base32 -d
::: climagic

orig manuscript of Dante’s Inferno had a 10th circle of hell
::: isislovecruft

JavaScript is bad, very bad
::: isotrumpp

As a software developer, you are your own worst enemy
::: CodeWisdom

Lisp, obviously 🙂
::: davazp

Sarah Lim’s Webpage
Sarah rockz! 🚀 voglio Geocities anch’io 😜 (OK, è un’idea di DTR)
::: DTR Geocities

In my experience, testing and maintenance
::: lizardbill

when you move ssh to a different port
::: GonzoHacker

How to exit this bus?
::: smbthomas

it turns out the two hardest problems in computer science are
::: tef_ebooks

me: oh, my blog post was posted to hacker news, maybe I should see if there was any insightful commentary or criticism them
eh, sì, un grosso problema dei social cosi tutti: prima di commentare …
::: lexi_lambda

How long it takes the complete a task
::: iamdevloper

Sufficiently advanced monitoring
::: alexstapleton

Programmers have no idea how good (or bad) they are at programming
::: CodeWisdom

GOOGLE: we made a car that drives itself & mapped the planet in 3D
::: said_mitch

Thanks, C++
::: spun_off

10 MB hard disk from the 1960’s
::: scienmag

Software Engineers
::: Bonkers World

Ehud Lamm

this always appears in my code now
::: johnregehr

$ npm i covfefe
::: mxstbr

Cosa potrebbe mai andare storto
::: lopo

Most of you are familiar with the virtues of a programmer
::: dbader_org

Un follower abbastanza generico
::: vikkio88

Internet = FB
::: fabiochiusi

cit. & loll – 45

Ecco a voi la rassegna del giovedì; sono io che mi sono distratto o c’è una pausa dei cinguettarori, forse trumpanti (o trumpati)? Mystero 😜

::: GoComics

un saluto dagli studenti di ingegneria informatica
::: redauser

Do you use CamelCase or snake_case?
::: joelgrus

come #Lercio, ma sul mondo #Linux
::: madbob

Learn the rules like a pro
::: marcelsalathe

If there’s a way to enter something incorrectly
::: CodeWisdom

Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability
::: CodeWisdom

Puppies: 1 Lectures: 0
::: AcademiaObscura

::: lafp

Also, I’m starting a game company named B.Lizard Entertainment. Full of great ideas today
::: lizardbill

Le linee guida di FB per moderare i contenuti sono controverse, ma di certo migliori dell’algoritmo-Boldrini
::: fabiochiusi

JavaScript frameworks talk of being robust and maintainable
::: blockloop

The Linux community has some issues
::: landley

Twitter (n): a collaborative game where you try to guess what just happened
::: codinghorror

sudo yum -y remove python
::: nixcraft

Hey guys, #RETWEET after you see it
::: gorillagotti

Twitter is an amazing place to share your perspectives…
::: iam_preethi

Abbiamo rilevato AdBlock. Per favore disattivalo per navigare su queste pagine
::: fgfoto

cit. & loll – 44

Giovedì? Uh! ecco qua 😜

A crashed advertisement reveals the code of the facial recognition system used by a pizza shop in Oslo
::: GambleLee

Modern Web Development
::: sbodrero

I forgot how to get to Google
::: MartensJD

::: Symbo1ics

2017 is finally the year of Linux on the Desktop
::: CarmenCrincoli

::: vikkio88

Friday afternoon is a good time
::: nixcraft

An engineer 1+1=2
::: andreacolangelo

Man, spreadsheets really are the worst
::: peterseibel

Russian man visited Chinese click farm
::: EnglishRussia1

The bitterness of poor quality
::: ValaAfshar

Weird things I notice when I edit lisp code
::: lexi_lambda

US Coffee shops have finally reached consensus that wifi passwords shall always be “lower case, no spaces”
::: lisperati

help i’ve forgotten what computers are for
::: worrydream

If something seems wrong but you dismiss it
::: CodeWisdom

Remarkable how many software devs don’t even bother
::: cackhanded

::: doctorow

Are you a flunkie, Goon, Duct Taper, Box ticker or Task Master?
::: PGDynes

Simple things should be simple
::: CodeWisdom

Students are like 3D Printers: They believe the solution is adding more material, so they keep adding lines of code
::: robertominelli

This WILL happen
::: MarksLarks

extreme programming
::: inconvergent

Rental Car
poi basta, non metterò più Randall, promesso
::: xkcd

::: __apf__

Riguardo a #WannaCry la postale dice “aggiornate gli antivirus”
::: vikkio88

Douglas Adams’s Whale
::: ThePracticalDev

Code Progression
::: nixcraft

Je sais pas, ça a l’air important
::: Bouletcorp

::: Calvinn_Hobbes

Deutsch vs Englisch im GoogleTranslator
::: Lighti85

Your ability to convince others
::: hergertme

Cellular automata is simply fascinating
::: stefanomerlo

How many ports would you like to see in the new MacBooks rumoured to be unveiled at #WWDC? [POLL]
::: JonyIveParody

#Linux è un ottimo vaccino naturale contro i “virus”
::: madbob

cit. & loll – 43

Oggi lectio brevis, tutti indaffarati con altre cose trascurando il cit. e loll 😯

New @BostonDynamics #Handle robot could easily kill you, and some day probably will
::: davidrowley

::: callenowy ::: Jloague

At press freedom event, @Snowden calls content filters
::: Senficon

When somebody deletes your code and replaces it with their own buggy version and none of the test cases pass
::: lizardbill

Bugs du futur
c’è ovviamente la versione inglese
::: CommitStrip

Shocking religious violence!
::: RainerJoswig

My friend’s toddler babbled “don’t forget to subscribe” as he was put to bed
::: tomgara

Not sure I can trust a candidate
::: davidfrum

Lunch Order
::: xkcd

I’m a 10x engineer
::: jakeout

Get back to work
::: Enlargeyournerd

The function of good software
::: CodeWisdom

50 years ago this month researchers presented the first object-oriented programming language

cit. & loll – 42

💥 if giovedì; then cit. & loll; fi 😜

when worlds collide…
::: leahjlou

TIL: A group of Pandas is called an “Embarrassment”
::: wesmckinn

When I write a piece of software and it doesn’t change I call it—stable
::: keleshev

Http status code cheat sheet for sysadmin and developers
::: nixcraft

The key to a good pie chart
::: lizardbill

How did you know so much about computers?
::: CodeWisdom

A primary cause of complexity
::: CodeWisdom

Ten inspiring quotes previously seen on CodeWisdom
le due precedenti quote vengono da qui 😎
::: CodeWisdom

GNU true humor
::: johnregehr

I just hit some key in Emacs that eliminated extra spaces in a line
::: wallingf ::: wallingf

On this day in 1993: World Wide Web is made free to everyone by CERN
::: JonErlichman

::: fabiochiusi

The only way to write good code
::: hadleywickham

ma tutto l’anno
::: Zziagenio78

Se siamo arrivati a insultare gli account dell’Unicef
::: marcosalvati

Someone has put this on the wall at work, above the tea mugs. I approve
::: singlecrow

Computers are good at following instructions
::: CodeWisdom

(from @not_just_yeti)
::: racketlang

C’était mieux hier
::: Boulet

Q: “Why do you want to work for this company?”
::: lizardbill

::: thereaIbanksy

Any code of your own that you haven’t looked at for six or more months

Software is messy because
::: sarahmei

Avant toute chose
::: CommitStrip

so many startup founders want to be steve jobs
::: alicegoldfuss

cit. & loll – 41

Giovedi è il giorno della prestigiosa rassegna cit.-lollosa, eccola 😎

I’m not actually good at computers
::: mjg59

A note to my younger self (and everyone who reads this)
::: ThePracticalDev

Software is
::: freeuniverser

Please don’t feed the e-mails
::: Brilliant_Ads

if you’re not filling gigabytes of memory with waste and duplicated objects
::: sigfig

The future is here!
::: WorldAndScience

Young programmers are better off not starting with the theoretical foundations of CS
::: paulg

I’m teaching my daughter the ABC and now bored with A is for Apple, X is for X-RAY
::: rebootuser

pensa che ancora nel 2017
::: mogui247

@nim_lang ‘s GC performance metrics
::: FredAtBootstrap

I should have majored in alternative computer science in college, it is WAY easier than normal computer science
::: Whoospy

This is one of the funniest sentences I’ve ever read
::: kateconger

I told folks at Deconstruct that Javascript programming seems way harder/scarier than C/C++ to me
::: sehurlburt

The Real Real Donald!
::: vardi

OH: the allure of regex
::: peterseibel

BREAKING @AjitPaiFCC is moving to kill #netneutrality +let Comcast censor the web
::: dcavedon

I found Jesus!
::: Whoospy

cit. & loll – 40

Giovedì? eccolo qua 🍇

Shoutout to the Amazon box thieves who opened my box
::: h0h0h0

Without requirements or design , programming is the art of adding bugs to an empty text file
::: CodeWisdom

Attending a conference? Please carefully study this flow-chart and act accordingly
OK, ma bisogna ricordarlo?
::: jakevdp

The Final Fact-check
::: GoComics

This is all your fault
::: UniStudios

Io, per esempio, devo nascondere anche che non conosco il tedesco
::: pberndro

What really bugs me about all this “Windows is vulnerable”
::: hashbreaker

Another fun optical illusion in a few lines of matplotlib
prossimamente su questo stesso blog 😜
::: jakevdp

Simple doesn’t mean stupid
::: CodeWisdom

Tutto quel che succede online ogni 60 secondi
::: gretascl

Daughter: Dad, you know Binary Search Trees?
::: Google+

Verrà il Giorno del Giudizio, designers… Verrà…
::: madbob

Yeah, in fact, Haskell is a nice guy!
::: freeuniverser

Good code will be easily replaced, when necessary
::: ziobrando

Why not rebrand as a mere platform connecting diners & cooks
::: FrankPasquale

The problem with connecting everyone on the planet is that a lot of people are assholes
::: fabiochiusi

OMG. Schrödinger’s Linux/Unix directory
::: nixcraft

c’è molto altro ma notevole anche per se 😎
::: wallingf

60 years ago today researchers ran the first FORTRAN program
ahemmm… ieri o cmq il 19 aprile

Programming is one of nature’s ways
::: wallingf

::: nikitonsky