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cit. & loll – 64

Un po’ in ritardo –sapete l’autunno, l’età, la salute– ma ecco che arriva 😜

Avez-vous des compétences qui pourraient être utile à notre entreprise?
::: Salooun

if you put one of those 280 character junkheaps on my feed ill flip a coin to decide if i should block you
::: dril

Authors should solve maths
::: danielnettle

clear the cache, ti direbbe qualunque informatico al mondo
::: vikkio88 ::: Flavio_MfM

No matter how slow you are writing clean code
::: CodeWisdom

Watch the latest @MIT origami robotic metamorphosis exoskeletons, including a foldable robot glider
::: Rainmaker1973

New keyboard out for programmers who heavily use @StackOverflow
::: randal_olson

ah, bastava questo piccolo fix per risolvere il problema?!
::: madbob

From a Curry-Howard perspective, “I like programming but I don’t like maths.”
::: pigworker

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself
::: jacoporomei

Barani Ganapathy

What would you do if you had 280 characters?
::: refocusedmedia

We have come long way 😁 #linux
::: nixcraft ::: volothamp

In the future, all innovation will rely on EMAAS
::: evgenymorozov

The best theory is inspired by practice
::: CodeWisdom

If computer science fundamentals are so important why do I
::: editingemily

Resist the system. Create files with spaces in their names
::: asmeurer

l’utilità dei 280 caratteri su #Twitter
::: madbob

Can I pre-emptively block all your recruiters?
::: BlueBoxTraveler

Twitter dot com has created a class system for its users
::: SadderDre

Aaahh, la carta ha sempre il suo fascino
::: ItsCetty

il rapporto sistemisti/programmatori è preoccupante
::: madbob

Any file is a database if you awk hard enough
::: bdha

Il problema di questo tornare continuamente sulle fake news è nel termine news
::: tedeschini

Which message makes you hit the back button faster?
::: lizardbill

Self Driving
::: xkcd

When someone tell you you are right, you learn nothing
::: thek3nger

10 factorial (10!) seconds is exactly 6 weeks
::: fermatslibrary

The beauty of circular primes
::: pickover

Cool German word: “Besserwisser”
::: heathercmiller

“Step 1: Open the Terminal.”
::: climagic

When we use a language
::: CodeWisdom

Your problem is another’s solution
::: CodeWisdom

The delicious irony of Facebook buying a print ad to address their digital malfeasance
::: Shteyngart

The key to efficient development
::: CodeWisdom

Mi è caduto il Samsung S8
::: andreasaccomani

Amazing the number of academics who created a really bad web page in 1994 and never updated it
::: lemire

The function of good software
::: CodeWisdom

Entire Facebook Staff Laughs As Man Tightens Privacy Settings
::: TheOnion

These days, the problem isn’t how to innovate
::: CodeWisdom


cit. & loll – 63

OK, tanti cinguettii, post lungo, troppo 😊

I also simplified the word simplified to simpified
::: lambda_calculus

The Google manifesto guy
::: fivefifths

I am no british, so I wanted to ask, is it consider rude
::: vikkio88

Dal medico
::: Silvia Ziche

forgive for I have sinned
::: printf

1/3 of US bandwidth is used by Netflix…
::: iamdevloper

The code is not the system
::: sanityinc

War is data
::: NeinQuarterly

Computer science shares with mathematics the privilege
::: TheOfficialACM

The most interesting parts of a codebase
::: sarahmei

when i say yes to too many projects
::: Kristen_Arnett

The messiness cannot go into the program
::: CodeWisdom

The fastest algorithm can frequently be replaced
::: CodeWisdom

@luigidimaio ha già vinto, ve lo assicurano decine di miei voti certificati
::: r0gue_0

The only way to know if your programming language is as good as you think
::: russolsen

It’s amazing to have this 50kLOC complex Lisp SW
::: stylewarning

Promemoria: mentiva chi diceva che Silicon Valley era la panacea di ogni male
::: fabiochiusi

Levels of programmer enlightenment
::: ivanassen

They started using Linux at the fortune cookie factory
::: climagic

Che Aria Tira a… Paperopoli, oggi
::: TopolinoIT

Monads. Couldn’t be simpler!
::: hmemcpy

BREAKING: Apple partners with 3M to release Post-it® note packs to un-jam butterfly keyboards. Apple logo. $99
::: greghendershott

When you choose a language
::: CodeWisdom

Are typeset blog posts too hard for you to read? Here’s a script to turn them into a 🌩 tweetstorm 🌩
::: chriscoyier

Hi, my name is Heather. No, I’m not a secretary or an event organizer
::: heathercmiller

If something about your favorite PL doesn’t annoy you
::: manisha72617183

I try to use technologies that have known problems
::: giorgiosironi

La Cina blocca #WhatsApp
::: Kotiomkin

*scrolls through new twitter for 20 minutes* wow i just read three tweets
::: jonnysun

Without requirements or design
::: CodeWisdom

In 2000 Stanford’s machine-learning class had 30 students. This year it has over 1000

If you know what this is, I’m sorry
::: Foone

Price vs. quality
::: iam_preethi

Women on Twitter excited
::: heatherkelly

::: jakevdp

Omg, double-length Trump tweets
::: fabiochiusi

First, solve the problem
::: CodeWisdom

Do it today. Do it now.
::: CollegeEssayGuy

programming without parentheses
::: PaniczGodek

You may be a programmer if
::: wallingf

Most of the biggest problems in software are problems of misconception
::: CodeWisdom

Reactions to 280-character limit
::: JasnTru ::: GermanyDiplo

My platform supports 28,000+ characters
::: davatron5000

::: iamdevloper

Prediction: there’s at least one buffer overflow
::: natashenka

Martin Fowler – Software Developer and author of Analysis Patterns
::: CodeWisdom

dare 280 caratteri per fare scrivere twit migliori è come mettere 2 palloni dentro campo
::: VujaBoskov

cit. & loll – 62

Cosa non si trova in Twitter, cose cit.ose e LOLLose, come queste 😜

Countries resized based on the usage of their internet domain
::: onlmaps

If two people think alike on a team
::: arialdomartini

Quanti hanno condiviso la bufala della Coca Cola “contaminata con l’AIDS”?
::: DavidPuente

alternative explanation: no one understands it
::: ddn

Filling out spreadsheets…
::: lizardbill

Win10 calculator: try “1+2*3” in Standard mode and Scientific mode. Results differ
::: fulcorno

Picard management tip
::: PicardTips

The most valuable rules are the ones you don’t understand
::: JohnDCook

My morning lecture. I swear the college students look younger each year
::: mattmight

The problem of this new Web
::: thek3nger

You have 140 characters to give a newbie advice about coding. What would you say?
interessanti le risposte; ne attendo altre 😁
::: bphogan

My advice on learning Python
::: chris__martin

So @Microsoft definitely loves Linux. And so do I. And penguins
::: stuartatmsft

The Pi Fractal
::: algoritmic

boss: “I want to set up a meeting with you to discuss XYZ.”
::: lizardbill

this generation of engineers who only know microsoft as a benevolent builder of software, funder of research, is weird to me
::: esammer

I’m a materialist. I don’t believe in those fairy tails about “Google accounts.”
::: YossiKreinin

You always know who to blame if it doesn’t work
::: oe1cxw

The proper use of comments
::: CodeWisdom

Best laptop sticker ever
::: justinsulik

first you learn the value of abstraction
::: KentBeck

My favorite quote of the day
::: JoelEsler

cit. & loll – 61

Yep! in ritardo ma ecco che arriva 😜

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that to subscribe to an AI newsletter you have to do this
::: mfroomkin

Complexity is not a goal
::: CodeWisdom

The problem with good C++
::: stephentyrone

Strive to add function
::: CompSciFact

Geeking out with @JuliaLanguage today!
::: fogus

Q: Doesn’t the Blockchain solve–
::: mattblaze

One of these days I will write “Why code comments and documentation
::: MikeG1

I’m just going to leave this here as a reminder to my future self
::: jayvanbavel

My son’s a doctor, but not the kind that helps people
::: JohnDCook

Very important reminder
::: SaschaTrippe

A scuola di sistemi operativi
::: SergioGridelli

L’ABC della formazione aziendale, e non solo
::: SergioGridelli

1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax
::: lizardbill

Useful abbreviations for the time-pressed online reader
::: tomgauld

Constants are just variables
::: gumnos

Se prendi lo smartphone
::: Genjuro75

What a ride! 2700 retweets, 8000 likes, and approximately a billion people helpfully chiming-in to say “this applies to other languages too”
::: jakevdp

Le versioning, c’est importan
::: CommitStrip

Chissà che casino in Cina
::: Zziagenio78

Phones surpassing the price of whole desktops and good laptops
::: Donearm


Good judgement is the result of experience
::: CodeWisdom

xkcd Phone 6
ehi paga i diritti per la nostra Sindone, nèh!
::: xkcd

Riconoscimento facciale, primi problemi
::: bravimabasta

Let’s help people
::: bphogan

This Fibonacci joke is as bad as
::: calvinb

Cellulari da 1200 euro. Io con uno da 100 non vedo la metà delle emoji
::: Useppe00

cit. & loll – 60

Ecco che arrivano cit.osi e LOLLosi come sempre, anzi di più 😜

Sometimes in meetings I ask for clarification on acronyms and abbreviations
::: shanselman

Me and all my devices. Every. Single. Day
::: MC_UX

Computer languages differ not so much in what they make possible
::: CodeWisdom

School event, 5th grade kid approached me, “are you from Stack Overflow?”
::: codinghorror

::: stylewarning

On this Windows machine I have
::: keleshev

The #1 question I get is “How did you learn to do this?”
::: curi0usJack

Have you ever heard of ‘not-invented-here’ syndrome?
::: rmayoff

When all the unit tests pass on the first try
::: jakevdp

Just falling in love with #Erlang and #Elixir this time
::: dottorblaster

The prog language MDL from original text adventure game Zork is very similar to Common #Lisp
::: RainerJoswig

First rule is to learn all the rules
::: CodeWisdom

Google as a tech monopoly is not pulling its weight in terms of innovation and public domain wealth creation
::: amasad

No one in the brief history of computing has ever written a piece of perfect software
::: CodeWisdom ::: makeitmorehuman ::: egorunsoft

When you look into compilers long enough
::: f1ac5

Less coffee
::: loige

Over the next decade, AI won’t replace managers, but managers who use AI will replace those who don’t
#:artificial intelligence
::: marcelsalathe

Le programme orphelin
oui, c’est moi
::: CommitStrip

Different isn’t always better
::: CodeWisdom

With meta programming, abstraction is no longer a guilty pleasure
::: PhilipWadler

Proactive move to avoid support questions from people not being able to exit
::: ecampidoglio

cit. & loll – 59

L’ultimo della serie 😜 Sì perché il prossimo sarà a settembre 😉

If you comment on someone’s tech blog, especially a junior dev
::: sehurlburt

10 years of the #hashtag! All thanks to Chris for showing us how. This is the first use on Twitter
::: jack

Please, stop to create these amazing examples
::: santinialberto

Gran bel profilo
::: mazzettam

::: kizmarh

And this is how the robot apocalypse started
::: scienmag

Talk is cheap
::: CodeWisdom

Over 1,000 robots dancing simultaneously to break the #WorldRecord
::: GigabitMag

Simplicity does not precede complexity
::: CodeWisdom

::: oliyoung ::: Rainmaker1973

the amazing thing about infographics is the incredible density of information they can convey
::: johnregehr

::: yoshi979

Nuovo scioglilingua da messaggi di errore #openvpn
::: VeroToad

Quantum entanglement is the proof that even God sometime get lazy
::: thek3nger

Programming is not a science
::: CodeWisdom

Quote from The Pragmatic Programmer by Andrew Hunt & David Thomas
::: CodeWisdom

Any program is only as good
::: CodeWisdom

100% reliable test for HTML5
::: xKaliSec

When debugging
::: CodeWisdom

Don’t patch bugs out
deve diventare la prassi 😜
::: CodeWisdom

Apple: Born to be fruit
::: nixcraft

You know you’re old when you know
::: Donearm

**SO** many sins of programming start with
::: JEG2

If loving this [program] is wrong, I don’t want to be right
::: wallingf

The only words in the English language more terrifying than “President Trump:”
::: bodil

Go is not meant to innovate programming theory
::: CodeWisdom

Amazing work by Tony @DocFast while attending @JupyterCon
::: triciaphoto

cit. & loll – 58

Ecco che arriva, c’è tutto —ahemmm… tutto quello che ho visto 😊 😜

Compatibility means
::: CodeWisdom

Don’t worry if it doesn’t work right
::: CodeWisdom

The forth biggest religion
::: _youhadonejob1

Documentation and samples are a great contribution to an OSS project
::: mjpt777

Each new user of a new system
::: CodeWisdom

The Five Nines
::: marcvolovic

The principle objective of software testing
::: CodeWisdom

This is a surprisingly fun/thoughtful set of PL aphorisms
::: yminsky

Before learning $LANG
sì, copyato 😉
::: _juhan

::: thek3nger

Trying to code when chat’s open
::: ossia

My #rstats learning path
::: kierisi

Anche gli imbecilli hanno diritto a dire cose
::: pellescura

great minds discuss ideas
me? small 😡
::: econlon

Things that are impossible
::: CodeWisdom

::: nixcraft

Abstraction should follow experience
::: JohnDCook

I think this is just a cons-piracy theory
::: aisamanra

This is why software requirements should be clear and understandable
::: Cannibal

That’s how I feel about code
::: wallingf

oui, c’est moi!

Mi hanno messo una pasticca di ossitocina nella Fanta
::: Terra2itter

When you lie on your resume but still get the job
::: _youhadonejob1

Where there are two bugs
::: CodeWisdom

::: cassidoo


Warning: looking at the Eclipse
::: danlew42

y u dont electron?
::: vikkio88

A project of a thousand files
::: Bitquark

Programming is like pinball
::: CodeWisdom

Weeks of coding can save you
::: CodeWisdom

Hmmm, are you @elonmusk?
::: brijwaasi

The older I get, the more every problem in tech seems to be a matter
::: seldo

Silicon Valley needs to invest in the visionary leaders who are solving the problems
::: GonzoHacker

If you lie to the compiler
::: CompSciFact


cit. & loll – 57

Uh! ‘n nuovo post cit.-oso e loll-oso 😜

Some of my Mom’s old FORTRAN code ran for longer than That Dude
::: djfractal

8 rabbits
::: bcrypt

The best error message
::: CodeWisdom

without proper lab procedures, unattended DNA
::: sadserver

The fastest route to a 10X engineer
::: _ericelliott

Marco Bruno

My mom and dad are proud of me!
::: lizardbill

I’m hardly noticing differences in results between @duckduckgo and Google anymore
::: Donearm

IBM introduced its PC #otd in 1981

Every time you write email in Gmail, you are using my code
::: jewree

The first calculator to be able to perform all 4 operations automatically was invented by Anton Braun, a German optician, in 1727
::: fermatslibrary

It’s all talk
::: CodeWisdom

Free will was a mistake
::: TheTweetOfGod

Does anyone else have a problem with too many icons on your desktop?
::: DapperHistorian

sole, mare e win 3.11. che pace
::: makkox

Gotta be honest: the cost of childcare for two kids in Seattle might be the thing that finally makes me jump the academic ship
rischio qui 😯 grosso
::: jakevdp

A streetsign for our times (this one at Chitchagoff island, Alaska)
::: FHeisbourg

Good specifications will always improve programmer productivity
::: CodeWisdom

I wish you good fortune in the cyberwars to come
::: JohnHultquist

Mario Fusco – software engineer
::: CodeWisdom

Learning to code makes kids feel
::: CodeWisdom

::: bozhobg

On a personal note, go learn Haskell
::: hmemcpy

cit. & loll – 56

Ancora troppo caldo, il temporale non è stato sufficiente, ne ordino un altro appena finisco questo post 😊

Debugging secondo Brian Kernighan
::: CodeWisdom

Trees, 1973
::: Programming Research Laboratory

I need this sign for my office
::: wallingf

To keep large problems well structured
::: CodeWisdom

The Good Parts
::: CodeWisdom

Twitter verso il tracollo e Instagram in ascesa
::: alecerio

I didn’t just want to write unit tests
::: DLion92

There are more and more days
::: Donearm

It’s funny because it’s true!
::: Freeyourmindkid

My Advice To Anyone Starting A Business Is To Remember That Someday I Will Crush You
The Onion, nèh! 😉
::: csertoglu

C vs. metro
::: codebutler

I’m crying 😂
::: denysdovhan

Programming isn’t about what you know
::: CodeWisdom

Your honor, the code I wrote is not the code that was executed in the commission of these crimes
::: GonzoHacker

Di Maio te che ci hai la testa… 😜
yep! auto-cit.
::: _juhan

this week’s New Scientist
::: pollollups

Crap, did North Carolina just pass a law against debugging?
::: Nick_Craver

—How many Googlers does it take to change a light bulb?
::: Pinboard

Foxes are just cat software running on dog hardware
::: FluffSociety

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance
::: ValaAfshar

No code is faster
::: CodeWisdom

Any sufficiently advanced bug
::: CodeWisdom

🎵 When you spout
::: seldo

The purpose of software engineering is to control complexity
::: CodeWisdom

This thread should have a thousand retweets
::: williampietri

the two hardest problems in computer science are dealing with obnoxious men and…
::: sailorhg

::: peterseibel


What are we going to do when the robots learn to check the “I am not a robot” box?
::: lizardbill

Programming can be fun, so can cryptography
::: CodeWisdom

Documentation is a love letter
::: CodeWisdom

My “smart TV” is supposed to be programmable, but
::: lizardbill

cit. & loll – 55

Temperatura percepita = overflow. Ma intanto ecco qua 😊

The amount of racism on #stackoverflow is too damn high
secondo me è un problema del poster, non di StackOverflow
::: WilburSullivan

Questo sì che è un ottimo modo per invitarmi a cliccare
::: francescocosta

switch statement, the python way
::: nicolaiarocci

Make it correct
::: CodeWisdom

For some reason things are generally 10x harder than I expected when I started implementing them
::: mariofusco

Sometimes I feel today’s tech is moving so fast
::: lunaryorn

Programming Wisdom – John Romero
::: CodeWisdom

The longer it takes for a bug to surface
::: CodeWisdom

Debugging is anticipated with distaste
opinions may vary
::: CodeWisdom

> tizio si è unito a Telegram!
::: dottorblaster

The average user doesn’t give a damn what happens
::: CodeWisdom

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious
::: CodeWisdom

If you learn only methods, you’ll be tied to your methods
::: _mchav

Timezones are weird
::: TomNomNom

Not just programmers. Everyone. Let’s make it happen
::: Symbo1ics

There’s a moral here
::: philpennock

object oriented programming
::: chiru_no

Some days you think you’re pretty good with computers
::: DanTwoHundred

Twitter has taught me a couple things
::: jrsalzman

Forse oggi ci farebbe un pensierino
::: SergioGridelli

If you can count everything, any outcome, you don’t need to understand how anything works
::: YossiKreinin

Have to say, this amount of 🔥 kinda caught me off guard when I opened page 299
::: thorstenball

The purpose of computing
::: SciPyTip

Seibel’s 1st Law of Debugging
::: peterseibel

A great day coding
::: isotrumpp

The strength of JavaScript is that you can do anything
::: CodeWisdom

Never trust a computer
::: CodeWisdom

The best programs are the ones written when the programmer
::: CodeWisdom

how many parameters do you need
::: jakevdp

Life would sure be easier if it worked out like this
::: Symbo1ics

Asking for a friend
::: rit