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cit. & loll – 56

Ancora troppo caldo, il temporale non è stato sufficiente, ne ordino un altro appena finisco questo post 😊

Debugging secondo Brian Kernighan
::: CodeWisdom

Trees, 1973
::: Programming Research Laboratory

I need this sign for my office
::: wallingf

To keep large problems well structured
::: CodeWisdom

The Good Parts
::: CodeWisdom

Twitter verso il tracollo e Instagram in ascesa
::: alecerio

I didn’t just want to write unit tests
::: DLion92

There are more and more days
::: Donearm

It’s funny because it’s true!
::: Freeyourmindkid

My Advice To Anyone Starting A Business Is To Remember That Someday I Will Crush You
The Onion, nèh! 😉
::: csertoglu

C vs. metro
::: codebutler

I’m crying 😂
::: denysdovhan

Programming isn’t about what you know
::: CodeWisdom

Your honor, the code I wrote is not the code that was executed in the commission of these crimes
::: GonzoHacker

Di Maio te che ci hai la testa… 😜
yep! auto-cit.
::: _juhan

this week’s New Scientist
::: pollollups

Crap, did North Carolina just pass a law against debugging?
::: Nick_Craver

—How many Googlers does it take to change a light bulb?
::: Pinboard

Foxes are just cat software running on dog hardware
::: FluffSociety

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance
::: ValaAfshar

No code is faster
::: CodeWisdom

Any sufficiently advanced bug
::: CodeWisdom

🎵 When you spout
::: seldo

The purpose of software engineering is to control complexity
::: CodeWisdom

This thread should have a thousand retweets
::: williampietri

the two hardest problems in computer science are dealing with obnoxious men and…
::: sailorhg

::: peterseibel


What are we going to do when the robots learn to check the “I am not a robot” box?
::: lizardbill

Programming can be fun, so can cryptography
::: CodeWisdom

Documentation is a love letter
::: CodeWisdom

My “smart TV” is supposed to be programmable, but
::: lizardbill


cit. & loll – 55

Temperatura percepita = overflow. Ma intanto ecco qua 😊

The amount of racism on #stackoverflow is too damn high
secondo me è un problema del poster, non di StackOverflow
::: WilburSullivan

Questo sì che è un ottimo modo per invitarmi a cliccare
::: francescocosta

switch statement, the python way
::: nicolaiarocci

Make it correct
::: CodeWisdom

For some reason things are generally 10x harder than I expected when I started implementing them
::: mariofusco

Sometimes I feel today’s tech is moving so fast
::: lunaryorn

Programming Wisdom – John Romero
::: CodeWisdom

The longer it takes for a bug to surface
::: CodeWisdom

Debugging is anticipated with distaste
opinions may vary
::: CodeWisdom

> tizio si è unito a Telegram!
::: dottorblaster

The average user doesn’t give a damn what happens
::: CodeWisdom

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious
::: CodeWisdom

If you learn only methods, you’ll be tied to your methods
::: _mchav

Timezones are weird
::: TomNomNom

Not just programmers. Everyone. Let’s make it happen
::: Symbo1ics

There’s a moral here
::: philpennock

object oriented programming
::: chiru_no

Some days you think you’re pretty good with computers
::: DanTwoHundred

Twitter has taught me a couple things
::: jrsalzman

Forse oggi ci farebbe un pensierino
::: SergioGridelli

If you can count everything, any outcome, you don’t need to understand how anything works
::: YossiKreinin

Have to say, this amount of 🔥 kinda caught me off guard when I opened page 299
::: thorstenball

The purpose of computing
::: SciPyTip

Seibel’s 1st Law of Debugging
::: peterseibel

A great day coding
::: isotrumpp

The strength of JavaScript is that you can do anything
::: CodeWisdom

Never trust a computer
::: CodeWisdom

The best programs are the ones written when the programmer
::: CodeWisdom

how many parameters do you need
::: jakevdp

Life would sure be easier if it worked out like this
::: Symbo1ics

Asking for a friend
::: rit

cit. & loll – 54

Quasi tutti in ferie ma cit. & loll c’è 😊 eccolo!

Learned for the nth time that attempting to explain something
::: hdgarrood

The sooner you start to code, the longer the program will take
::: CodeWisdom

Rules of Optimization
::: CodeWisdom

hey kids why don’t you have some friends over…
::: johnregehr

Q. How many Apple consumers does it take to change a lightbulb?
::: iamdevloper

And I still am wanting evidence that patents have done any good to software
::: carlopiana

There’s a global union of the incompetent
::: YossiKreinin

Joel Spolsky – software engineer and author of Joel on Software
::: CodeWisdom

If someone claims to have the perfect programming language
::: CodeWisdom

::: {}

One has to become a cybernetician to remain a humanist
::: demartin

::: dottorblaster

Took me ten years of programming to realise the truth of this
::: twolivesleft

The problem with most monad tutorials
::: manisha72617183

Of course ETH had a resident typographer
Wirth per me è un mito; poi certo che …
#:sistemi operativi
::: marius

Sometimes the problem is to discover
::: CodeWisdom

Notice: employees must wash hands
::: reverentgeek

ProTip: wait until a package is deprecated before you start using it
::: amasad

::: Savage Chickens

The two genders
::: snipeyhead

My new favorite programming language is bash
un lisper dei migliori: perso 😐
::: peterseibel ::: sadserver

One of the best programming skills
a me l’ha insegnato Ugo, tanti anni fa 😁
::: CodeWisdom

Microsoft: “No more Paint”
::: adambanksdotcom

The trouble with programmers
::: CodeWisdom

cit. & loll – 53

🚀 48 anni fa –OK da festeggiare 🚀 intanto ecco qualcosa di completamente differente 😜

yes it still works while vacuum packed
::: whitequark

Remember, only you can prevent OOP
::: reverentgeek

The computer is a very alluring machine
::: CodeWisdom

Another matplotlib optical illusion added to my collection
::: jakevdp

I like to read AI as Al
::: johnregehr ::: johnregehr

Software is only as shitty
::: rightfold

Google’s DeepMind AI just taught itself to walk
::: SarahJReports

Fools ignore complexity
::: CodeWisdom

Choice of programming language is still one of the most important project germination decisions
::: spakhm

Se vai a Milano e urli in piazza “HEY SOCIAL MEDIA DIGITAL STRATEGIST”
::: Tremenoventi

Over and over again
::: Nonicoc

Quello che ha inventato i programmi user friendly
::: Facebook

A language that doesn’t have everything is actually easier to program in than some that do
::: CodeWisdom

Moving out of my old 4th floor office
::: mattmight

Trust nothing, stay frosty
::: amritamaz

Enough with complaining about Windows. You got reliable alternatives
::: Donearm

La tastiera dell’indignato
::: Beppe Beppetti

Intel was born nearly 50 yrs ago #otd, & was almost called “Moore Noyce,” a homophone for “more noise”

the cycle: some langs are good → most langs are bad →
::: lexi_lambda

L’IA conquisterà il mondo
::: gignico

Wifi vs Cellular
::: xkcd

The only way to learn a new programming language
::: CodeWisdom

Write code as if you had to support it for the rest of your life
::: CodeWisdom

cit. & loll – 52

Caldo, troppo, voglio le ferie 😊 ma per intanto ecco qua 😊

io c’ho rinunciato
::: daw985

If you have information that you can present in an article
::: lizardbill

Stroustrup & I discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security TS so that hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded and safe
::: isotrumpp

Se proprio ora vi state lamentando per la memoria piena del vostro smartphone, allora pensate a questo
::: quantizzando

Tron was released #otd in 1982, w/no Oscar nom. for SFX b/c the Academy felt that using computers was “cheating
ricordo perfettamente 😊

I spoke with the knife. It vehemently denied cutting me in half
::: HalfOnionInABag

Trenitalia CartaFRECCIA. Puoi scegliere la pwd… poi te la mandano (in chiaro) via e-mail con User ID e Codice utente 😦
::: gdazero

per far discutere la propaganda deve essere digitale – bot o fake news e simili
::: fabiochiusi

cd / # Obviously there are a lot of Unix users in Italy
::: climagic

A computer shall not harm your work
::: CodeWisdom

::: reverentgeek

The apocalypse is here
::: thereaIbanksy

1) Pick an industry
::: DynamicWebPaige

Are You Ready For Microservices?
::: {}

when i die put the latest vim version number on my tombstone
::: tpope

Gopher Wonder Woman!
::: ashleymcnamara

Incorrect documentation is often worse
::: CodeWisdom

when you roll your own crypto
::: mshelton

when I say “magic”
::: blockloop

There’s no problem a clueless manager can’t solve
::: YossiKreinin

From the letter W, my phone can autocomplete
::: lizardbill

if you can defeat Richard Stallman in hand-to-hand combat
::: ticky

People always imagine automation will give us people-shaped robots that will try to kill us
::: BenedictEvans

C is awesome because it defers problems to runtime
::: johnregehr

#NetNeutrality is extremely important. Here’s a simple explanation
::: fasterix

That’s called engineering, stupid!
::: amasad

cit. & loll – 51

Caldo –OK lo so che lo sapete– e intanto ecco che nel Web…

The Internet of Things
::: Savage Chickens

::: VojtaMyslivec

I think I’ve found the greatest chart in recorded history
::: shinyemptyhead

Happy 10th bday iPhone! Gum sales have dropped since ’07 b/c more phone usage in checkout lines = less impulse buys

A framework that doesn’t change the way you think about programming
::: raganwald

e la democrazia parlamentare sarebbe stata rimpiazzata da una democrazia della hypercittadinanza e…
::: xmau

Nothing will make you question APIs better than writing documentation
::: dgeb

::: Google+

How to tell if a programmer has hit a roadblock

According to results from our HIGHLY (non) scientific poll, most people believe we are living in a simulation
belli i commenti
::: slashdot

Larry Wall – Creator of the Perl programming language, computer programmer, author, and wearer of amazing shirts
::: CodeWisdom

Is there a maintained list of “lost programs”
::: fogus

Happy 10th birthday GNU GPLv3
::: Google+

My use of social media is not Presidential
::: realDonaldTrump

You decide
::: thereaIbanksy

Years to reach 50 million users
::: ValaAfshar

A Programmer’s life swings like a pendulum
::: vikkio88

SAVE THE DATE: On July 12 the internet stands together to save #NetNeutrality
::: webfoundation

Shots firedfox
::: meatcomputer

In 36 years, the avg. price per gigabyte of hard drive storage went from $400K to $0.019

It’s unbelievable how some technical savvy people can be so dumb
::: thek3nger

C’è un problema sul sito
::: madbob

When your hammer is C++
::: CodeWisdom

A curious thing about our industry
::: CodeWisdom

cit. & loll – 50

OK, ecco qua, versione ridotta di fine giugno 😯

javascript 🙂
::: SamBehnam

What if undefined behavior, integer overflows, and uninitialized buffers are defensive protections
::: computerality

it’s never a bad time to visit to gifsicle page
::: johnregehr

Move over, jet, I think I found the actual worst colorbar…
::: jakevdp

Il terrore qui in sala plenaria è palpabile
::: EmanueleFerra20

Nice try, Siena, I’m on to you
::: kmett

Computer Science
::: johnregehr

There are thousands of programmers
::: captainsafia

I never thought our actual present day dystopia would have looked so ugly
::: fabiochiusi ::: zeynep ::: fabiochiusi

C evolution
::: mycoliza

The US has said it could replace 75% of spies with #AI
::: tprstly

I’ve been feeling torn lately between taking advantage of advanced Haskell features and trying to make code more accessible to learners
interessante (per me) questione; riguarda il blog
::: lexi_lambda

Mark Zuckerberg meeting truckers in Iowa
::: zzzzaaaacccchhh

In my imagination, my annotated version of Effective Modern C++
::: thek3nger

Etherium Solidity has quite a zoo of integers
::: johnregehr

The best way to predict the future
::: YossiKreinin

Robot Jobs
::: Savage Chickens

If you have a procedure with ten parameters
::: CodeWisdom

Ho tolto mia figlia da scuola e l’ho iscritta a Twitter
::: Sapiente_mente


cit. & loll – 49

Caldo, troppo, roba da solstizio 😯 Ma ecco cit. & loll fresco-fresco 😎

Same with me always
::: Google+

Once a new technology rolls over you
::: CodeWisdom

List your most used commands (sorted)
::: NabilElqatib

docx received, 2 pages, no images: size 150kb
::: zacchiro

Google begins beta testing “feudalism”
::: leemkuilschu

#CJEU looks at knowledge & intent in #PirateBay #copyright case
::: FixIt_EU

Pretty sure they’re just trolling at this point
::: lizardbill

Party Time
::: CommitStrip

Declaring absolutely that your systems have not been compromised by a highly sophisticated intelligence service
::: JohnHultquist

Dear young person, if you are a geek, the world needs you
::: CodeWisdom

The two hardest things in Computer Science
::: listrophy

“Russian Hackers” is mainstream media equivalent of “The Jews”. You can blame them for anything you want, facts don’t matter
::: t_a_w

Water drops create beautiful human-like animations
::: ValaAfshar

Non Sequitur
::: GoComics

I love the moment when I come home from a bookstore with an armful of great new books and settle down to vacantly scroll Twitter for 3 hours
::: sadydoyle

The generation of random numbers is too important to be left to chance
::: alienoid

Remember the following classic C data types, it could save your life
::: Lioncache

I am a 10X developer
::: discostu105

After refreshing my C++ knowledge on C++14/17 …
::: thek3nger

The Life of a Project
::: Jonahlobe

Home is where your devices are plugged in
::: GonzoHacker

URGENT: the Internet is doomed, unless we save it. July 12 defend #NetNeutrality!
::: dcavedon

cit. & loll – 48

Non so voi ma per me il giovedì e questo 😜

Server failover illustrated 😂
::: Google+

On the immediacy of interpreted languages…
sono d’accordo, anzi di più, amo le REPLs
::: sanityinc

OK, this made me laugh
::: jakevdp

The back cover of the “Thinking Recursively” book
::: alienoid

e se iniziassimo a formattare i documenti in A4 landscape?
::: madbob

Machine learning and deep learning are 99% open source
::: chrisalbon

The biggest problem with machine learning
::: GonzoHacker

Man Versus Systemd
::: eagle1maledetto

Totally understand
::: dennybritz

Mathematics f∈(ℤ→ℤ)→(ℤ→ℤ)
leggere i commenti; parecchi rokszes 😎
::: TimSweeneyEpic

::: nicolaiarocci

confermo che “#Safari is the new Explorer”. Apple sta al web come Microsoft negli anni ’90
::: madbob

The FCC wants to let ISPs slow the Internet to a crawl and force sites to pay for “fast lanes.” STOP THEM
::: fightfortheftr

::: ZachWeiner

Refactoring old code without tests
::: SamBehnam

Trump has blocked me from reading his tweets
::: StephenKing

cit. & loll – 47

Il Web è grande, c’è di tutto, a volte ci trovi cit.azioni, a volte lollosità; io ho trovato questo 😊

Programming languages
::: rakyll

Print the Unicode emoticons block codes and symbols
::: climagic

Norvig’s Law
::: johnregehr

In a debate, if you find yourself saying …
::: amasad

Came for the code, stayed for the barbecue
Jake rockz! 🚀
::: jakevdp

Software developers fail in two ways
::: CodeWisdom

when they replaced my office name tag they kept the sticker
::: johnregehr

Who needs a #Nespresso*? The Commodore 64 #coffee maker (1985)
::: PulpLibrarian

Programming Wisdom – Jeff Atwood
::: CodeWisdom

No, Microsoft. Hell no
::: bbaskin

Who needs Tinder?

Erik Meijer
::: CodeWisdom

Apple fans right now
::: chrisdmytriw1

I’ve been writing Haskell for work for almost 18 months now
problema comune a tutto il mondo
::: lexi_lambda

Perfect software doesn’t exist
::: CodeWisdom

Un passettino fuori dal medioevo
::: fulcorno

here’s a vending machine in a mall for buying Likes for your Instagram pics
::: Alexey__Kovalev

Gregorian calendars bite hard (when they bite)
::: gsylviedavies

The hardest part about programming
::: vaidehijoshi

Programming is the art of knowing
::: dnscollective

This drone is so good at avoiding obstacles that it can fence
::: ValaAfshar

The language of mathematics is not hard
::: italiancpp

Most regular expression problems can be solved by breaking a complex regex up into multiple lines
::: lizardbill

Was recently reminded of this little trick: writing valid Python code that looks like C++
::: jakevdp

AI inside
per l’inglese c’è il pulsante con la bandierina (francese)
::: CommitStrip