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cit. & loll – 74

Quasi ora di entrare nella stagione delle feste, fare festa perché finisce quest’anno –ma attenzione, il prossimo difficilmente sarà meglio. E saremo più vecchi 😡 Boh! intanto ecco cose citose e lollose 😋

Self-Driving Car Milestones
::: xkcd

sed “/bam/ s/foo/bar/” # Replace foo with bar only on lines that contain ‘bam’
::: climagic

In the end, regardless of where you are on the development hierarchy, keep coding.
::: CodeWisdom

Sure, Perl, why not? That makes sense
::: lizardbill

Once a new technology rolls over you
::: CodeWisdom

Bitcoin was supposed to demonstrate the power of a true free market
::: adam_chal

One of the truest things in systems design
::: marius

FT on Bitcoin
::: keleshev

98% of people have strong, unconscious biases
::: wallingf

9 Dev lies
::: RichRogersIoT

Parlano di bolle, Bitcoin e criptomenete in generale quando non sanno neanche cosa sia una Blockchain e non hanno la minima nozione di Econonia
::: LRazovic ::: Donearm ::: Slashdot ::: InternetHippo ::: amasad ::: Slashdot

What business model explains that hundreds of beautiful ladies are trying chat with me on Google Hangout?
::: lemire

Programmers should never be satisfied with languages
::: CodeWisdom

dear world: the next time Zuckerberg, Tim May, O’Reilly, …
::: dgolumbia


Always wanted to travel back in time to try fighting a younger version of yourself?
::: RichRogersIoT

It took me a while to grasp that a Haskell program
::: a4dev

Oh dear. European Parliament @EP_Legal discussing this morning whether 3D printing will allow us
::: Senficon

Fausses nouvelles (Fake NEWS)
::: glipari

Bad Code
::: xkcd

I’m investing in Bitcoin because what I’m looking for is the market volatility
::: jodamico1

4.5 megabytes of data in 62,500 punched cards, USA, 1955
::: oldpicsarchive

Bitcoin, it’s like real money
::: internetofshit

Bitcoin is a fucking joke
::: arrdem

The function of good software
::: RichRogersIoT

Program testing can be a very effective way to show the presence of bugs
::: CodeWisdom

Non son i russi quelli avanzatissimi
::: Genjuro75

I have yet to see any problem, however complicated, which, when you looked at it in the right way
::: CodeWisdom

I hadn’t had much coding experience, so I asked him what language I should learn…
::: jakevdp

Poi ditemi voi come si fa a non amare quelle spie russe di @valigiablu
::: fabiochiusi

That moment when you look at the price of bitcoin and think it can’t go any higher
::: levie

LinkedIn emerging jobs report 2017: Tech is king
::: epfl_exts

Bitcoin: 8.27 terawatt-hours
::: Alexintosh

I found I liked programming for the same reasons I liked to build models
::: CodeWisdom

1. Bitcoin will crash…again
::: jdegoes

Debugging a memory leak
::: MiriaGrunick

Whenever I try make a philosophical argument
::: EgriNagy

Is there a word for the almost immeasurably tiny feeling of satisfaction
::: neilhimself

Compile time error vs runtime error
::: amazedcoder

Ballerina’s movements mesmerizingly traced by algorithmically-generated geometries
::: scienmag

Capire i #bitcoin è molto più importante del loro valore
::: SergioGridelli

every time I have to interact with a python program
::: aphyr

The more you add to your software specific solutions to deal with corner cases
::: mariofusco

Google, define Cabal
::: TaurineAndCode

More interesting may be that each iteration (Atari, AlphaGo, AlphaGo Zero, AlphaZero) took dramatically less time to develop than the previous one
::: Plinz

I wonder if the Haskell people would pay for something that builds their projects 10x faster
::: TaurineAndCode

I’d really love to use Haskell more for my own tooling and scripting, but whenever I try I get stuck at
::: lunaryorn

This is the smaller point — everyone puts down textbooks and how-tos. But good textbooks do actually change people’s lives. Explaining things in print is not glamorous work, but is the great equalizer for many
::: holden

My 7 year old has been asking a lot of questions this Christmas season
::: Elizasoul80

Education appears to be the most consistent, robust, and durable method yet to be identified for raising intelligence
::: Noahpinion

A day in the life of a software engineer
::: laura_nobilis

The cat stack is an important data structure every purrgrammer should know and understand
::: laura_nobilis

Stupid tech problems
::: hacks4pancakes

The bitcoin bubble will not burst as long as so many critics call it a bubble
::: marcelsalathe

Significato ontologico? Qui la mia professoressa di italiano non avrebbe avuto dubbi!
::: LauraBignami1

programmers: names and cache coherence
::: tef_ebooks

(Bug)Fixing car using …
::: ismonkeyuser

In carpentry, you measure twice and cut once
::: CodeWisdom

Apple went public #otd in 1980

The only way to learn a new programming language
::: CodeWisdom

No you don’t understand, blockchain technology means this will be the first speculative bubble for which we have a full transaction ledger
::: WAWilsonIV

Simple doesn’t mean stupid
::: CodeWisdom

The Go Programming Language literally exists because Google
::: bhurt42

There is nothing more unproductive than to build something efficiently
::: CodeWisdom

The role of software architect…
::: RichRogersIoT

Don’t worry about what anyone else is going to do
::: CodeWisdom


cit. & loll – 73

Buona festa a quelli che per loro è festa, per tutti ecco qua 😋

A code smell is a surface indication
::: RichRogersIoT

For the technologist change is always slower than they expect
::: amasad

Once you get to a certain level of experience
::: CodeWisdom

Fastest way to compute a result
::: SusanPotter

phew glad my rabbit didn’t login as root
::: bcrypt

::: ExaGridDba ::: Stack Exchange

sign in a doctor waiting room
::: glipari ::: Phastidio

me, programming c++: i’m afraid to compile this because everything will break me
::: arshia__

Vorrei far notare che molti dei siti di #FakeNews del M5S e Lega, gestiti da #MarcoMignona, nella notte sono magicamente spariti
::: tomtweet3

LOL | Fake news, stretta del governo sulle comari di paese
::: Mantzarlis

I love 2017
su Zuck, da leggere tutte le repliche/commenti
::: Bmac0507

Good engineering involves thinking about if things can be made to work
::: manisha72617183

The most underrated part of open source
::: thejameskyle

Tasso di disoccupazione del Giappone, il paese più robotizzato al mondo
::: MinutemanItaly

Functional Programming: look after beginners, the experts will look after themselves
::: leighmgibson

Don’t waste toner
::: _youhadonejob1

Once I have a good feel about the goals, then the real programming begins
::: CodeWisdom

I’ve found that almost all programming is surprisingly similar
::: CodeWisdom

The most underrated part of open source
::: thejameskyle

$ 1.000 sulla borsa USA 10 anni fa, quanto valgono ora?
::: setteBIT

Comparing to another activity is useful if it helps you formulate questions
::: CodeWisdom

Ma il primo utente Twitter cosa faceva?
::: BastaLucy

Okay, where should I start?
::: BDuszel

Current development speed
::: RichRogersIoT

Automatic Semicolon Insertion (ASI) is a syntactic error correction procedure
::: mathias

List of things unpopular with programmers that I enjoy and have produced valuable solutions with
::: preaction

FP is just programming with functions
bellissimissima 💥💥💥
::: jdegoes

Why #Golang was designed to suck
::: StephenPiment

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe
::: irwin

It’s amazing how important kinaesthetic learning is in programming
::: _wilfredh

Know ahead of time that change is hard, so you are not getting discouraged
::: YouthKiAwaaz

Data is NOT the new oil. Education is
::: marcelsalathe

In a functional program, you know what f(x) means by blindly substituting x into the inlined body of f
::: jdegoes

This is how and why I started my blog back in 2012
l’inizio di una grande impresa
::: jakevdp

Being a good, senior dev is easy
::: RichRogersIoT

If you can’t explain it simply
::: RichRogersIoT

Isaac Asimov – I, Robot
::: fannVEVO

Mathematics is an experimental science, and computing is the experiment
::: Jose_A_Alonso

If I succeed I will call the tool ripripgrep
::: keleshev

When you really, really miss pizza… you CASUALLY mention it to the International @Space_Station
::: astro_paolo

The three most dangerous things in the world
::: CodeWisdom

Most future predictions are bound by future technologies
::: amasad

I know I’m more of a programmer than a mathematician
::: wallingf

I disagree – quiet NaN propagation is horrible – I think you should generate an exception immediately instead of creating a NaN
::: joeerl

My tweets/followers/following were all permutations of 243
smetti e blocca tutto; no basta lo screenshot
::: TaurineAndCode

Nothing that a bit of superglue can’t fix 🙂
::: joeerl

Reusability is key in reducing bugs and coding quickly
::: CodeWisdom

There are two ways of constructing a software design
::: CodeWisdom

Funniest geek short ever
::: dcavedon

Apple’s week in software
::: tomwarren ::: JonyIveParody

Conceptual simplicity does not always mean shorter code
uh! add1 c’è anche in Racket, non lo sapevo
::: _wilfredh

#Linux from scratch, in real life
::: 0xUID

I can’t wait to see the day this happens with functional languages
::: felixbr_

Lisp is a language for doing
::: azzamoky

dang, I’m so impressed that I saw this thread and didn’t even need to put on my Racket evangelist hat because plenty of other people had already donned it for me
ok, non è per tutti; dai non te la prendere 😯
::: lexi_lambda

Imperative programming is an overly academic topic
::: puffnfresh

Remember when Structured Programming was the latest airy, impractical academic fad to be judiciously avoided by Real Programmers
::: Symbo1ics

Even the humble subroutine was a hard sell back then
::: Symbo1ics

Making mistakes is human
::: nixcraft

Sometimes it pays to stay in bed on Monday
::: CodeWisdom

Much of the essence of building a program
::: CodeWisdom

Y a combien d’autres candidats ?
::: CommitStrip

::: lukaseder ::: TimmGut

#haskell is my not so secret, secret sauce
::: raichoo

C with no mitigations is the safest language to write code in, what a fascinating take
::: pcwalton

Twitter is the app I use when
::: max_read

Crypto currencies are the worst nightmare for the oligarchy
::: KimDotcom

Mi fa ben sperare…
::: madbob

A #Google devono cambiare spacciatori
::: sdallagata

Computer Science is a science of abstraction
::: CodeWisdom

The Programmers’ Credo
::: RichRogersIoT

junior dev: “i found the bug”
::: fioroco

Dear news organizations of the internet: never the fuck ever do I want to watch a video instead of read the article I clicked on. I don’t care if it’s related to the article or not
😁 😁 😁
::: seldo

I am leaving Twitter. I can’t take all the political banter and the mean and nasty things people say on here anymore
::: mattZillaaaa

::: jbrukh

Most JS/Python/Ruby apps…
::: reubenbond

TFW you look for the instructions to perform a task you only do every ~6 months
::: doughellmann

And remember: no evidence whatsoever!
::: fabiochiusi

10 reasons to teach coding and participate in the #HourofCode

I find programming a fascinating area
::: CodeWisdom

The average user doesn’t give a damn what happens
::: CodeWisdom

The history of programming languages is basically a chronicle of our attempts to turn FORTRAN into a LISP
::: gvwilson

We managers get a little more obsolete every day
::: RichRogersIoT

mai, MAI, tentare con la versione in italiano di un sito
::: hronir

Happy 60th Birthday (Dec 4th) to Eric S. Raymond
::: climagic

cit. & loll – 72

Ecco che arriva, fresco come è fresco fuori 😋

In software, we rarely have meaningful requirements
::: CodeWisdom

You want to make your way in the CS field? Simple
::: CodeWisdom

monads are too hard, instead I prefer the beginner-friendly approach of debugging problems that would have been prevented by monads
cit. che per adesso mi viene da punto-interrogare
::: pasiphae_goals ::: pelotom

Alice: I love stateless protocols!
::: znjp

The object-oriented model makes it easy to build up programs by accretion
::: CodeWisdom

Complexity kills
::: CodeWisdom

When I started with FP I thought the laws/axioms (functor, monad, etc) were stupid
::: ReidNEvans

Haskell is faster than C++
::: CodeWisdom ::: _gilmi

Haskell has no chance to crash cause no one will ever use it
::: TheOorsu

::: lizardbill

Segmentation fault
::: valarauca1

The most amazing achievement of the computer software industry
::: CodeWisdom

First monad law
::: jckarter

In C++ how does one request access to the private members and functions of a class?
::: chrisoldwood

If you’re an expert
::: tveastman

When you say average developer
::: antonioganci

Pun of the day!
::: manisha72617183

When you want to do something differently from the rest of the world
::: CodeWisdom

We sort of understood abstractly the idea that there are only two kinds of software projects
::: CodeWisdom

If it’s your decision
::: CompSciFact

L’umarell che ti guarda lavorare è il regalo di Natale definitivo
::: RadioProzac

Korean restaurant gets right to the point
::: peterseibel

One can shout at the teacher here but the fact is appreciating monads is too hard
::: gignico

#programming #sideprojects #unghè
::: vikkio88

Without requirements or design, programming is the art
::: CodeWisdom

And Now the Internet Is Naming the 7 Trappist-1 Exoplanets
::: Blue Feather Quill

Do programmers…
::: nixcraft

Only trivial code is self-documenting
::: joeerl

Example (JS)
::: joeerl

Programming is the closest thing to magic
::: SwiftOnSecurity

I keep telling people “programming is understanding” – the computer is a machine that tests if your ideas are correct
::: joeerl

For complex problems I take out my pen and try to describe which problem I’m trying to solve
::: joeerl

If you cannot solve a problem without programming
::: viktorklang

Il vantaggio dei social è che ci puoi fare discorsi da bar
::: inattivista

L’uomo mente dagli albori della comunicazione
::: LilloNicola

Sunday morning chuckle from
::: WiseOceans

Scrolling through the discussions/definitions of monads in my timeline today
::: manisha72617183

Il coraggio che manca. Slitta di un anno la Web tax contro l’elusione fiscale dei giganti digitali
::: Leonardobecchet

Ieri ho sentito il segretario del PD dire che la legge del PD sulle fake news non serve
::: fabiochiusi

Ecco i bei frutti della mistica dell’algoritmo
::: raistolo

Well, this is the norm in Nigeria here
::: MayowaTudonu

Sécurité vs Business
::: CommitStrip

cc: @mmilinkov (as promised)
::: zacchiro

Google virtually has the ability to bring Linux on Desktop to the masses and yet there’s no Android-less Pixelbook on the market even if both Android and Chrome OS run on top of Linux
::: WebReflection

My favorite part of programming is when you sit still
::: RichRogersIoT

5yo: I am building a semi ominous vehicle out of cardboard
::: manjusrii

Per risolvere il problema delle fake news è sufficiente
::: parcesepulto

Fools ignore complexity
::: RichRogersIoT

::: GarethSoye

Modesto contributo al dibattito sulle #fakenews
::: nomfup

CLISP now removed in the source repository the support for VAX and M88000 processors
uh! il Vax, io (me) ai miei tempi era un mito (il Fortran era quello di riferimento), mai riuscito a padroneggiarlo 😋
::: RainerJoswig

When you’re working in somebody else’s module
::: CodeWisdom

I think that becoming an expert
::: ftomasse

As an early WSL reviewer, I still think once they’ll make Gtk work out of the box there, I’ll consider switching to a Windows machine
::: WebReflection

So I have found the worst thing
::: LydNicholas

It is said, possibly apocryphally, that Joe Kennedy knew it was time to get out of the market in 1929 when he heard a shoeshine boy giving out stock tips
la prossima bolla
::: perrymetzger

The probability that a random person in the population could access as root your latest Mac
::: WebReflection

Comunque non è vero che Twitter non dà nulla
::: MySweetAudrey

Nel frattempo reperita esclusiva istantanea dell'”algoritmo della verità” di Carrai-Renzi
::: fabiochiusi

Come funziona il sistema informativo in Italia
::: matteograndi

::: a_smeriglia

cit. & loll – 71

Arriva –lo so, in ritardo come il treno ma c’è– eccolo 😯

We are well beyond peak “Semantic Web”
::: lemire

For attending a conference I will give you an indulgence to not read Haskell Book or SICP
::: volothamp

The object-oriented version of spaghetti code
::: CodeWisdom

There are no stupid questions
::: SamKallis

Holy fuck, @BostonDynamics
::: TomNomNom

How to build great software
::: RichRogersIoT

If you give me six lines of C written by the hand of the most honest of men
::: fakalin

We’re happy to be part of Quad9
chissà cos’è (sono niubbo ci sa)
::: mikko

The best developers are constantly trying new languages
::: RichRogersIoT

Computers are good at following instructions
::: CodeWisdom

If someone mentions “quantum fields” in any context related to mind and consciousness
::: Plinz

50% of the computer programming is trial and error
::: CodeWisdom

Software reuse is more like an organ transplant
::: RichRogersIoT

Software and technology advances have direct real world implications
::: _mwc

Damn it, @GitHub’s merging is blocked!
::: pascalpixel

When things get complicated
::: RichRogersIoT

So, Spain just made it illegal to RT things
::: matalaz

Mai discutere con gli sconosciuti in rete
::: a_smeriglia

I just realized that Word is like C and Postscript, a portable output format
::: ehud

Digitale = il problema è accettare che siamo in un’epoca nuova. Abbiamo guadagnato enorme spazio di libertà individuale e come giornalisti dobbiamo avere interesse a difenderlo
::: dontyna

New company t-shirt
::: amasad

Bisognerebbe realizzare corsi su come fingere di non sapere usare un computer o uno smartphone
::: floo1989

gif: pronounced
::: jakevdp

Genetic Engineering
::: Savage Chickens

Implicit arguments are good
::: mietek

I went to my local Starbucks this morning and there was this guy
::: bernabephoto ::: RanfordStealth

Arguing for C over C++ is like arguing for a small government
::: YossiKreinin

Best programming habit to develop
::: andrestaltz

Integers are literally the worst
::: djspiewak

Bob Maloney

Linus’ rants are a high form of entertainment
::: Donearm

The opposite of #KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)
::: rhundhausen

Imagine programming without fear that functions return null, throw exceptions, or return different outputs for the same input
::: jdegoes

What’s wrong with perl?
::: CodeWisdom

Ideas are easy
::: RichRogersIoT

::: fpietrosanti

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled
::: martintrojer

I’m trying to get this whole set for my 3B2 work
::: Twylo

Three signs your library is developer-friendly
::: jdegoes

Make everything as simple as possible
::: RichRogersIoT

Learning to code makes kids feel
::: CodeWisdom

This wonderful lady made my day!
::: marcelsalathe

Software development should be thought of as a cycle
::: RichRogersIoT

Machine Learning
::: pickover

cit. & loll – 70

Ecco che arriva nuovo di pakka 💥 🤩

Simplicity & elegance are unpopular
::: RichRogersIoT

Where were you on that day?
::: lemire

It’s not at all important to get it right the first time
::: CodeWisdom

A good developer is like a werewolf
::: RichRogersIoT

Windows is searching for a solution to the problem
::: rickasaurus

If Twitter keeps doubling the maximum message length every 11 years
::: JohnDCook

I feel pretty confident about my ability to write Haskell these days, but
::: lexi_lambda

I always wanted to be somebody
::: JohnDCook

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs
::: RichRogersIoT

Have you ever wondered that the person who ends up maintaining your code
::: manisha72617183

Beauty is more important in computing than anywhere else in technology because software is so complicated
::: Jose_A_Alonso

Quel senso di sollievo di quando, dopo aver letto un tweet particolarmente scemo
::: achillecorea

The largest prime that fits in a tweet
::: asmeurer

Crappy code invites more crappy code
::: RichRogersIoT

Ops: il barbiere mi ha appena consigliato di comprare Bitcoin!
::: VitoLops

For reliable systems, error handling
::: CodeWisdom

My debugger
::: lazaru_s

We should have higher aspirations for our software
::: manisha72617183

Let us change our traditional attitude to the construction of programs
::: Jose_A_Alonso

I defragged my zebra
::: 706b30

Actually the hardest unsolved problem in computer science
::: RichRogersIoT

#otd in 1983 Microsoft launched Windows

Never put off until tomorrow
::: CodeWisdom

Computer science education cannot make anybody an expert programmer
::: CodeWisdom

People think that computer science is the art of geniuses but the actual reality is the opposite
::: CodeWisdom

Books can be as long as they need to be
::: StephenKing

If I ever were to write a book
::: weboceanide

How to train your brain to read CamelCase long method names faster
::: weboceanide

CSS: The Definitive Guide
::: meyerweb

Programming languages teach you
::: CompSciFact

Il mio ZX Spectrum+, ancora funzionante dopo 33 anni!
::: marcoscan

Also, for some reason it forgot to mention
::: PaniczGodek

The fourth industrial revolution is here and the key technologies
::: ValaAfshar

MINIX and Microkernels won the OS war after all…
::: jlouis666

Big data is like nuclear energy
::: manisha72617183

Joe Adlhoch

Non abbiate paura dell’ intelligenza artificiale
::: verascienza

Forbes cover 10 years ago
::: mikko

Machines will soon make human translators obsolete, so why bother to learn a language?
::: mikilanguages

Why would @rustlang insult me by calling me “unsafe”
::: isotrumpp

sometimes i think it would be cool to make a tech news site like where you have to explain why the thing you’re linking to is cool
io Julia la lovvo ❤️; peccato che sono timido e non oso dircelo 😐
::: b0rk

The Maintainer’s Motto
::: mariofusco

Stop asking permission to ask
::: hakimrah

At The Computer Museum
::: {}

Should array indices start at 0 or 1?
::: CodeWisdom

There is no problem in computer science that can’t be solved using another level of indirection
::: CodeWisdom

Laughing my ass off
::: monorkin

A rule of thumb for any good math talk is that
::: mathematicsprof

When you’ve written the same code 3 times, write a function
::: drob

Making code do what it’s supposed to do is the easy part
::: RichRogersIoT

Ecco fatto, e non se ne parli più! Ah no, volevo dire, se ne parli, se ne parli… 😊È Pinocchio in Emojitaliano: il libro 🏃‍♂️😍
::: FChiusaroli

I have always found that plans are useless
::: RichRogersIoT

The last things I’ll scream from my death bed
::: comedysusan

here is a zine page on design that I’m working on
Julia 💥 rockz!
::: b0rk

E se introducessimo i test d’ammissione ai social network?
::: lefrasidiosho

Wrong question: how do I get this tool to work around my unique process?
::: GSto

A friend told me her computer was stolen & her entire dissertation was on it & nowhere else
::: ClintSmithIII

Sometimes I think my life isn’t going well, but
::: existentialcoms

Il ministero della difesa russo in persona accusa gli americani portando una prova irrefutabile: uno screenshot preso da un videogioco (!)
::: glipari

I honestly can’t decide if this is a fantastic troll or just terrible given the original source/inspiration
::: wesgeorge

Fucking Russia causing us to Brexit!
::: The_Swole_Nerd

A user interface should be so simple
::: CodeWisdom

My 5 year old son asked my wife if 20 + 20 is 2020
::: RichRogersIoT

When you’re fundraising, it’s AI
::: xaprb

cit. & loll – 69

Disclaimer: sembro monomaniaco ma sono loro, non io. Nèh! 😊

Cateno De Luca

scrivere uno unit test
::: madbob

Nel 2019 negli USA 8 dollari su 10 i investiti in pubblicità digitale saranno gestiti su piattaforme programmatiche
::: Claudiogiua

Il dibattito politico-legislativo USA sul ruolo delle piattaforme digitali
::: tedeschini

Inexact rationals are bad, exact rationals are slow, floating point is bonkers
::: samth

Every news org needs to ask
::: rasmus_kleis

A gallery of Russia-linked Facebook ads
::: fabiochiusi ::: fabiochiusi

The sooner you start to code
::: RichRogersIoT

Startup: We’re hiring people to reinvent and change the world!
::: RichRogersIoT

AI gains power exponentially as data scales
::: garrytan

Database Normalization, as illustrated by the Grocery Store
::: BuckWoodyMSFT

NEWS JUST IN: The @CollinsDict Word of the Year 2017 is… FAKE NEWS
::: Waterstones

We don’t have to teach data science
::: drob

hi, this is a hardware JPEG compression board. $1495 in ’87
::: gravislizard

echo $((you**IBM)) # Math properties of 0 and unset variables
::: climagic

That’s a couple of months from now. Can you just ‘npm install AI’?
::: lizardbill

Intelligence is not just about perception

The problem with troubleshooting
::: mariofusco

When you’re forced to be simple
::: JohnDCook

Some Laws of Software Development
::: RichRogersIoT

Rules of Optimization: Rule 1: Don’t do it
::: CodeWisdom

How did Theseus find his way out of the Labyrinth after killing the Minotaur?
::: underthenettle

Three common programming errors
::: manisha72617183

Technology is an excellent teacher
::: manisha72617183

Quella persona va premiata col Nobel per la Pace!
::: MauroV1968

#Buongiorno, ci puo’ inviare un fax?
::: matteojordan

1969: -what’re you doing with that 2KB of RAM?
::: iamdevloper

Institutions will try to preserve the problem
::: JohnDCook

So if any rogue customer Twitter service agent can delete Trump’s account
::: matthew_d_green ::: Nfinit

computer, show me the stupidest take of 2017
diversa dal solito ma über-lollosa
::: LibyaLiberty

Nuovo sistema di sicurezza
::: raffaeleiovino

Someone put this on a t-shirt
::: amandakbryant

Terrestre di seconda generazione
::: SergioGridelli ::: SergioGridelli

Here’s my advice on software engineering
::: aisamanra

Keep your code absolutely simple
::: CodeWisdom

Technology has always had that duality
::: RichRogersIoT

That’ll hold it
::: FailsWork

Joel Spolsky – software engineer and author of Joel on Software
::: CodeWisdom

Your password must contain
::: RichRogersIoT

time I needed to wait before the crypto metaphor demonstrated itself
::: lexi_lambda

don’t learn lisp. it’ll make you hate every other language
::: stevelosh

More Animoji Karaoke for you
::: harrymccracken

in the future everyone will have 11 minutes
::: sarahjeong

It’s unfortunate how comparison of programming languages
::: manisha72617183

#0 – sell it
::: Donearm

I submitted a critical bug fix request
::: mattmight

World populations when you take some online communities into account
::: lizardbill

Twitter but for scheme programs!
::: amasad

For every fave this tweet gets, I will give you one fact about @racketlang
::: lambda_calculus

fai la tua scelta #Matrix
::: eniogemmo

Before writing the next “is Java dying?”
::: mariofusco

::: xkcd

there’s something to this
::: johnregehr

the semicolons are not lining up
::: johnregehr

Ternimal: extrañas formas de vida en la consola de Linux
::: tannhausser

Can we stop calling it “machine learning”
::: ReinH

What’s the difference between AI and ML?
::: WAWilsonIV

In th earliest days of Haskell, the programmer had to carry his lambdas with him
::: jezenthomas

Severi castigatori delle fake news internettiane
::: fabiochiusi

Programming languages don’t differ much in what they make possible
::: mariofusco

Every beginners programming course should begin with lambda calculus
::: rightfold

The state of the art in programming is guided more by envy toward the top 1% of problem complexity
::: garybernhardt

OO will no longer make sense after learing Clojure
::: Azel4231

Ho un po’ di idee per un paio di estensioni per gnome shell che mi sarebbero molto utili
::: medeoTL

I love my job
::: volothamp

Epigrams in Programming
::: johnregehr

::: letozaf

Abstraction is
::: CodeWisdom

had to decommison an old #Solaris server with uptime of 6519 days
6519/365.25 = 17.848 years = 592.64 scaramuccis
::: lworonowicz

Ma quelli che ancora ti chiedono, quando dai loro un indirizzo email
::: g3p5

Follow the Hype
::: {}

Yak shaver’s confession
::: fogus

Programming isn’t about what you know
::: CodeWisdom

Wheels about to be reinvented
::: John D. Cook

Aww, yeah – 280, baby! Y’all know what this means…
::: StackOverflow

Perché spendere 300€ per una stampante che usi 2 volte l’anno
::: Gabry89

Think about it; and think about it carefully
::: CodeWisdom

Tired: Demand expands to match the supply
::: asmeurer

One fascinating thing about the blockchain
::: hmason

machine learning
::: _ericzeng

This just in, Twitter goes to 280 characters
::: wuerker

The character count that we knew
::: Limericking

every time Andy Tanenbaum makes the news
::: johnregehr

Oh wow next char limit
::: amasad

Certo che, letti in sequenza
i tweets su Twitter?
::: LesFleursduMar

An eruption at Mount Etna

dogbert is right in the middle panel
::: marcelsalathe

There are two ways of constructing a software design
::: Jose_A_Alonso

In effetti i 280 caratteri offrono molte più possibilità di esprimersi
::: AsinoMorto

Qualcuno potrebbe anche farsi coraggio e dire la sua su questa cosa dei 280 caratteri
::: francescocosta

Ecco il risultato di anni a parlare di sorveglianza totale, delirio sicuritario e fine della privacy
::: fabiochiusi

Terribile questo odio online, vero?
::: fabiochiusi

I would like to fill all these extra characters I have
::: thek3nger

TIL in Racket, you can write transformers to customize how provide and require work
::: wallingf

Posso venderli?
::: MarLene_RnR

Thanks @Twitter, we can always use more space 🚀
::: NASAGoddard

cit. & loll – 68

In ritardo (ahemmm… 😜) ma arriva cit.oso e LOLLoso 😜

When I am asked for development progresses
::: mariofusco

Etre interdisciplinaire ce n’est pas être antidisciplinaire
::: edgarmorinparis

1960: number theory is useless
::: pasiphae_goals

If 61% of them are interested in Pie charts I agree with them
::: iamreddave

Everything sucks
segnalata da vikkio88
::: CiPHPerCoder

The next best thing to having good ideas
::: CodeWisdom

Every great developer you know got there by solving problems
::: CodeWisdom

File is too large to parse
::: lizardbill

soup robot DGAF about your soup needs
::: SimoneGiertz

How I troubleshoot code
::: RichRogersIoT

A primary cause of complexity
::: CodeWisdom

Most papers in computer science describe how their author learned
::: CodeWisdom

Code review is an amazing practice because it maintains code quality & transfers knowledge from senior developers
::: RichRogersIoT

A good programmer is someone who looks both ways
::: RichRogersIoT

You can read code as a narrative
::: manisha72617183

we’re looking for a junior developer
::: iamdevloper

Popular New Amazon Service
::: TheOnion

Any sufficiently advanced engineer
::: njwilson

My brother’s creativity is visual
::: gvanrossum

I think we need to have a discussion about how Google’s burger emoji is placing the cheese underneath the burger, while Apple puts it on top
::: baekdal ::: Emojipedia ::: thomasfuchs ::: fogus

Zaia: “Gli hacker (gli hacker?) non ci fregano
::: SergioGridelli

I feel I am rude if I say “never”
::: thek3nger

Domanda: l’iniziativa anti fake news di @lauraboldrini insegna anche come riconoscere le bugie in tv o sui giornali?
::: fabiochiusi

Dear beginning programmers
::: taotetek

this comment from /r/haskell manages to summarize a point I have tried and failed to make (to myself) in 100 times as many words
::: lexi_lambda

Se un programmatore viene in ufficio vestito bene
::: evilripper


We build our computer (systems) the way we build our cities
::: CodeWisdom

This is an unpublished book I wrote long ago
::: wallingf

I’d bet money on tomorrow being maybe the worst day on Twitter of all time
::: fivefifths

As a programmer, never underestimate your ability
::: RichRogersIoT

Holy Fuck. Had to explain to my bank what MultiFactor Authentication is
::: TinkerSec

For the nth time, I am NOT Trump’s foreign policy adviser!
a volte è un problema; capitato anche a me
::: feeonlyplanner

This is my absolute favourite #404_not_found
::: Claire_Lee

How to train your AI to write horror stories?
::: btabaka

Ma da oggi ci saranno i “giovani, detective del web”, per “mantenere il web un luogo sano e non infestato di violenza e disinformazione”
sì, finito nel post sbagliato 😐
::: fabiochiusi ::: lucasofri ::: lucasofri

A New Yorker Cartoon on #algorithms
::: demartin

Same with the cost of bad code for business
::: YossiKreinin

2011: yay, social media can disrupt the political order
::: KarlreMarks

Thought: Facebook has no idea how to talk about its power
::: jayrosen_nyu

You either dislike the “e1 if e2 else e3” abomination
::: rightfold

need some lipsum?
::: blockloop

Each time I read/hear “don’t reinvent the wheel”
::: BeRewt

The strength of JavaScript is that you can do anything
::: CodeWisdom

So much complexity in software
::: CompSciFact

Code is easy
::: RichRogersIoT ::: Biappi

20+ years ago today, the first #RedHat #Linux was born
::: RedHatNews

Like Twitter, but when you mute someone’s name
::: lizardbill

Tester walks into a bar
::: RichRogersIoT

Gul Agha to John McCarthy: Why did LISP have dynamic scope?
da indagare dopo la convention
::: rg9119

Don’t watch the clock
::: dcavedon

We’re doomed
::: Symbo1ics

basically the entire reason we keep using shitty languages
::: pasiphae_goals

You blast their name publicly and they respond
::: blockloop

Good software, like wine
::: CodeWisdom

I’m calling FAKE NEWS!
::: Francesca_Solmi

Don’t document the problem
::: CodeWisdom

A Machine Learning algorithm walks into a bar
::: chethaase

cit. & loll – 67

Un’occasione unica: l’ultimo cit. & loll di ottobre, eccolo 😜

Learning to code is the single best thing anyone can do
::: CodeWisdom

Rather than teach everyone to code, let’s teach them to think
::: RichRogersIoT

About 20% of my Twitter followers must be fake
::: boucherhayes

Whenever you are tempted to type something into a print statement or a debugger expression
::: CodeWisdom

An evolving system increases its complexity
::: CodeWisdom

Those 11 people? 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb
::: edgette22

Despite its ranging impact the opensource revolution remains all but unknown to most people who now depend on it
::: madbob

The barman asks what the first one wants
::: RichRogersIoT

The Zero Trust Network
::: SunnyHoi

People imagine being in IT is like having a golden key to all the secrets
::: SwiftOnSecurity

Twitter is now deeply divided
::: astrofrog

New stories, best to worst
::: lizardbill

Something to think about!
::: pomaEB

Non Sequitur
::: GoComics

We don’t have enough time to fix bugs
::: kelseyhightower

Simple doesn’t mean stupid
::: CodeWisdom

The best advice I’d give newbies is question everything
::: timperrett

John Carmack
::: CodeWisdom

Lmao 😂 I died of laughter
::: nixcraft

Your hacker name is
::: geoffbelknap

Werner Buchholz

The ‘indent’ command has the best command line options
::: asmeurer

Anyone who expects to feel safe in a driverless car
::: arobertwebb

Computational complexity of laundry
::: SimonDeDeo

True story: on the way home from the airport yesterday
::: jessysaurusrex

For 50+ years we have been building software that provides us with answers
::: RichRogersIoT ::: rhflow_de

March 1992
sì, l’ho usato già dalla beta; anche se Bill spara cazzate
::: dosnostalgic

Very happy to announce that Microsoft – for the first time – is a sponsor of the Applied Machine Learning Days!
::: appliedmldays

Not looking so good for #Facebook
::: Livingstone_S

L’ideologia dice “il voto elettronico è istantaneo”
::: fabiochiusi

Per coerenza con l’Aardvark allora si chiamerà “Brigitte Bardot, Bardot!”
::: Flavio_MfM

The number one skill required for learning any complex system
::: kelseyhightower

Just implemented the first four steps of “Modern JavaScript Explained For Dinosaurs”
::: wallingf

having a “career” in programming basically just means
::: holman

For every one of our failures
::: moorejh

here are some for loops

It’s not about getting a bigger piece of the pie
::: RichRogersIoT

Facebook exec: “In the end i don’t think we as a human race
::: sfiegerman

Ehi tu! Fermo lì! Mani bene in vista e niente movimenti bruschi! Capito?
::: MauroV1968

Programming pro tip: Don’t use words that you can’t spell in variable names
::: asmeurer

A great abstraction
::: nathanmarz

The three most common programming errors
::: RichRogersIoT

I love seeing tech giants try to outdo each other on transparency
::: JuliaAngwin

Aranzulla non mi mostra l’articolo se non tolgo Adblock
::: gloriabaldoni

I need to add this to “red-green-refactor”
::: KentBeck

Truth can come from unlikely sources
::: JohnDCook

Challenge: Make an even worse solution
::: randal_olson

cit. & loll – 66

Ecco che arriva citoso e lolloso 😋

Pour la beauté de l’update
quando il francese è –come dire?– ma c’è l’inglese facendo click sulla bandierina (francese)
::: CommitStrip

Nix is similar to Haskell in many ways
::: mrkgnaow

If the editor for a visual programming language isn’t as ergonomic as Vim
::: rightfold

Why is nobody talking about the biggest scientific problem of our era
::: jakevdp

Assume that all of my philosophical threads
::: lizardbill

It’s frankly disgusting the way programmers are able to write whatever code they want to write, and people should look into it
::: isotrumpp

I looked into writing a plugin
::: wallingf

Le mele fanno bene
::: Ftzj

Two words that are now meaningless in my vocabulary
::: thek3nger

The cheapest, fastest and most reliable components of a computer system
::: CompSciFact

Programming is not about typing
::: CodeWisdom

I’m sorry?
::: BooDooPerson

Grandma: “we sacrificed so much to earn women’s rights.”
::: existentialcoms

Programming is a practical art where you first learn to write
::: CodeWisdom

I am pretty sure FB etc. had less impact on the election than they think
::: ehud

Write code as if you had to support it
::: CodeWisdom

Twitter users who think you are a customer
::: davewiner

The evolution of programming languages

Someone at Google has a sense of humour
::: datatheism

If you have updated to iOS 11 and your current device feels slower
::: JonyIveParody

I learned yesterday that the legacy banking code in the care of a local company is written in PL/I
::: wallingf

Come me, che cominciavo a lavorare davvero solo quando il capo se ne andava
::: nesistweets

con Google Translate sarebbe venuta meglio…
::: zacchiro

Una volta twitter era divertente
::: Genjuro75

Seriously guys. It was a regex
::: thek3nger

Alice McWho

Bad programmers worry about the code
::: RichRogersIoT

The best programmers worry about the actual customer
::: RolfSvard

Alan Turing – computer pioneer, code breaker and mathematician
::: CodeWisdom

Twitter is weird
::: jakevdp

Perl – The only language
nope! c’è APL e tutti i suoi discendenti
::: RichRogersIoT

E’ proprio il caso di dire… #Wikileaks!
la Wiki si aggiorna prima di subito; hanno copiato la mia macchina del tempo?
::: SGiovanardi

I want the conciseness and simplicity of Python with the type safety of Haskell
::: taylorfausak ::: rightfold

la nuova copertina del @NewYorker è di per sé un lungo e dotto editoriale
::: bruno_simili

A good design isn’t the one that correctly predicts the future

Figure out your data structures
::: CodeWisdom

Faille WPA2 : juste une petite mise à jour
::: CommitStrip

Algorithmic complexity for structured programmers
::: CodeWisdom

Saw a guy starting up MatLab in a coffee shop
::: jakevdp

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I’ll use versioning.”
::: henrikwarne

The computer is a very alluring machine
::: CodeWisdom

ISO sure knows how to choose good passwords
::: jfbastien

How come nobody wanted to talk to the function?
::: mgrnbrg

stop talking about the halting problem!
::: technocrypto

life protip: instead of saying “sorry for the late response” instead say “thank you for your patience”
::: Ehmee

You know @twitter, populating the “In case you missed it ” box with items I liked/retweeted isn’t great proof of machine learning prowess
::: ehud

I guess Google maps now automatically shows you how many calories you’d burn if you walk somewhere instead of driving
::: TaylorLorenz ::: Slashdot

*Password looks at itself in the mirror*
::: Rollinintheseat

I’m not embedding one language in another, I’m forgetting what language I’m writing
::: JohnDCook

Oh @StackOverflow, you so funny sometimes 😀 #javascript
::: juhosa

Once a new technology starts rolling
::: CodeWisdom

It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don’t mean I’m in love tonight
::: volothamp

Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming
::: RichRogersIoT

Nope. It’s called Nim!
::: d0m96

This is how most people use computers every day
::: jonharrop

if I do not receive 500 Likes by noon Pacific I will begin spewing opinions
::: onlxn

After two years of Python I show Haskell to my son
::: LeHoff

cit. & loll – 65

Giovedì  gnocchi  😯 volevo dire cit. & loll; eccoli qui 😜

Pour l’éternité
::: CommitStrip

Nel nuovo ufficio la mia scrivania è assegnata a questo tizio, che faccio, cambio nome?
::: vikkio88

Wy is Twitter promoting Twitter on Twitter?
::: keleshev

E che tutto questo
::: SteffRomagnoli

Non Sequitur
::: GoComics

I wrote one in Java in 2012, and it works okay
::: lexi_lambda

I’ve realised there is almost no greater (by itself) single treasure than good documentation
::: _profan

Your job as a software engineer is not to write code
::: brandonsavage

Works on *my* machine
::: pikelet

Pythonistas are sooo spoiled
::: rdegges

You can have the project: Done On Time. Done On Budget. Done Properly
::: CodeWisdom

The evaluator, which determines the meaning of the expression is a programming language
sì 😁 SICP 💥
::: CodeWisdom

Caro JavaScript, te to a scrive ‘sta letterina
::: agilegigi

Stone-Age Mouse
::: pickover

Super Power
::: {}

Okay, here’s the deal. No more programming languages without a Maybe type
::: peterseibel

1997: I am *surfing* the web
::: funnylad5

And then we’ll all chuckle
::: matthew_d_green

No, I’M SORRY, you need to upgrade your technical team
::: marcelsalathe

New AI definition
::: GalaxyKate

#lisp is literally an #alien invented technology
::: sepisoad

If you discard everyone who makes a mistake
::: blockloop

destination: wrong code
::: internetofshit

Old, but still gold
::: jajaranza

how to be a wizard programmer
::: b0rk

I’ll pronounce GIF gif when
::: stuartsierra

I haven’t seen Blade Runner 2049 yet
::: ftrain

In Unix, everything is a file
::: owickstrom

Probability is a precise theory of imprecision
::: ProbFact

Inside every well-written large program
::: CodeWisdom

::: daw985

An archaeological dig in the old Sun hq found a copy of the ancient scrolls of X11
::: alanc

I’ve been feeling like I’m a good programmer for about 3 days in a row now
::: lizardbill

Every language should allow interacting with the world without classic I/O
::: volothamp

steps to writing js in 2017
::: iamdevloper

Know how to learn
::: CodeWisdom

How do you do garbage collection
::: HackerHuntress

Is forgetting how to use words and only being able to speak in acronyms a prerequisite
::: doughellmann

I want a fog machine
::: LizQuilty

Better than usual
::: sempf

La Stampa: Così hacker israeliani
::: ilGatt0Pardo