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cit. & loll – 135

cit. e il loll – rassegna costi e benefici 😋


This didn’t age well…
::: LeapingRobot

“Corso Base di Linux con Bob”. Il “con Bob” è parte integrante del titolo
Bob Roberto rockz! 💥
::: madbob

Bedtime Stories
::: turnoff_us

Per me, ginecologo, è pur sempre qualcosa di unico ed emozionante
::: MedBunker

I’m happy to affirm this as well. The well-funded vulture capitalists have as much moral authority on this as they do about anything else: none
::: wwahammy

OH: Single instruction
::: samth

Huawei is bad because it
::: evgenymorozov

Not a slam on this person or JS progs, they’re trying to do their best in a horrible context
non verificato (mi manca il coraggio)
::: Symbo1ics

See also: chess in the 1980s
::: lizardbill

If you ever feel like a failure, just remember that
::: matthew_d_green

Designing the system and writing the code is the easy part
::: fchollet


The apocalypse will come and go and I
::: extremefriday

Sì certo, le curve delle donne, ma allora io le potrei dire, anche con il rispetto per l’autorità, che anche soltanto le due cose come CURVE DI LISSAJOUS, capisce?
::: Arnathoth

You know you are a nerd when you spend your vacation
::: jessfraz

Era finito il toner 🐈
::: Tony_Matique

Difference between machine learning and AI
::: gadievron

I programmatori lavorano di notte
::: madbob

When can you do it?
::: RichRogersIoT

No Hard Feelings
::: jessfraz

have a few questions
::: johnregehr


‘Fly, My Pretties,’ Says Jeff Bezos Releasing Swarm Of Amazon Drones To Hunt Down Nude Photos
the Onion, nèh!
::: slashdot

Heisenberg Release Uncertainty Principle
::: RichRogersIoT

Il marketing #Apple è quella roba che nel 2019
::: Genjuro75

Too many programmers program this way, and that’s why most software is the way it is
::: keithtpinson

The moment you realize “it’s totally okay to just let people be wrong on the internet” is the moment twitter instantly ceases to cause you stress
::: Viss

Internet dopo le 19:00 è chiuso
::: LSpark_zwz

Non voglio sottovalutare i vantaggi del 5G, ma se
::: ivosilvestro

::: hrmny_

This made me remember when I used to make the calculator say “boobs” “80085” and “hello” 😛
::: jessfraz


Coding as a team
::: jessfraz

My mom 50 years ago with an IBM 1401 and me just now with a DEC PDP-10
::: kclemson

This is my aesthetic
::: jessfraz

Nevertheless, she persisted
::: timetit

A sad decline for a once-proud operating system
::: waldojaquith

#GDPR #privacy #privacylaw #privacypolicy
::: saurnou

Hofstadter’s Law
::: RichRogersIoT

Tip of the day: If your printer has a USB port
::: mikko_2014

Local Gas Station
::: gknauth

No way to prevent this
::: mjg59


cit. & loll – 134

Buon anno! cinese, cit.oso e lolloso 🤩


Meet the Guy Who Holds the Guinness World Record For Collecting Spreadsheets
Excel rules! proprio come direbbero i miei pals
::: Slashdot

If it’s a good idea
::: RichRogersIoT

I think this is like the fifth time I’ve avoided a major vulnerability
::: asmeurer

NASA’s Opportunity Rover landed on Mars 15 years ago this week, but a dust storm caused it to lose power earlier this year. Chin up little guy – we’ll fix you when we get there! #NASA #MarsMission
💥 Buzz rockz! 💥💥💥
::: TheRealBuzz

Russell deserves the honour
::: analytic_philo

Canadian archeology
::: _youhadonejob1

I wish Slack had a way to block users
::: asmeurer

Inside every large program
::: RichRogersIoT

I really want to believe in blockchain technology
::: fkachav

Being a software developer is a bit like a modern day ancient mariner except the whole map is covered with “Here be Dragons” and
::: battleblow

If you have to keep telling yourself that everyone else is an asshole
::: lizardbill


Another fallacy: “code is life”
::: jmdembe

Me and any bullshit that this year tries to throw at me
::: sallykuchar ::: sallykuchar

You lookin’ at me, pal?
OT ma mi piace troooppo
::: matthewcobb

It may not be obvious from what one can read on Twitter, but I think there are many good people and good things in the world
::: fchollet

I believe their site uses cookies, too
::: mikko

The next best thing to having good ideas is
::: CodeWisdom

Anticipating the evolution of Facebook’s defense
::: evgenymorozov

Una delle collaboratrici del Corvelva, l’associazione che ha trovato vermi, diserbanti e Viagra nei vaccini, per giustificare gli errori da urlo nelle analisi dice: “è stato il correttore automatico”. Fai la scoperta del secolo e mi cadi sul correttore. Fantastico
::: MedBunker

I’m a software developer. With your vote, and access to Google and Stack Overflow, I think I can debug what’s wrong with America. I’m announcing my bid for the presidency of the US
::: lizardbill

What are you doing for the next generation of developers?
::: mariofusco

Algorithms are opinions
::: RichRogersIoT


let’s take a moment to be grateful for small things like this
::: johnregehr

Good design is obvious
::: RichRogersIoT

me explaining our 10 year old legacy code to our new hires
::: cszhu

This airplane landing at Nuuk Greenland airport is something to behold
OT ma 🤩
::: RayRedacted

Apologies to the civilized world for my use of Fahrenheit
::: neiltyson

Seen on Facebook
::: dannynic

Old technology fails frequently, but in a reliable way
::: kevin2kelly

Happy birthday to Python creator Guido van Rossum!

Learn not copy
::: RichRogersIoT

I’m pretty sure adults
::: wilbowma


Parenting Experts Warn Screen Time
::: TheOnion

A comathematician is a device
::: FunctorFact

Haven’t found your Valentine yet?
::: polikarn

long story short: the ASUS E203 arrived few minutes ago and
💥 Andrea rockz! 💥
::: WebReflection

I realized that I was in love not with a company (or a person!) but with an idea
::: bcantrill

Controlling complexity
::: RichRogersIoT

Fixing a bug takes 30 times longer than writing a line of code
::: gknauth

“The “I agree” button should have long ago been renamed
::: fabiochiusi

Time flies

Being “clever” doesn’t make you a better programmer
::: madpilot

::: cobrampi


Solitudine è quando Facebook ti mostra annunci e post che non ti interessano
::: Dio

Because robots are better at “solving” them than humans
::: dangillmor

Client-side validation
::: bendhalpern

C’è Povia? Se sì W Povia!
::: _juhan

::: stephanpastis

My Linux systems used to use Xorg, but they all use Xwayland now. I’m not sure exactly when they switched
::: _wilfredh

#creativity #art
::: S_Galimberti

Usually I do not tweet news stories in Finnish, but the headline here is just too good to pass
::: mikko

Confession: I am a literate programming sympathizer
::: lexi_lambda

Welcome to globalization!
::: elisabmpiller


cit. & loll – 133

cit.osamente e lollosamente ecco qua la rassegna 😋


#TenYearChallenge #privacy #gdpr #cookies #cookielaw #Webdesign #webdevelopment #UserExperience #adblock
::: simonealiprandi

Don’t say “no idea what this shit’s doing” – bad salesmanship
::: YossiKreinin

That passage is insightful re how we must ask the right questions from AI
::: Kasparov63

I’m not going to worry about captchas until
::: Kasparov63

so no wonder it adds up
::: LinusLarsson

::: IlBomma

DeMorgan writes a note to Shakespeare
::: mathematicsprof

Confession: The present Twitter
::: manisha72617183

Online Privacy, a rare commodity!
::: manisha72617183

DNS is like the phone book of the Internet
::: SwiftOnSecurity

I know a better motto than “Never Tweet”
::: fabiochiusi

Hello, I’m a software developer. You may know me from my greatest hits
::: lizardbill


Correva l’anno 1997 e c’era chi diceva che Internet era già morto
::: MadameSwann

Never take a job for which you are qualified
::: JohnDCook

beautiful 1938 aerial imagery of san francisco 😍
::: morgan_e_

Silly old phone
::: mikko_2014

The last question on the StackOverflow survey asks if the survey is too long
::: asmeurer

Remember those days when people used to write diaries and got mad when someone read them…
::: manisha72617183

Simplicity is a great virtue but
::: mittie

Lo sapevi che se spingi troppo in fondo il cotton fioc
::: felice_chi

Frontend VS Backend
::: dcavedon

Internet è come l’antico Egitto
::: BiondaBipolare

2 anni fa avevo diffuso quello che poi si rivelò il mio post più apprezzato in assoluto
::: simonealiprandi


Programmers’ serenity prayer
::: peterseibel

Anno 2019, e ancora ci sono siti che raccomandano l’uso di Internet Explorer
::: madbob

Current status: Multitasking on Twitter
::: manisha72617183

#IoNonSonoQui di @fabiochiusi è un capolavoro 👏👏👏
::: Ciaffone

me when switching languages
::: gcouprie

Gotta love Twitter bots that tweet random products from Amazon (with affiliate links)
::: mikko

Physics & Astronomy Zone
forse OT ma lo lovvassay 🤩
::: ZonePhysics

Rust has a very reassuring compile process
::: _wilfredh

My First Time
uh! proprio come me
::: turnoff_us

Unofficial goal of self driving cars
::: manisha72617183

As far as I can tell, computers are magic
::: fchollet


Who made it? Lol 😂
::: nixcraft

I skip Twitter for a couple of days and another “we need more than one browser engine” argument arise
::: Gianlucadfiore

This joke is POSIX-compliant
::: kernelmastery

You know you’re rusty with Vim when
::: mikeal

almost integers
::: mathematicsprof ::: xkcd

Aujourd’hui la différence entre le champion du monde d’échecs et l’#IA est la même qu’entre @usainbolt et une Ferrari
::: Empowerment_F ::: AnnUkhanova ::: kevinschawinski

Quando uno diplomato all’artistico fa un incidente
::: MenteObliqua

Tag someone who needs this for their #Bumble in 2019
::: DigitalTrends

Software development tools
::: rolyperera

Too many people worry about what AI will do to us
::: JohnDCook

The next big thing in Silicon Valley: Degrowth Hacking
::: evgenymorozov


cit. & loll – 132

Sempre con le previsioni di neve, cihissà che non sia solo loll, niente cit.


Facebook, equazione perfetta
::: MauroV1968

Code is not a collection of keystrokes
::: RichRogersIoT

Unstable complex system
::: Complexity_Labs

Some people will suggest asking “what are you really trying to do?” when a user asks a specific strange question
::: andygocke

Solve a programming issue you’ve been working on for a while? Great! Now write it down
::: kvlly

It’s ok, I’m using PGP (Pretty Good Post-its)😃
::: manisha72617183

I often see developers misunderstand the idea behind Vim and wonder why do they need to type code faster
::: siriniok

My favorite part of every brand guidelines is the precious “Logo Misuse” section
::: waxpancake

::: laura_nobilis

Why programmers like cooking
::: rkoutnik

Praticamente ho silenziato tutte le conversazioni con
::: BePietro


Menava il figlio e gli insegnava la matematica
::: andcapocci

When we tell people to do their jobs
::: RichRogersIoT

Once a new technology rolls over you
::: CodeWisdom

I don’t know what you got out of art appreciation class
::: onbeyondlambda

Internet fa molto bene ai ‘ricchi’
Verissimissimo, quando la frase viene completata; e meditata 🤩
::: L_Apostata

YAGNI principle also applies to learning
::: mariofusco

A lot of programmers make the mistake of thinking the way you make code flexible is by predicting as many future uses as possible, but this paradoxically leads to *less* flexible code
::: BaseCase

So I’m writing in OCaml for the first time, and on the one hand types have eliminated all but 1 error so far and vastly simplified development by guiding me to the solution, but on the other hand NEED MACROS
::: wilbowma

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it
::: peterjskennedy

Brexit tweets MPs ‘can’t delete’ shown on billboards
::: fabiochiusi

rockridge bart station

Originally #AI was an end; current #AI is a means
::: ehud

The successful warrior
::: RichRogersIoT

Just time for a quick look at the papers…
::: PulpLibrarian

Oggi che siamo tutti connessi, in realtà, siamo disconnessi col mondo e, soprattutto, con la storia
::: locchif

AP per te 🤔
::: johnregehr

i enjoy a lot of things about academic twitter but some days i wish to see more personal sharings (you know about being a human) and fewer scientific discussions on my tl. it gets so tiresome and i feel so dissociated sometimes
::: zerdeve

Stop by and charge your phones @shmoocon! Courtesy of @NSAGov
::: RGB_Lights

Ho una voglia irrefrenabile di scaricare il vostro eBook e leggerlo con una matita rossa segnando gli errori sull’iPad
::: Prossen

E niente… ho tolto l’app del morituro G+ dal telefono, quella di FB non l’ho mai avuta
::: Flavio_MfM

One of the best programming skills you can have
::: CodeWisdom


Il mio Twitter è pieno di post su Lorella Cuccarini e Heather Parisi
::: Iosonolagomma

10 ans challenge
::: NinaByzantina

I admit half the days I don’t know what you’re all talking about
::: Gianlucadfiore

Some people practically invite me to block them
::: dangillmor

TIL there are AI competitions for rock-paper-scissors!
::: _wilfredh

Timeline has improved now that I’ve filtered out references to political polls
uh! lo stesso per me (io)
::: dangillmor

Apparently this was on display in the British Museum for 3 days before staff noticed. And it’s been on display for the last few months, for different reasons
::: sigfpe

I actually like, or at least appreciate, pretty much all programming languages. And there are many things I love about Python
::: peterseibel

Non è che non siano molto diversi. Sono esattamente la stesa cosa
::: MauroV1968

Dai, lo sai che non paghi per i contenuti, ma per essere profilato
::: cip650


Time to upgrade to Linux
::: italovignoli

blew my mind when i learned why tee(1)
::: jcsalterego

What is your one solid advice? Language Agnostic
::: olafurw

::: gvaireth

1. The “pipeline” issue in tech
::: BariAWilliams

Non metterti mai a discutere in chat con un project manager
::: madbob

Q: What is the best prefix for global variables?
::: zzaaho

Caro tecnico del computer
::: hronir

Contrary to popular belief, most programmers are
::: KiwiCoder

Math quote: Mathematicians use intuition and trial and error
::: mathematicsprof


cit. & loll – 131

Non tutti fanno il loro dovere, poche cit.azioni e lollate, solo queste 😋


Already using this new @github feature to its fullest potential
::: pugson

Deep Learning
::: dvIpr

Thread. Put your coffee down, and cross your fingers that none of this shit hits the Internet for real
::: jpmens

AWS lambda
::: yogthos

I’ve refactored out so much of hyperHTML that the library now is basically 6 little files
::: WebReflection

Roma, a.d. 2019, in un negozio di elettronica il proprietario lavora tenendo in braccio il figlio di circa un anno
::: elvireadele

When experts are wrong, it’s often because
::: JohnDCook

C and Other Programming Languages…
::: thecrazyprogrmr

Save a url for reading later when you “have time”
::: climagic

#petscii hurricane
::: jambonbill


My favorite palindrome
::: bgreene

at lunch Matthew Flatt and I tried to outdo each other at how bad we are associating names with faces
::: johnregehr

Fixing bugs be like
::: thecrazyprogrmr

Correlation vs causality
::: KleineMaulwurf

Magic Sheet
::: dvIpr

Jackin’ in!
::: smarxist_

Io che seguo le indicazioni del mio navigatore
::: LaSociofobica

In metro ora 3 ragazzi discutono sul conto di una serata
::: 365albe

A programmer was arrested for writing unreadable code
::: Mr_DrinksOnMe


Tech birthdays in 2019
::: EPro

Most U.S. patents granted each year
::: JonErlichman

This machine puts your face in your beer. #CES2019
::: DigitalTrends

Great code doesn’t come from an environment of fear, pressure, worry whether we belong
::: RichRogersIoT

Until you value small progress
::: themattiejames

Give this kid a job
::: booksandwine76

I suspect my most used emoji this year
::: Gianlucadfiore

Il polo nord magnetico si allontana dal Canada e si sposta verso la Siberia
::: Dio

Amore è oscillazione
::: Arnathoth


cit. & loll – 130

Arriva cit.osa e lollosa come sempre 😋


Reminder: We used to think about it as the far distant future. Starting tomorrow only 20 years are left
::: okasion2012

may you be ashamed of the code you wrote in 2018, because it means that you learned something and improved your coding skills
::: mariofusco

Happy New Year! If you’re still working on your 2019 resolutions, don’t only plan what you want to do, but also plan what you want to learn. This may be the best investment you can make in your future. I regularly set learning goals for myself, and hope you will too!
::: AndrewYNg

E’ pur sempre debugging
::: andreacolangelo

Ça commence à faire beaucoup de coïncidences. 🤔
::: Bouletcorp

Best 404 page ever! 😂
::: DZone

Hello, I just wanted you to know that I had sushi
::: vikkio88

Recognise genuinely smart people
::: RichRogersIoT

I was bitching about time in operating systems when I came across this 1857 time table
::: cpuGoogle

UBC is now the #1 Canadian University for PL.*
::: wilbowma

The third highest-rated professor at Harvard is “Stack Overflow”
vero o loll? CMQ dr. Overflow è sempre disponibile, anche per quelli di fuori


Sequencing (e.g., the semicolon, BEGIN, PROGN, Python newline, …) is a brittle and terribly weak abstraction. It’s an overused bug magnet
::: stylewarning

ero curiosa di vedere se il profilo incluso fosse davvero quello del Ministero della Difesa
::: terminologia

In case you were wondering who will control all the machines…
::: evgenymorozov

distante “ben 27 mila km”
::: cmnit

Pearls Before Swine for January 05, 2019
::: _juhan

When someone uses spaces over tabs
::: dvIpr

Holy crap I’m a professor!
l’entusiasmo dei nuovi 😁 lovevole ❤️
::: wilbowma ::: wilbowma

::: TheKenMunroShow

Computer Science Courses that Don’t Exist, But Should
::: RichRogersIoT

So many very good robots!
::: mikamckinnon


Nell mi vit ho comprto due tstiere @Logitech
::: ivosilvestro

il terziario che ci piace
::: lautonini

Starship test vehicle under assembly will look similar to this illustration when finished. Operational Starships would obv have windows, etc.
::: elonmusk

Remember: Every time you misidentify a traffic light in a Captcha
::: libovness

Hey technologies, please stop
::: coolstuffcheap

Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified
::: CodeWisdom

I’m ready for the meteor of death now
::: AlexKoppelman

having too many tabs open is an age-old problem
::: sarayasin

Heathrow departures stopped as drone reported
::: BBCNews


Componenti buoni si vedono
::: pri_mario

Working with an unplugged laptop
::: ktf

Se la conoscenza può creare dei problemi
::: miracolosegreto

As a first approximation
::: Dereklowe

Gosh, these old professors, making me use ancient technology like Java
::: wilbowma

Question (s)
::: jk_rowling

*closing 20 browser tabs* you do not spark joy
::: ReinH

#Javascript syntax of functional methods like filter and map feels very kludgy
::: Gianlucadfiore

La precisione degli orologiai sarebbe inutile
::: LorenzoTomasin

Ho fatto incazzare una strega in chat
::: Dio

john kraus

John Kraus

The indispensable function of the mathematician
::: JohnDCook

Ma quelli che nella bio scrivono “influencer” e non arrivano a mille followers…
::: BeppeBeppetti

Boomers: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade
::: HydroHaacker

Inventor of USB Unintentionally
::: HardDriveMag

Un racconto di fantascienza in un tweet
::: disinformatico

been reading about sequences that converge to zero. they’re so cool
::: cwillmore

Oh this is the secret o getting tenure?!
::: wilbowma

This was the best two minutes of my life
::: bedroomflicker

TIL that changing random stuff until your program works is “hacky” and “bad coding practice”
::: smaine

8 y.o. reading “Girls who code”
::: elibendersky


cit. & loll – 129

Anno nuovo; si riparte, niente più scuse 😋


::: GearboxAI

oh no
::: tomscott

key to getting in shape faster is joining a gym you can’t exit
::: veltman

Any sufficiently advanced IoT-equipped house is indistinguishable from a haunted one
::: PenLlawen

Last century electricity disrupted every single industrial vertical on the planet. This century software will do the same
::: RichRogersIoT

Science is
::: RichRogersIoT

For the hundredth time, yes!
::: dvIpr

Don’t do it…
::: realpython

Always assume that what you are reading contains mistakes. Positive side effect: you learn better if you are constantly suspicious
::: rauschma

Machine learning | Artificial intelligence
::: mariofusco

Well, no
::: ftomasse


Million, Billion, Trillion
::: xkcd

it took 1000s of years to get the amount of work to create light down to trivial amounts so everyone could use it
::: internetofshit

Sort of depressing to know that the apocalypse will begin with
::: michelledean

Are you a robot?
::: hronir

::: xChina4

Mia figlia giusto ora sta guardando il nuovo episodio di Black Mirror
::: mante

The “digital economy”
::: evgenymorozov

Good thread. I know people who break almost all of these “rules”
::: lizardbill

E che fine ha fatto lo Streaming?
::: Enneppi


Evolution of Software Architecture
::: richcampbell

checks out
::: johnregehr

In 2017, over a million people asked Amazon’s Alexa to marry them, according to the company. And more than 3,000 people have registered for commemorative marriage certificates featuring their favorite anime characters
::: fabiochiusi

The illustrations in the chart are helpful
::: mikko

Chief Constable of Sussex: Some of the drone sightings
::: Barristerblog

It bugs me when people oppose software design principles with pragmatics
::: mathiasverraes

The enjoyment of one’s tools
::: UnixToolTip

Generally a program should say nothing
::: CodeWisdom

An extension that replaces every reply on Twitter
::: fchollet


Stop reading the license agreement
::: mikkotweets2013

::: PicturesFoIder

#Tutorial: #Twitstar in due settimane [Unico funzionante]
::: Genjuro75

Alexa, show Me organized religion
::: SonOfGodAndMan

E buon #2019!
::: SergioGridelli

::: dvIpr

Buon anno ma state attenti che dicono che alla mezzanotte ci sia il Millennium Bug. Perché i pc non capiranno che da 1999 l’anno diventa 2000
::: ExplorerLento

It’s 2019
::: grufwub

my new year’s resolution
::: gleet_tweet

n 2019, I’m going to start referring to the internet as
::: lizardbill


cit. & loll – 128

Intanto che si festeggia ecco qua 😋


Quando si hanno due possibilità e si sceglie quella sbagliata…
::: VeroToad

Ogni grande impresa inizia con
::: NatangeloM

Never want to hear another word about python being good for “beginners”
::: Symbo1ics

McLuhan on the surrender of our senses to the private manipulation of commercial interests
::: dr_myc

So apparently the US was quite united and peaceful before the Russians devided it via Facebook! Putin would surely love to add this to his resumé
::: h0d3r

Later equals
::: CodeWisdom

In Haskell, you can shoot yourself in the foot very elegantly and wonder
::: manisha72617183

PSA from last year
::: nixcraft

The 12 Best Computer Science Books of 2018
::: StephenPuiszis

somehow python package management is worse than C ???
::: vamchale

Is there a German word for
::: mariofusco


You might not have anything to hide, my friend
::: ZaydA96

Perché non so trasformare
::: Bene_Pierf

This is the Ulam Spiral
::: jinglanW

Yes, our guys at @mwrlabs did indeed figure out a way to turn off ALL Twinkly christmas lights in the whole world
::: mikko

The world isn’t going to end because of a superintelligent AI. It’s going to end because we replace everything with automated systems that are less intelligent than a light switch and civilization simply collapses under the weight of non-functionality
::: sigfpe

::: wilbowma

Let 2019 be the year when we stop using whatever we don’t really need
::: jouni_kantola

In programming we don’t have a special term for it
::: peterseibel

I find that most people who consider themselves “bad at math” really just missed a fundamental concept or two in their early years and let confusion compound
::: AustenAllred

Brian Kernighan and Rob Pike

Brian Kernighan and Rob Pike

A cosa serve Internet: ad osservare il mondo
::: mante

please don’t ruin your family’s computer
::: tomwarren

The rule-of-three
::: mike_acton

1) don’t buy it
::: internetofshit

It’s fascinating how smartphone websites often consider *descriptions* to be secondary content
::: _wilfredh

Single pixel width font. No source unfortunately
::: jamielowesdev ::: boheme

Uber, currently claiming a $120 billion valuation
::: evgenymorozov

Yet another reason to teach #python as a first language: it can be a good complement to calculus
::: mtorchiano

This genius dummy Elf security camera is sure to keep the children in line!
::: mikko

time cat # A simple stopwatch that works more universally. Use Ctrl-D to stop. Check elapsed or real time in output
h/t Flavio the MfM 💥
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cit. & loll – 127

Dalla fredda nebbia arriva la rassegna cit.osa & lollosa


Two cheers for trying to reinvent the wheel
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First #selfie!
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Every company needs a hero like this
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Going Virtual
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From time to time the entire technology press corps gets together on Twitter, spends several hours live-tweeting the same event, and then writes a series of blog posts about how nothing important happened. This event is known as a Congressional hearing
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Internet Content Creation Tutorial
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Sai quando parli di qualcosa per esempio nomini un cantante, uno scrittore, e qualcuno sotto commenta
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Things that are impossible
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Awesome 😍
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C’est tout à fait similaire
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Nice choice of quotes in Chapter 3 of Stephen Dolan’s phd thesis
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Please Tweet responsibly over the holidays
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these are the letters that are not the names of programming languages: A H I L N O U V W X Y
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Not only are programming languages different tools for different jobs, but they are technologies that shape how you think about programming
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Mi piace pensare di essere capace di cogliere sempre il lato positivo anche dalle situazioni pessime
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Brexit as an IT project: somebody wrote a one sentence project proposal saying you would migrate everything to Blockchain technology, which the board somehow approved despite nobody knowing what Blockchain does
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Hit ‘Esc’
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existence proof of a program that detects integer overflow properly
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this tweet needs to be hanged in a museum
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read ← type
da pensarci su, migliorarla
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We will make electricity so cheap
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Handling production issues like a pro
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I don’t have a garage
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The amazing power of Koomey’s Law: Over the past 60 years, the energy efficiency of logic engines has improved by over one billion fold. No other machine of any kind has come remotely close to matching that
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Only ugly languages become popular
bello tutto il thread
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Use your Linux terminal to celebrate a banner year
io che sono tradizionalista uso banner e cowsay
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4 chiacchiere con Elon Musk (Montemagno)
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2017 me would have replied+retweeted right away
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Best http error code
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cit. & loll – 126

A quando le feste? oggi quella della rassegna cit.osa & lollosa 😜


Six degrees of Kevin Bacon, Paul Erdos, and Wikipedia
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TFW you have to think about how to reword an email to sound more human because your first attempt gets flagged as spam and bounces
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Can confirm: I said this once
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Fancy algorithms are buggier than simple ones
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I’m old enough to remember when the Internet wasn’t a group of five websites, each consisting of screenshots of text from the other four
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Open source was coined to help businesses serve the ideals of free software, not the other way round.
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lets set some realistic goals here : jokes banned by 2016. sex banned by 2020. a cop in every household by 2025
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Monads are not hard, they are not easy; just like in chess, where the simple rules of the game have many nontrivial and nonobvious “emergent” properties – which, of course, is what makes them profound
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Would you trust your own code?
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I found the #lisp monument in Buenos Aires
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And so it begins
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Today a friend who takes every opportunity possible to tell me how much Edge sucks, suddenly said he likes it and demanded we don’t kill it
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My brain is lake a browser
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infinite series, continued fraction, e, and pi
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Every time, without fail
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And programming computers was so fascinating. You create your own little universe, and
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Code vs Powerpoint
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The way to get started is to quit talking & begin doing
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I’m teaching usable security today
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The Release Uncertainty Principle says you can accurately know
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China Launches ‘Spy Bird’ Drones To Monitor Citizens
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Production-ready computer program, created from a prototype
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A thumbnail image of DOOM
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Rarely seen “eat your vegetables or we’re buying a puppy and going to Disneyland” parenting tactic there
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Porche istituzioni – Google Maps insiste
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Perspective matters
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To recap, software developers spent decades discussing stuff like “vim vs. emacs”, but there are some of us who don’t want twitts on politics because it’s “too divisive” 😂
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Be odd
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Captcha: click on all the squares that are not a pipe
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Periodic reminder that the Red Hat logo is actually a T-rex punching a triceratops
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When all you have is a hammer
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