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cit. & loll – 21

Nebbia, umido, post-fuffaro, … Ma ecco il lato 🅛🅞🅛loso e ⓒⓘⓣ.oso del Web 😀


Tre correntisti online su dieci accedono abitualmente dallo smartphone
::: Saiber_Man

Yesterday, a student gave me step-by-step directions to solve a Rubik’s Cube
::: dcox21

::: GoComics

Do you plan on coding this weekend?
::: ThePracticalDev


rinomato costituzionalista trombato

If an angel statue is removed from a fountain
::: inurashii

Great quote from student today
::: moorepants

This strikes me as not paradoxical at all
::: lizardbill

It’s never too early to teach kids to code – or for them to teach me!
::: JustinTrudeau

Unix was originally the control plane
leggere tutta la trilogia
::: TomNomNom


Code drunk. Debug sober.
::: lizardbill

I’ve worked in the private sector
::: JohnDCook

have shut down the Internet or social media around election time
::: fabiochiusi

How to Pay Programmers Less
::: Yegor Bugayenko

This is how sorting algorithms work
::: ThingsWork


cit. & loll – 20

Ecco, arriva subito-subito, eccolo qua 😀


JavaScript truth table
::: ThePracticalDev

The BEST way to start the day
::: manjusrii

Il Manifesto del digitale – adesso live al @FunkyPrize
::: demartin

Siamo geek
::: AndreaOmodeo


Yes, the Roomba uses #Lisp
::: RainerJoswig

Alien technology?
::: Symbo1ics

Un piccolo aiuto
::: _mattux_

The evolution of software architecture
::: RichRogersIoT

How people ignored each other at the table before the arrival of smartphones
::: Joelwillans


Being a CS major: what people hear & what it actually means

Dove ci si iscrive per le recensioni imparziali su Amazon
::: SteffRomagnoli

Python Programmer
::: Google+

pretty happy I decided to make comics every day in November
seguite tutti Julia vero?
::: b0rk ::: b0rk


cit. & loll – 19

Anche se piove ecco che arriva puntuale il solito post settimanale 😉


I have summed up our Instagram account as a JavaScript function
::: ThePracticalDev

Software testing types: Hammering nails
::: Google+

Google e Facebook, è guerra alle bufale: niente pubblicità per i siti di notizie false
::: ArsenaleKappa

Non Sequitur
::: GoComics

Command line advertising: coming to a terminal near you!
::: ThePracticalDev


Oslo airport: taxi for @Snowden?
::: arusbridger

In Unix there is a “man” command and a “cat” command… so why no “dog” command???
leggete anche il commento di Olaf 😀
::: Google+

Debian Linux is the operating system used in most terminals in the International Space Station
::: fermatslibrary

DSSP was not invented. It was found.
::: johnregehr


POTUS awards Margaret Hamilton, who helped create software for NASA’s Apollo command modules, the Medal of Freedom
::: ABC ::: lenajfc ::: ThePracticalDev

Made a Windows Notepad clone, started as joke, keep adding to it
::: _le717

My Chrome is hungry, pls send more RAM
Firefox (for me) too.
::: ThePracticalDev

Artificial intelligence has arrived. We’re all doomed
::: joelcomm


cit. & loll – 18

Improvvisamente arriva il giovedì, OK, posto 😉


::: xkcd

Speed and correctness
::: John D. Cook

President Obama has a political moment to pardon Manning & Snowden
::: wikileaks

to be or not to be
::: jolek78

Da un computer non ci si aspetta che sia creativo, ma solo che faccia ciò che gli diciamo di fare
::: ritagli di .mau.


The S in the IoT stands for Security
::: shelajev

Code reuse
::: 51monfarrow

We should be solving problems. We should not be building features.
::: pfunctional_tv

The President’s Choice
temo che sarà invece molto peggio
::: Bonkers World

Interest in unsolicited LinkedIn messages over time
::: ThePracticalDev


Eh già, cari tutti: avere un’idea non basta… ma neanche un po’
JuanCarlos è un prof tost’assay; peccato non insegnava quando frequentavo io 😀
::: demartin

What’s important is not simplicity or complexity
::: CompSciFact

Post-apocalyptic fiction
::: prentoulis

The Brain is filled with 70% water
::: manisha72617183

The evolution of programming languages
si può contstare a MIT che il Fortran viene prima del C?

Il divertente racconto di Geremì dal meeting Ubuntu-it 201 a Bologna
::: dcavedon


Snail race vote then retweet
::: heyifeellike

Why fix something when you can just add another layer
::: juldanjou

45 yrs ago today Intel unveiled the first single-chip CPU. 4 bits, 16 pins & 740KHz #4004

Gratefully inspired by @b0rk to draw a cute drawing about #paxos
bella la nuova moda 😀
::: DaveCTurner

If you have REPL and a good Lisp
::: deech
::: pavelpenev


cit. & loll – 17

Dai, the show must go on 👽


More than 40 teams at Facebook and more than 25% of our engineers are already using AI
::: btabaka

Top 20 Replies by Programmers when their programs don’t work
::: abt_programming

Programming languages
::: FunctorFact

Give someone a program
::: ThePracticalDev

So open source wasn’t a cancer
::: carlopiana


Old Days
non tutto vero ma qualcosa sì
::: xkcd

After I hit save and before I run the program
::: ThePracticalDev

I ragazzi NON sono nativi digitali, ma spingitori di icone
::: MarcoAlici

Meanwhile, in the USA
::: dcavedon

totally normal evening
::: mntmn


I really wish the macbook pro touchbar rumors are true
::: possan

I peggiori gestori di gruppi su #Facebook: un vademecum
attenti che su questo facciamo il prossimo compito in classe
::: Il nuovo mondo di Galatea

::: icelight_

This is a terrible example of the QuickSort algorithm
::: j_c_fitz


If I have not seen farther, it is because giants were standing on my shoulders
::: CompSciFact

When your tuple has 25 elements but only 22 are allowed
::: Cuddlyhugbear

how to talk to your operating system
::: b0rk

::: lipo1

This is what a headache looks like
::: DavideSpataro



cit. & loll – 16

Altro giovedì, altro post, ecco 😀


I wonder how much Big Emacs paid Apple to get rid of the escape key
::: mattblaze

Nuovi formati editoriali
::: franziacono

Hey #vim users, here’s your esc key on the new #MacBookPro #toolbar
::: cecycorrea ::: yegor256

Nominate people who are changing the world with #FreeSoftware
::: kirschner

The hexadecimal representation of the largest known prime
::: CompSciFact


If you tell students to read something for the FIRST meeting of a seminar (i.e., before semester begins), do they read it?
dopo 1h 100% di Of course they do –oops ho votato solo io 😳
::: ehud

Cupertino lancia Ciri
::: Popinga1

margin-right: -100px !important;
::: ThePracticalDev

Free software operating systems are a team effort. There is no I in GNU!
::: dustyweb

Apple Computers Inc.
::: prudnikov


Una scema scrive un tweet scemo, lo cancella subito
::: LeonardoBlog

Ah, the classics..
::: wallingf

Codeur Bohême
::: CommitStrip

::: AcademiaObscura


Days since we
::: bmastenbrook

modern software development
::: rabcyr

A huge percentage of election-related talk on Twitter isn’t coming from humans. It’s coming from bots
::: Recode

why do I do this so often?
::: johnregehr


cit. & loll – 15

Probabilmente non c’è tutto ma questo è quello che ho visto 😀


Programming is the art of doing one thing at a time
::: abt_programming

I have no idea who wrote this, but it’s excellent. Maths ❤
::: debecca

Becoming self-aware
::: dfjsteve

Cos’è il genio
::: Siamo Geek

We have a problem
::: J4vv4D


All research involves risk
::: wallingf

What is a DDoS?
::: kokonoe0825

For 30 years @herbsutter has been in a position to solve tabs versus spaces
::: isotrumpp

The universe is powered by Debian Linux
::: nixcraft


Alcuni li retwitto perchè
::: lindafirst22

Edsger Wybe Dijkstra quote
::: CodeWisdom

how to be a wizard programmer
::: b0rk

So uhm, what are Vim users gonna do now?
::: ayanonagon ::: Gidgerby ::: Donearm ::: johns_FSF


cit. & loll – 14


Linux Day
Sabato 22 ottobre, tra due giorni.
Non credo di esserci, ho l’influenza 😦 ma confido in resoconti, video, whatever.
::: Linux Day Torino


con calma windows, tanto ho tutto il giorno
::: fremebonda

“There is a blind spot in AI research” (& not just in AI research)
::: EffyVayena

::: petrus_lt

The Samsung Smart Home
::: josephfcox

For those interested
::: ABCLiz


Currently blocked on: Finding a working fax machine at the White House
::: mattmight

When your cat is fully charged
::: 9GAGTweets

The feeling when you realize the robots will steal your job
::: ValaAfshar

Esiste una Legge Non Scritta del’Elettronica
Pensiero Profondo; Giòrs è ‘micomio, nèh!
::: Facebook

In his remarks, @POTUS said this (to laughter and applause) about leadership, Silicon Valley, and democracy
::: nacin

Anche questo mi tocca vedere, anche questo
::: fabiochiusi


My face when my PC boots after I installed the new graphics card
::: thek3nger

These little snippets really sum up the difference between the Scala and the F# type systems
::: leifbattermann

We should replace the floors in every airport with these magical conveyor belts
::: Gizmodo

Un tweet su tre a favore di #Trump è stato scritto da un robot
::: egyzia

One of the best programming skills
::: CodeWisdom

I’m in
::: SirTapTap


cit. & loll – 13

Uh! già giovedì — ecco 😀

Anziché formare gli smanettoni di domani
verissimissimo imho; compreranno tutti l’aiFon
::: zacchiro

Sr Sysadmin is here. I fix u r server
il primo commento rockz!
::: Google+

Nobody makes a candle
::: jdub

robots take over
::: M_Steinbuch

Tabs or spaces?
::: Kuwaddo


Without requirements or design, programming is the art of adding bugs to an empty text file
::: lizardbill

A storm of two dozen tweets means you need a blog
::: wallingf

Goal is to raise money to get Quicklisp out of “beta” status
::: quicklisp

Welcome to Bologna airport
::: asbradbury

#Facebook lancia il social network per l’ufficio
::: Soppressatira


For almost every purpose, shell functions are preferred over aliases
poi ci faccio un post; sono alla terza riscrittura
::: UnixToolTip

How to sell a smartphone
::: CerealVelocity

Made me smile 😉if your shoes don’t fit the first time you visit the sudo shoes 😂
::: Google+

Trying to implement Linux or FreeBSD in a Windows only company
::: Google+


In esclusiva per voi la foto dell’ingegnere Samsung che ha progettato il Galaxy Note7!
::: chimerarevo

Table of system latencies makes for great reading
::: azeem

first time in my life I write an entire CLI script in Perl
::: WebReflection

girl in my son’s (6th grade) class: I don’t *play* video games
::: johnregehr



cit. & loll – 12

Ecco che arriva subito-subito :wink


Ah, finally got my Emacs setup just how I like it
::: filler

Most people on earth will have a smartphone
::: BenedictEvans

The Ghost Robotics Minitaur can open doors
thx :(){ :|:& };: 😀
::: MachinePix

Young speakers are growing on stage
::: volothamp

Great tip
::: ThePracticalDev

Harry Potter and The Apparently Frozen Progress Bar
::: brianwisti


Will It Work
::: xkcd

How to save the princes
::: abt_programming

Ho installato Sierra sul Mac. Ho provato Siri
::: BeppeBeppetti

Impostazioni, Flavio Briatore, Imposta come sfondo
::: alessioviola

nessuno dei due articoli nega però il “setaccio” totale delle mail
::: fabiochiusi

Kick them out
::: Maz_zaroth