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cit. & loll – 40

Giovedì? eccolo qua 🍇

Shoutout to the Amazon box thieves who opened my box
::: h0h0h0

Without requirements or design , programming is the art of adding bugs to an empty text file
::: CodeWisdom

Attending a conference? Please carefully study this flow-chart and act accordingly
OK, ma bisogna ricordarlo?
::: jakevdp

The Final Fact-check
::: GoComics

This is all your fault
::: UniStudios

Io, per esempio, devo nascondere anche che non conosco il tedesco
::: pberndro

What really bugs me about all this “Windows is vulnerable”
::: hashbreaker

Another fun optical illusion in a few lines of matplotlib
prossimamente su questo stesso blog 😜
::: jakevdp

Simple doesn’t mean stupid
::: CodeWisdom

Tutto quel che succede online ogni 60 secondi
::: gretascl

Daughter: Dad, you know Binary Search Trees?
::: Google+

Verrà il Giorno del Giudizio, designers… Verrà…
::: madbob

Yeah, in fact, Haskell is a nice guy!
::: freeuniverser

Good code will be easily replaced, when necessary
::: ziobrando

Why not rebrand as a mere platform connecting diners & cooks
::: FrankPasquale

The problem with connecting everyone on the planet is that a lot of people are assholes
::: fabiochiusi

OMG. Schrödinger’s Linux/Unix directory
::: nixcraft

c’è molto altro ma notevole anche per se 😎
::: wallingf

60 years ago today researchers ran the first FORTRAN program
ahemmm… ieri o cmq il 19 aprile

Programming is one of nature’s ways
::: wallingf

::: nikitonsky

cit. & loll – 39

Uh! giovedì 😯 e allora ecco 💥

Nodejs is costing millions per year to naive companies who are adopting it
::: gignico

Wow, there are still official Windows 95(!!!) drivers for our office printer
::: lunaryorn

blog post for kids: Fun at the UNIX Terminal
::: johnregehr

A pretty hot topic
::: BryanMMathers

Daniel Bobrow tells the story of a #lisp version of Eliza and a BBN vice president
::: RainerJoswig

As a general rule, the quality and depth of a blog post
Uh! primo 😜
::: lunaryorn

This guy is a software engineer
::: rvagg

How people cannot be fascinated by lisp languages
::: thek3nger

C is always faster than Python
::: jakevdp

1956. Operai spostano un disco fisso da 5MB
::: gabrieligm

I don’t even know what this is in reference to but I agree
::: speakman

There are 10 types of people in the world
::: biorhythmist

You are awesome
::: Google+

Let’s camera like it’s 1999! Sony Mavica MVC-FD51, 640×480 JPGs on HD floppy disks
se uno (hey it’s me!) se la ricorda è vecchio?
::: paulrickards

Computing is abstraction engineering
::: Jose_A_Alonso

Almost every time I talk to someone in a bad job
::: danluu

When drones go wrong

we have to stop holding each other’s beers
::: joss

Amo gli update di Windows
::: Flavio_MfM

I don’t get how this belittling nonsense (not to mention projection) goes unchallenged at #Google
::: Symbo1ics

Left unchecked, an experienced programmer’s productivity approaches infinity
::: StephanTLavavej

::: josecalderon ::: josh_triplett ::: joeginder ::: joeginder ::: pt ::: peterseibel
::: jacobrothstein ::: martin_svanberg

Users don’t “fail to understand
::: MarinaMartin

Today I pass on my legacy
Peter rockz! 🚀 il suo Pratical Common Lisp è il migliore che c’è
::: peterseibel

I wish someone showed me this figure when I was in my teens / early twenties
::: jiforrest

::: ThePracticalDev


cit. & loll – 38

Grosse novità 💥  non qui ma ci sono, forse. Intanto ecco 😁

House Republicans: We can’t release Trump’s taxes, we must protect his privacy
::: sarahcpr

48 million bots on twitter
::: sfdhital

Don’t trust your shell history
::: lunaryorn

World’s Supercomputers Release Study
::: TheOnion

If we wish to count lines of code
::: CodeWisdom

Need to reset your Stack Overflow password? As of today, you can just pop to unlock
ok, vecchia ma troppo bella 😎 😜
::: StackOverflow

The most under-stated job description of all time
::: amolrajanBBC

My daughter USB stick just survived a washing machine cycle
::: nicolaiarocci

The Depressed Developer
::: {}

Teitelman/Masinter 1981: ‘a program must evolve as a series of experiments
::: RainerJoswig

ma no dai, aggiornare il firmware
::: gdazero

some olllld jokes still in there
::: johnregehr

The true ideological motto of our era
::: misterrios

In un bar. Credo di essere entrato in almeno cinque selfie
::: BeppeBeppetti

People often ask me the best tools for doing UX design
::: clarissa

when smartphone meet mouse
::: freeuniverser ::: freeuniverser

cit. & loll – 37

Chissà se, come da tradizione, al giovedì … certo ecco qua 💥  😜

Probably the Funniest Bug Report You’ll Read This Year
::: dcavedon

Picard management tip
::: PicardTips

Things I will probably never learn
::: dop3j0e

Everybody wants to write reusable code
::: Geek_Manager

The Real story behind the Linux Tux logo
::: Google+

Pearl of Wisdom spotted at #Codemotion
::: nicolaiarocci

Good code is like a good joke
::: book_quote_bot

::: amy_bat

Everything here is verifiable truth
::: dakami

::: CWMma

Dana Martin

::: arialdomartini

Open source can be as simple as building things for yourself
::: kelseyhightower

computers are fast
::: b0rk

Where do good developers go?
::: areaweb

A book is something that can be read ten years after publication
::: nntaleb

How to calculate trigonometry functions
ma no, c’è sul telefono 😜
::: Doc Madhattan

don’t shave me
::: qDot ::: peterseibel

What OOP developers claim
::: peitor ::: volothamp

One sorting algorithm that runs in O(1)
::: FactsOfMath

AA a 3 anni

Not strange at all
::: Flavio_MfM

the day started with son reminding me
::: argumatronic

no feigning surprise
::: b0rk

I tried pair programming once
::: brucevanhorn2

Non è che proprio tutti tutti i cervelli so in fuga eh
::: dajekevin

cit. & loll – 36

Giovedì e allora ecco qua 💥

Turing machine
::: FactsOfMath

Happy Birthday RMS 🌺 🎵 🚀
::: climagic

Acing the technical interview
::: Aphyr

Ridiculing technical interviews is good fun, and in many ways well deserved, but…
::: yminsky

Clean code always looks like it was written by someone who cares
::: CodeWisdom

Explained Tabs vs. spaces to my son
::: lizardbill

Mouse not found
::: blusewillis

Typical code comments
::: rvagg

so this afternoon i am learning about ftrace
::: b0rk

Can liberty survive the digital age?
::: jilliancyork

Bash History
::: {}

Whiteboard problems in pure Lambda Calculus
ci sarebbe anche un aspetto serioso ma il FizzBuzz è epico 😜
::: algoritmic

here are my PS #bash #prompt envvars — made by hand years ago
hronir rockz! 🚀
::: hronir

Email subject line of the day
::: wallingf

Ma ogni volta è un passo in avanti
::: medeoTL

Well said! “I am less afraid of artificial intelligence than of human stupidity.”
::: marcelsalathe

An AI class in school left me with the professor’s mantra
::: scanlime

roses are red
::: mergeconflict

Computer programming is the task of writing code
::: agfitzp

cit. & loll – 35

Giovedì per me è 💥 cit. & loll 😜 👽 🍓 💥

Il tempo risparmiato usando il correttore automatico
::: BeppeBeppetti

The Seven Circles of Developer Hell
::: dcavedon

Is the popularity of JavaScript proof that we exist within a simulated universe?
::: ThePracticalDev

Richard Stallman was coded by himself
::: StallmanFacts

A Game Of Life digital clock, unbelievable!
::: abcoetzee

Time for another edition of “How Crypto Reporting Works”
::: bascule

Things I don’t understand
::: MrDataScience

Switching between languages that do and don’t use semicolons
::: ThePracticalDev

The Incredible Machine
::: dosnostalgic

::: arialdomartini

Java is to JavaScript as ham is to hamster
::: CodeWisdom

Click bait economy targeting racism for revenue
::: Asher_Wolf

It takes smarts to find a clever solution
::: yogthos

Me too, kernel. Me too
::: megaserg

Project Helios
::: M_Steinbuch

The more I learn about cryptography, the more I think Alice and Bob
::: preinheimer

By all means, doubt me. Be suspicious and test my every claim. That’s rational
::: Snowden

I’m doing 3 things in parallel, and now stuck waiting on all three
::: MarkCC

If you want to keep your kids out of your phone
::: JoParkerBear

If you can’t pour a glass of soda then just become a fucking electrical engineer
::: sergeantsquats

Python PI
::: EvpokPadding

Any insight is very much appreciated
‘k, ‘mericana 100%
::: ThePracticalDev

Welcome to the future, where robots are not only edible but also delicious 😋
da indagare
::: marcelsalathe

In 1985, same day (15 march) first domain name was registered (
::: Google+

Reading C++ code is not always trivial, even for experts
::: glipari

Should I be concerned about this comment in code?
::: nixcraft

cit. & loll – 34

Giovedì e allora ecco 😙 😜 🍇

La maggior parte dei testi sul “personal brand”
::: Jovanz74

Facebook app browsing generates 34% of the total Android smartphones browsing traffic
::: btabaka

you’re on a video conference call and the cat won’t stop screaming
::: doughellmann

::: Shitty_Future

What one programmer can do in one month
::: CodeWisdom

Borrow Your Laptop
::: dcavedon

How Often Do You Change Your Desktop Wallpaper? [Poll]
::: dcavedon

15yo son is trying to explain to his mom
::: yminsky

This is how @SlackHQ figures out if it should send you a notification or not. 😱
::: mxstbr

The story of my programming projects 🤓
::: Google+

Digital clock in Conway’s Life
::: jwz

Finally proof that knowledge doesn’t matter when you can just look anything up on google
::: Doug_Lemov

If you paste export PS1=”👻 >” into your terminal you will have a ghost in the shell
::: ftrain

German Wi-Fi is the Wurst
::: sehnaoui

Now, I have to tell you, it’s an unbelievably complex subject
::: isotrumpp

cit. & loll – 33

Uh! ‘n altro giovedì, uh! ‘n mese nuovo e uh! ‘n nuovo cit+loll 😜


Really nice keynote on engineering
::: volothamp

Sono ad un evento aziendale
::: Flavio_MfM ::: Flavio_MfM

Don’t talk. Ship
::: CommitStrip

That is more than evident in Python’s (non)design
::: gignico

My 5 year old son asked my wife if 20 + 20 is 2020
::: RichRogersIoT


90% of coding is debugging
::: bramcohen

I suspect that openly sharing data and analysis code
::: amesoudi

magari si è solo svegliato male 😜 può capitare
::: glyph

Is the problem really that easy
::: gortok

Everyday life is like programming
::: CodeWisdom


…at the very bottom of the man page!
::: Flavio_MfM

Teaching Haskell is cheaper
::: rightfold

Time to merge into master
::: ThePracticalDev

When engineers get bored
::: FailsWork

Work in progress fruit machine game for the #Sinclair #ZX81
::: YearOfCodes


I wish everyone well and will make C++17 great!
::: isotrumpp

My name is Bill. I have 20 years of software development experience
::: lizardbill

I always suspected it, nice to have confirmation from science!
::: modulux

Advanced 4D+ mouse
::: rtfeldman

I just found out that matplotlib can produce XKCD style plots!
::: cs_applegate


Every first attempt to deploy code
::: ThePracticalDev

Boston Dynamics making crazy impressive stuff as usual
::: TomNomNom

Every day, write down something that you’ve learned
::: bitfield

Notare il #captcha
::: bedrosian

When your code is a mess but everything works out in the end
::: bnap48

Tatiana Pavlova

Tatiana Pavlova

Stephen King. The desk in a corner under the eave
::: lucaciavatta

il concetto di bug report dell’utente medio
::: madbob

The most effective debugging tool

Why are you sat in the dark?
::: digininja

EVERY C++ programmer should be able to
::: isotrumpp


cit. & loll – 32

Ecco che arriva 😊 🎶 🚀


Signor Zuckerberg, Signor Zuckerberg!
::: welikechopin

You know what std::allocator is, right?
::: isotrumpp

Presto, un convegno, un appello, un disegno di legge per contrastare questo terribile fenomeno della #fakepolitics!1
::: fabiochiusi

working on a tiny zine for a keynote I’m writing
::: b0rk


I work on some problems [of] no practical significance
::: Symbo1ics

Cubic trisection by Oskar van Deventer
::: MachinePix

Who are you going to believe
::: zachheltzel

School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
::: GrayInGlasgow

When I prematurely overengineer my code
::: victorporof


#java #cplusplus #lisp
::: sovietspaceship

Assolutamente perfetto
::: AlfonsoFuggetta

Twitter has become completely unreadable
::: Donearm

True story
::: tespitograf

Do you use a background image for your shell window?
::: climagic


Do you use a transparent background in your shell window?
::: climagic

Multics working very hard to generate a Fibonacci
::: sdf_pubnix

A heuristic we follow is that whenever we feel the need to comment something
::: KC_56

Self documenting code
::: Symbo1ics

Where there are two bugs, there is likely to be a third
::: CodeWisdom

Dite no ai monitor di sistema fighetti!
::: Flavio_MfM

John Edmark

John Edmark

cit. & loll – 31

Giovedì e allora… ecco 😊


Ils sont où les tests ?
::: CommitStrip

This is my new favorite comic
::: ml_barnett

Tu sei bravo con i software. Sei portato naturalmente. Come fai?
::: grostein

I like this story
::: ThePracticalDev

Software reuse is more like an organ transplant than snapping together Lego blocks
::: CompSciFact


New Donald Trump programming language seeks to make programming great again
::: Functionalworks

Your software architecture when you started the project…
::: ico_TC

If you watch a video of a tree falling in a forest and it doesn’t make a sound
misteryousassay, anzi di più 👽
::: SwiftOnSecurity

Dopo gli ultimi attacchi #hacker sembra sia stata bandita la password 123456 dagli enti pubblici
::: Genjuro75

Farsi deridere in tutto il mondo
::: fabiochiusi


Engineers On Google’s Self-Driving Car Project Were Paid So Much That They Quit
da noi una cosa simile non si usa, mai 😀
::: Slashdot

Old Gold
vechia ma sempre bella 😜
::: 9GAGTweets

Human projection on the future of artificial intelligence uptake
::: EricTopol

Cards Against Developers
::: ThePracticalDev

Size matters
::: mpietropoli


Modern Software Development
::: manisha72617183

Chissà, magari un fax
::: Didonezombie

It’s so hard to use
::: CompSciFact

Declared my income tax for 2016 today
::: TaaviRoivas