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Sicurezza e disinformazione – 22

Un po’ di links rimasti, poi si cambia. E in coda anche il cit. & loll 🧐


WiFi Finder, a Popular Hotspot Finder App, Exposed 2 Million Wi-Fi Network Passwords
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Slashdot

Copyright filters are automatically removing copies of the Mueller Report despite it being in the public domain
copyright e brevetti | censura
::: HackerRadioShow

NIH, FBI Accuse Scientists In US of Sending IP To China, Running Shadow Labs
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Slashdot

Employees Call On Microsoft To Protect GitHub From China Censors
::: Slashdot

Obama e Clinton hanno citato i credenti cristiani. Evitate Google Translate e foto dell’Isola di Pasqua
io Google Traduttore lo uso solo per singole parole (per pogrizia); recentemente non mi veniva proprio l’italiano per “hamster”, anche se c’era il disegnino.
disinformazione, fake news, bufale
::: DavidPuente

The fake news hysteria lead to the shutdown of social media for the mere possibility of disinformation, making platforms liable for content that doesn’t even exist yet – but it’s ok because social media are evil and kill democracies!
::: fabiochiusi

#SriLanka: Even with good intentions, blocking channels of communication or use of #VPNs, which can protect #privacy & #security online, puts people in danger. It blocks journalism & emergency response, disconnects families. We urge authorities to #KeepItOn #EasterSundayAttackLK
::: accessnow

My comment on the #TerReg Report, voted by the #EuropeanParliament last week
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus | censura
::: VincenzoTiani

A New York student sued Apple for $1 billion, claiming the company’s facial-recognition software falsely linked him to a series of thefts from Apple stores
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: business ::: AntonioCasilli

Don’t let these people write your privacy laws
social media | privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: alissacooper

The @Puri_sm Librem Key. Here @Todd_A_Jacobs takes a look at how the #LibremKey stacks up against other multi-factor tokens like the #YubiKey 5 and also considers what makes the Librem Key a unique trusted-computing tool
The Librem Key is a new hardware token for improving Linux security by adding a physical authentication factor to booting, login and disk decryption on supported systems
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Linux Journal


ShadowHammer Targets Multiple Companies, ASUS Was Just One of Them
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Slashdot

None of this is true! Let’s look at how each of the companies were founded!
disinformazione, fake news, bufale
::: historic_ly

Yo just a heads up, Twitter is rolling out a new desktop version and the feed is about 75% people you don’t follow and it seems to ignore some of your personal settings
Twitter | privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: LittleVMills

EU votes to create an enormous biometric database
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: fabiochiusi

Sous la pression de plusieurs partis paneuropéens, Facebook assouplit temporairement ses règles sur les publicités politiques
Facebook | ad, pubblicità | politica
::: Numerama

Facebook sta spostando il core su Instagram, ma instragram è già il nuovo paradiso della contraffazione (e della disinformazione)
social media | privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus | Facebook
::: jacopo_iacoboni

Twitter: “Any attempts to undermine the process of registering to vote or engaging in the electoral process is contrary to our company’s core values”
social media | politica
::: fabiochiusi

they remember how well you did it
::: RichRogersIoT

I started blogging 15 years ago (2004-04-25)
::: treyhunner

“#Haberdasher’s #Puzzle”: cutting an equilateral #triangle into four pieces so they can be rearranged into a #square
::: Nereide

Happy bday to Larry Tesler, inventor of “copy-paste”


cit. & loll – 145

Ecco le cit.osità e lollosità della settimana 🧐 😋



Much of the essence of building a program
::: CompSciFact

Full confidence in your own code
::: feras_dayoub

L’Apple Watch 5 sarà indistinguibile
::: mante

In-browser fluid dynamics, seeded by click and drag
atupiscevole, assay 😯
::: NonperiodicFlow

Come attirare l’attenzione; über-bravi 👀

Uh! ‘n altro tweet che akkiappah! 👀
::: AOC ::: BadAstronomer

Wait… WHAT?!? 😲 Steve Wozniak’s 1985 hot take on the PC: “Nobody at Apple is going to like hearing this, but as a general device for everyone, computers have been over-sold”. “Paper works just as well as a computer, and costs less.”
link dubbio: sottoscrizione? NOPE!
::: PessimistsArc

Conjecture: developers expect complexity
::: shipilev

Superpowers corrupt
::: earlducaine

I’m not a so good developer, but I did a smart move in my career and I keep doing it every time is possible: I always try to surround myself with people better than me
::: mariofusco

tiktok is,,,, good
::: carolinenooo

When we talk mathematics
::: johncarlosbaez

Hard work is a privilege
::: jeanqasaur


One of my most controversial software opinions is that your sleep quality and stress level matter far, far more than the languages you use or the practices you follow
::: hillelogram

‘To understand’ means
::: PaniczGodek

Wait so … erlang’s REPL is just a program that launches programs that send their messages back to the REPL?
meriterebbe un lungo post; se ne fossi capace
::: arrdem

YouTube inutile che mi proponi ogni 5 minuti l’abbonamento premium
::: ptkdev

Reinvent the Wheel
::: xkcd

I used to think that security measures were mostly pointless obstacles to work
::: JohnDCook

I don’t have a garage
::: jessiechar

I don’t think
::: real_fabristol

Un’esistenza basata sul “metto questa cosa qui
parla di me?
::: humarius

la vera minaccia all’identità e alla cultura occidentale
::: peraltro

I have resolved to use only the text emoticons 🙂 😉 😦 O_o
::: greghendershott

Most of the mistakes I’ve made in my career
::: ganley


cit. & loll – 144

Dai che si può rifare, ci vorrà un po’ di tempo, tanta voglia ma ce la  faranno  faremo.


Tutti ora lo state scaricando l’aggiornamento di #iOS12?
::: Genjuro75

I could be dutifully preparing, or I could
::: RyanMarcus

Il computer assemblato è come il maiale
::: Genjuro75

I love how many different languages are claiming
::: zooba ::: Gianlucadfiore

Fa ridere che la risposta standard predisposta quando un’intelligenza artificiale non riesce a processare la domanda
::: eschatonit

A Python developer
::: PPathole

The strength of JavaScript is that you can do anything
::: CodeWisdom

Enterprise UX
::: jaukia

6 hours later, I have replaced my 15 line perl script
::: obra

I made this because I’m an artist
::: kclemson

Today’s Mantra
devo crederci; se smetto di crederci smetto 😐
::: ReeseW

Oggi è il giorno in cui le aziende con software non localizzato
::: ivosilvestro

Stop calling your spreadsheets “big data”
::: lizardbill


#typography by programmers 😂
::: Symbo1ics

There is nothing more unproductive than
::: CodeWisdom

I must do more Fermi exercises I guess
Uh! Dan come me (sensa comparassiun, nèh!)
::: sigfpe

Our current conception of what a computer program is derived straight from Fortran and ALGOL in the late ’50s
::: RichRogersIoT

This is brilliant :))) Apparently Shawn is the HR boss
::: MladenPrajdic

The secret to building large apps
::: CodeWisdom

My first time ever with an Ubuntu laptop, I tried to print
::: greghendershott

Ce que les clients veulent vraiment
::: CommitStrip_fr

“oh monsieur Eiffel, but how many rivets did you actually put???”
::: xxopxe

They had sent many subtle warnings to the humans… before they arrived
::: wolfejosh

Exciting times!
::: sigfpe

Intricate Tessellations Expand and Contract in New Folded Paper Works by Ekaterina Lukasheva
::: Nereide


The ideal engineer is a composite
::: RichRogersIoT

Bitcoin Wallet in vera pelle
::: officialnorris0

Becoming a “senior” technologist/leader is
::: jbeda ::: WebReflection

Sotto certe #fotoprofilo dovreste scrivere
::: Genjuro75

Here is an ideal software engineering mindset
::: h_polatyuruk

Linux kernel swear counts
::: mikko_2014

No, it’s not a “bug”, it’s a…
::: RichRogersIoT

La cosa più bella che leggerete oggi
::: yoshi979

Fermi paradox finally solved
::: aliceschwarze

This is so meta
::: BenceNanay

Twitter, non puoi chiedermi di cambiare la password perché ho seguito troppe persone e pensi che mi abbiano hackerato il profilo
::: Dio

Pearls Before Swine for April 14, 2019
::: stephanpastis


This pic is epic! 😁
::: VoxxedMilano

#FacebookDown #InstagramDown #WhatsAppDown
::: ProductHunt ::: emenietti ::: Downdetector ::: emenietti ::: fabiochiusi ::: raistolo ::: frencfrais

Some weird languages I want to see
::: hillelogram

Perfect guy
::: paul_vacca

Kitchen: Template Processing Error
::: 0xPIT

80% of computer science is detective work

The problem isn’t really that Facebook keeps having outages
::: gcluley

La battaglia contro la facile lusinga del pollice in su
BB (o è stato LC?) rockz! 💥
::: BeppeBeppetti

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance
::: RichRogersIoT

Remainder that if you’re on Twitter and somebody respectfully disagree with you, you don’t block/mute. You discuss. That’s how “social media” works
molto bello il seguito
::: Gianlucadfiore

Wish Granted…
::: thecrazyprogrmr

::: RichRogersIoT


cit. & loll – 143

Aspettando la foto del buco nero (a colori, se possibile) ecco intanto i cit. 🧐 e i loll 😋


Prolific developers don’t always write a lot of code
::: RichRogersIoT

The first step of any project
::: CodeWisdom

io che studio sto cazzo di linguaggio php e
::: Defcon1979

Conversation (ir)réelle
::: CommitStrip_fr

The best performance improvement
John è uno dei miei eroi, quello che mi ha convinto ai linguaggi interpretati (Python in particolare)
::: CompSciFact

Elizabeth Holmes made a fake $9 billion company and got the entire world to believe her story, but somehow my alerts are all about how she’s getting married. It seems that Google and the media have joined forces with Asian mothers around the world
::: jeanqasaur

Reminds me of my Prolog days – I met a man from company who had landed a big job
::: joeerl

Do you love how a traffic light every 10 feet makes you feel safe?
estremista, cito, non condivido
::: deech

“Alice & Bob” first appeared #otd in 1978 in MIT prof. Ron Rivest’s paper w/the “S” and “A” of “RSA”

Books can now transport you into another dimension with #AugmentedReality! #MR #XR #tech #AR @pascal_bornet
passibile di più interpretazioni fino a quando si accede ai tweets di Pascal, rockz! 💥😯
::: evankirstel

If a developer says they don’t really care about design, change their editor theme to Hot Dog Stand
::: markdalgleish

The programmer has to be able to think in terms of conceptual hierarchies
::: RichRogersIoT

In my experience, not any single programming technique (FP, TDD, etc.) is a predictor of success in software
::: keleshev


Simili ai post con cui hai interagito
::: Dio

Extreme Pac-Man!
::: MarshallJulius

Scherzo al giggino
(anche se … se potessi raccontarla; ma no; comunque è capitato a –no)
::: CBugliano

Dream in year
::: RichRogersIoT

You don’t pay engineers to write code
::: RichRogersIoT

Welcome to Seattle
::: ByRosenberg

Bezos could buy an IKEA RIKLIG Teapot ($14.99) for all the people in China
::: BezosInContext

Not sure who this (joke) slide will offend more
::: RDBinns

Lisp traditionally uses `p` for boolean functions because the printing presses that ancient Lispers printed their code with were missing glyphs for þ
thread divertentissimissimo 😋😁🤩💥
::: jckarter ::: jnadeau

Uh, this looks fake but, alas, it’s our iPad today after 3-year-old tried (repeatedly) to unlock. Ideas?
::: eosnos

Il talento è scintilla; il genio, fiamma
::: S_Galimberti


Hello? Support? I can’t get into my computer
::: jckarter

Oggi la connessione internet prende da dio
::: evilripper

If you’re looking forward to this year’s WWDC, don’t
::: TimothyParody

#Haskell tip: if your program doesn’t compile
::: pasiphae_goals

Alternative Big O notation
::: jwcarroll

Ok, now that you asked
::: mathematicsprof

Every odd integer is the difference of 2 squares. Proof
::: fermatslibrary

The Internet of #Ransomware Things
::: Fisher85M

Ma oltre che su Twitter, ci state seguendo anche su Google Plus?
::: CBugliano

Blocking in the ’80s
::: manisha72617183

In the short term, corporate-driven AI
::: evgenymorozov

::: fchollet


cit. & loll – 142

Cosa si cita e cosa si dice di lolloso su Twitter? E se ci fossero meno pettegolezzi tipo (a Tizio è piaciuto questo o Caio è seguito da otto che conosci o Giggino ha trovato la fidanzata) sarebbe anche meglio; intanto ecco qua 😋


hey so these things called keys are good and fast
::: internetofshit

Maledetti navigatori
::: BeppeBeppetti

Mi è arrivata una mail che ha come oggetto “come fare fuori la procrastinazione”. Mi interessa
::: suzukimaruti

Repousser les limites de la connaissance
::: CommitStrip_fr

Secondo il @Corriere il Premio Turing è il “Nobel” per… wait for it… la *tecnologia*. A quel punto potevano scrivere che è il “Nobel” per il, boh, mouse
::: zacchiro

It isn’t about picking the right technology to solve a problem. The first step is always about identifying the right problem, and having the willingness to address it
::: manisha72617183

Translated from Haitian Creole by Microsoft
::: ericnovik

I guess the solution is more data
::: ehud

Phone jammers built into the ground of all pedestrian crosswalks
::: BoredElonMusk

Nei ringraziamenti metterò qualcosa tipo “Grazie a Twitter senza il quale
::: mante

Things that are impossible
::: CodeWisdom

I was TODAY YEARS OLD when I learned that FORTRAN variables were implicitly typed based on their first letter and I-N were implicitly integer (others were real/float) and that’s why I’ve been using i, j, k as for-loop counters for my entire life
interessanto parecchi commenti nel thread
::: a2_4am


Oh yeah there was that time a co-worker said to me
::: Symbo1ics

My reasons for not answering my phone
::: b_cubbage

What’s The Correct Way to Pronounce ‘GIF’?
una volta che andrebbe bene per noi ‘taliani…
::: Slashdot

It me: after few hours of debugging my code
::: nixcraft

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
::: hronir

sono pronto per Instagram
::: orporick

Write shy code
::: CodeWisdom

OS/2 Warp Community Announces It’s Merging With the Flat Earth Society
OK, buon 1° aprile
::: slashdot

::: mathematicsprof

Confession: When I was first starting to code, I was so confused by foo bar
::: BekahHW

Diagrammi a torta
::: lizardbill


cit. & loll – 141

Mentre non mi censurano io continuo, cit.oso e lolloso come al solito 😋


Be curious. Read widely. Try new things
::: CodeWisdom

Interviewer: Can you explain object-oriented programming to your mother?
::: danrkports

Google Trends Maps
::: xkcd

programmers tend to read essays until they getting to the first line they disagree
notevole; e lo sviluppo del thread promette bene
::: tef_ebooks

The programming part is pretty easy
::: RichRogersIoT

An ancient truth that continues to be supported by research
::: manisha72617183

Knoledge iS Powwer
::: spexyone

Another normal day on Twitter
::: DamienKempf

I haven’t “closed an editor window” in years
::: lindsey

::: turnoff_us

Very cool Google Doodle today, uses some sort of generative model to harmonize your Melody in the style of JS Bach
::: ylecun

Alexa imposta un timer per otto minuti
::: Ty_il_nano

Correlation or causation? Use the Brexit petition map to locate UK universities
::: ehud

whenever i see a c++ compiler error i haven’t seen before
::: addaleax


Never change, Austin
::: mikko

Ogni volta che mi disconnetto da Twitter mi viene chiesto di cliccare sul testo dell’immagine sotto
::: MauroV1968

+++ Abbiamo “venduto sale a dei deficienti che ci hanno creduto” – #VannaMarchi vince a sorpresa il premio “Informazione corretta 2019” davanti ai favoriti @cicap @MedBunker e @RobertoBurioni +++
::: exitpollo

no cookies yet
::: JordiMorris1

Se servisse per decidere chi merita o non merita la #cittadinanza, io ho un database ricco d’informazioni e molta esperienza nel giudicare i bambini buoni e i bambini cattivi
::: Santas_Official

Garbage collector is
::: dottorblaster

It’s amazing that in just a couple decades we’ve moved from “Programmers have an ethical obligation to share source code” to
::: garybernhardt

Programming in #javascript
::: thecrazyprogrmr

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance
::: ThomasSci

Quando sei un genio ma sei anche ritardato
::: evilripper

Holy shit how did I not know about Ctrl-]
::: whatyouhide

If not, I’m writing it
::: rjurney

The Platonic ideal of an algorithm in Computer Science is defined as a specific anime girl that best represents it
::: TheMichaelBurge

Concerned parent: if all your friends jumped off a bridge would you follow them?


Per noi avulsi dalla realta’ la teoria del Big Bang e’ salvifica
forse OT ma troppo bella per non citarla 🤩
::: orporick

Goals, incorrectly, assume that we already know what it is that we want
::: manisha72617183

my design skills are below non existent
ovvio che no
::: Gianlucadfiore

Maybe I should get this Chinese proverb tattooed in Unicode…
::: jviide

Being a good software engineer is 3% talent
::: RichRogersIoT

So much complexity in software comes from trying to make one thing
::: CompSciFact

#AppleEvent mancano i due rubinetti al posto del miscelatore dell’acqua
::: Genjuro75

Makes sense, since a picture is worth a thousand words…
::: rasmusvuori

L’umanità che impara dai propri errori
::: Dischivolanti

To attain knowledge, add things every day
::: RichRogersIoT

Punchline algorithms 😀
::: cmnit

La sua unica salvezza è che non esistono quasi più programmatori delphi
::: evilripper

Use a black marker to write ‘PIN: 5186’ on your ATM card
::: mikko


cit. & loll – 140

Il momento delle cose dette, sia seriose che lollose 😋


Lison Bernet

Debugging with printf
::: Enlargeyournerd

My seven moods
::: Ronin_Holiday

NEVER try to catch a banana 🍌 while holding a phone on a grating bridge 100s meters above ground. NOT worth it! 🤷🏻‍♂️
::: CarlZha

Comme le bon vin
::: CommitStrip_fr

The Santa Fe Institute @sfiscience, where every window is improved by a few equations
::: seanmcarroll

Programming is more than an important practical art
::: RichRogersIoT

I cieli si faranno rosso sangue, il settimo sigillo si aprirà e
::: Dio

Pen & paper is still
::: RichRogersIoT

Ethics happens at
::: mulegirl

I think about this a lot
vero; se non fosse per il Web non l’avrei mai immaginato 🤩
::: TomNomNom

Google Smashes the World Record For Calculating Digits of Pi
::: Slashdot

La caccia #social #like
::: BeppeBeppetti

Coding today
::: mariofusco

Waking up before dawn
::: manisha72617183

Ok adesso ripetiamo tutti insieme
::: evilripper

Ieri sera con il cellulare ho pubblicato un mio pensiero sbagliando a scrivere “papa” invece che “paga”
::: DavidPuente


I love my workmates 😂
::: volothamp

We’re basing our entire future on the robots and for some reason they don’t even know how to check this box
::: KarlreMarks

Nice to see our coding skills will transfer to real world problems
::: Symbo1ics

Humans are incapable of writing memory-safe C/C++
::: pcwalton

Headquarters of Microsoft, Apple/iOS and Linux
::: nixcraft

BASIC is to computer programming
::: CodeWisdom

Le immagini esclusive del super #computer quantico che è tornato indietro nel #tempo
::: Labbufala

Marvin Minsky on hiring an engineer
::: RainerJoswig

Vorrei ricordare a tutti coloro che partecipano alle marce per ambiente che gli smartphone
::: ferramentafabb1

Reinventing, rethinking and playing with UI that is just fine already
::: _wilfredh

Found the best title among a free book pile. Note the embossed (but not inked) bonus word
::: celestelabedz

Ah, the Hacker News “I could build that in a weekend” crowd
::: wrighty

Problemi da primo mondo: Facebook e Instagram non ti funzionano
::: disinformatico

Ho scoperto che quando Anna non riesce a dormire mi basta sedermi vicino a lei e recitare tutte le formule goniometriche che mi vengono in mente, dall’addizione a prostaferesi
::: orporick


Do programming languages have terroir?
::: AnjanaVakil

Life has improved immeasurably
OT? probabilmente sì 🧐
::: GonzoVice

Di ritorno dalla convention
::: CommitStrip_fr

I don’t see that human intelligence is something
::: Stanford

Hello World!
::: turnoff_us

There are 100M lines of code in the average modern car
::: RichRogersIoT

::: jakevdp

curl is 160,000 lines of code documented with 36,900 lines of man pages
::: bagder

Two kinds of code that frustate
::: mariofusco

Library vs. Framework
::: mariofusco

Please stop asking whether I wear my fedora at conferences because somebody at @RedHat asked me to do so
::: mariofusco

Love data science
::: tdhopper

That feeling.. #stackoverflow #programming
::: thecrazyprogrmr

Computer scientist: “Unfortunately there’s no known algorithm for solving this problem”
::: CompSciFact

Showing mom and grandma Autopark
::: Tesla


cit. & loll – 139

OK, si festeggia il compleanno del Web ma qui solo cose cit.ose e lollose 😋


Computer languages differ not so much in what they make possible
::: RichRogersIoT

::: x86instructions

help i started trying to write a javascript parser in python and i cant stop
::: jakevdp

Un tempo, solitudine era dire: “nessuno mi ama”
::: LorenzoTomasin

Chinese Factory Workers Fear
::: TheOnion

Petition to replace “multitasking”
::: juliaferraioli

This is not the `racket-users` mailing list you were looking for
::: eeide

tanto bella da usare come password! –OOPS, no
::: x86instructions

Math is not only for the gifted
::: raganwald

::: x86instructions

How to Feel Less Overwhelmed as a Developer
::: RichRogersIoT


Claude Shannon

Trump just called Apple CEO Tim Cook “Tim Apple”
::: sokane1

When you’re writing, it’s good to give yourself little rewards along the way
::: imchriskelly

We’ve merged the Stats Department, the Classics Department and the Medieval Literature program
::: ass_deans

A #Singapore, le persone in fila per accaparrarsi il nuovo smartphone della Apple, hanno ricevuto delle power bank #Huawei
::: SergioGridelli

Intelligence is useless without the wisdom
::: mmay3r

Trying to explain the phrase, “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature” to a musician
::: manisha72617183

If you had done something twice
::: UnixToolTip

Paris Street To ‘Shut Out Instagrammers’
::: Slashdot

How much does paper cost?
::: wilbowma

Useless fact of the day: The resolver sees about 60Mbps of constant ICMP echo-request traffic
::: majek04

Everyone could choose to share this joy
::: Symbo1ics


From now on, whenever I make a mistake
::: lemire

::: x86instructions

moving commas around
::: notmgsk

Software ages like milk
::: RichRogersIoT

Anni di impegno ripagati in pochi secondi
::: orporick

Theory: If you add enough if..then..else’s into your program
::: matvelloso

That’s why I’m announcing my new line of language-themed snacks
::: TheMichaelBurge

Sleeping regular hours is a security risk, since the time of your activity helps locate you
::: TheMichaelBurge

Gary Larson type math cartoon
::: mathematicsprof

Two CSS properties walk into a bar
::: manisha72617183

How to fight against facial recognition, or how to steal an ID
::: x0rz


I talked to my nine-year-old today and learned that none of her friends use LinkedIn—only Instagram
::: jackiehluo

Classic Programmer Paintings: “Social media respect for privacy”
::: DyneOrg

Just another day at the kernel
::: turnoff_us

Why did we call them apps instead of spells?
::: jmckenty

There’s something about startup culture that is really supportive of people not having done something before
::: jeanqasaur ::: jeanqasaur

Non Sequitur for March 12, 2019
::: _juhan

OH: If computers get too powerful, just organize them into a committee
::: manisha72617183

Typechecks out
::: peterseibel

44 minutes remaining to update MacOs. That is pretty much like Windows
::: Gianlucadfiore ::: Gianlucadfiore

ah, was just remembering that old Arthur C Clarke quote, hows it go again?
::: timmaughan


cit. & loll – 138

Cosa non si trova nel Web! anche cit.azioni e lollazioni, eccole 😋


1. Solve a problem
::: MannIsaac

Google understands
::: AaronBBrown777

I just renamed a class for clarity
::: Symbo1ics

This is what users do when you create an intuitive UI
::: PPathole

Computing is similar
::: _wilfredh

Le intelligenze artificiali, oramai, conoscono i nostri più intimi segreti
::: thek3nger

How to start a business
::: iamdevloper

Sometimes a man needs a break
::: sobore

Differentiation and Integration
::: xkcd

Se potevo cambiare carattere
::: wonder_meme

🚨 EXCLUSIVE: iPhone Fold prototype LEAKED! #Apple #OneMoreThing
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Is this some kind of test to see if I’m a bot?
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It is entirely possible to build something
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Gara di matematica: USA batte Cina
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Lifecycle of any meaningful user interface
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Scendo le scale per andare a fare pipì all’Ambasciatori a Bologna. Scopro che per entrare serve un codice che danno alla cassa. Sto per risalire, esce un tizio dal bagno. La porta si chiude. Mi guarda e fa: 3824. Il tempo è importante – dice. Siamo fatti per collaborare – dice
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If you want to know someone’s character, don’t ask them if they’ve ever written a LISP interpreter
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Vedi “open data in formato Excel” #epoimuori
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Il video sulle scie chimiche continua a darmi soddisfazioni
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Breaking news
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Crypto is here to stay
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My take: C is the minimum viable Turing machine; Scheme is the minimum viable lambda calculus
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Once we searched Google
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Debugging pro tip
vero; suggerimento d’oro
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When my mom’s car wouldn’t start, she’d wash it and try again, believing that a well-treated car would reciprocate
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Cheat sheet to decipher what engineers are saying
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asimov’s fourth law
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I was about to start my machine when a man suddenly appeared in the lab
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Today I learned why functions in the C library have such odd and unreadable names as `strlen`, `memcmp`, etc.
io che sono vecchio lo sapevo, era normale allora, anzi anche peggio (a volte)
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My 60-year-old mother got banned from Twitter for a tweet she sent in October
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Listen to this when you’re coding. You’re welcome
Gasparri? Toninelli? nope, meglio 😋
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Someone asked me when was the last time I went to an arcade
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It’s a sunny Sunday morning
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Raise your hand if your first PC had a 14k modem or lower
me: 2400
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Stack Overflow should have a badge
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Which Face is Real?
io 3/6 (dopo un solo caffè)
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Video Orientation
io sono vecchio
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when you find out there are still servers involved in “serverless”
troppo ‘mericana?
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The main difference between a natural language and an artificial (programming) one should be that only the first could be open to more than one interpretation
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A California law now means chatbots have to disclose they’re not human. Ok, but does human have to disclose they’re not bot
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Gif dedicata a Mondrian
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Internet of ______________
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cit. & loll – 137

Cosa non si trova ontehtoobz! anche frasi sagge e divertenti, come queste 😋


A Brief History of Life Online
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CEO Has Big Ideas To Grow Company’s Problems
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A nous la fortune
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#otd in 1991 the first version of Python was released. Fun fact: in 2017-18 Americans searched for Python on Google more than Kim Kardashian

Focus is a matter of deciding what things
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In Corea tendono ad avere un gusto estetico
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he weekend is nigh. Party like it’s 1995
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The Boy Scout Rule
::: RichRogersIoT

In software development, there’s probably no worse situation
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The cool thing about cyberpunk coming true is that we got ALL the cyberpunk futures
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Watching JavaScript’s ethos move
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5000 additions a second
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Thank Excel!
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Il Vangelo. Di Twitter, del web, della vita
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They did not know it was impossible
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tbh the best thing about functional programming is the giant massive reboot button on personal development
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PDF on legal and illegal LEGO builds. This is soooo coool
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E comunque scrivevamo gli status in Caps Lock secoli prima che lo inventassero
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Software developers have used “alternative facts” for a long time
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Se cerchi i sintomi su internet
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Mi trovo a sviluppare con un framework di Facebook che strizza l’occhio a Apple
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Today I learned that if you do ‘gcc file1.c file1.c’, you’ll compile the file twice and have two copies of each compiled function. The linker will throw up
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.@Wikipedia is where facts go to live
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Probably not deep neural nets
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A stupid question is
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Math quote: A rule of thumb for any good math talk is that it should have one proof and one joke
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The greatest trick the devil ever pulled
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When the exploit finally works after multiple tries but you’ve no idea why
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Explain me a man-in-the-middle attack as if I had five years
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The novel-writing algorithm
::: tomgauld

It’s one of the few good ideas we’ve had in 50 years
parliamone 😐
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2011: The world’s gonna end next year…
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A writer friend has been practising a unique way of creating passwords and I think it’s pretty smart
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Confirm email
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Over-explaining is always wrong
OK, vero ma richiede più tempo
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Have a nice one
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