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cit. & loll – 26

Che freddo! ma ecco la rassegna, fresca —ettipareva!— di giornata –o quasi 😀


The chicken or the egg causality dilemma
::: MrDataScience

The most important word in the design of a programming language
::: dgregor79

Give someone a program, you frustrate them for a day

Different Types of Engineers
OK, loll 😆
::: Fake Science

PHP (ma non è vero)
::: evilripper


Data storage circa 1940s
::: ValaAfshar

Taking a screenshot in 1983
sì, fatto anch’io
::: historyinmoment

Did you know you can tell if someone is a programmer simply by saying
::: abt_programming

So much good Racket stuff, esp. the doc
::: wallingf

Inefficient proof that 2017 is prime
::: SciPyTip


The first ever webpage
::: ThePracticalDev

And now you have 2 problems
::: leppie

WikiLeaks / BuzzFeed
::: mtracey

By the end of Trump’s presidency, tweeting in lowercase letters
::: evgenymorozov


FUNNY & TRUE! The number of people predicting the death of Moore’s Law doubles every 18 months
::: JimHarris

Theory: Tweets with typos are more likely to have high engagement
::: peterseibel

::: sauro

now I know about pernicious, odious, and evil numbers too!
::: johnregehr


cit. & loll – 25

Anno nuovo dove continua la nuova tradizione, ecco qua 😀


That’s what I tried telling the Judge years ago but it didn’t work
::: kevinmitnick

The Zen of Haskell
::: reddit

Halve the character limit to 70
::: ejenk

::: CodeWisdom

Awh yeah
::: mjg59 ::: spectrumgomas


In 2017, we will render the page
::: ThePracticalDev

Sto usando uno smartphone da mercatino antiquariato
::: elihh3

These flying animal robots are real and magnificent
::: Rainmaker1973

Dilemme de codeur #10 – La Timesheet
::: CommitStrip

12 years ago today Facebook had 1 million users. Today it has 1.79 billion


asking good questions
::: b0rk

Me, all I know about “fake news” I learned from Plato
::: evgenymorozov

leap second bug: got a robocall tonight saying my kid is absent from school
::: johnregehr

if you have something really important, write it out and have it delivered by courier, the old-fashioned way
::: fabiochiusi

Il campo di battaglia è Internet perché delle regole già esistono per giornali e televisioni
::: fabiochiusi


The Horror
::: deadlypanel

John McCarthy in 1967
::: RainerJoswig ::: RainerJoswig ::: RainerJoswig ::: RainerJoswig

Marvin Minsky: ‘Anyone could learn Lisp in one day, except that if they already knew Fortran, it would take three days.’
::: RainerJoswig

A friend at CERN was telling me he’d like to work somewhere
::: tdhopper ::: marcodelmastro

The only time engineers resist changing software
::: peterseibel


Imitate. Assimilate. Innovate
::: CompSciFact

Ora il M5S deve a me, ed a tutte le persone che sono state insultate perchè indagate, delle scuse pubbliche
::: ilariacapua

telefono, istruzioni per l’uso
::: TomNomNom

Raga, dobbiamo definire delle priorità!
::: madbob

1. Pick a stronger password
::: Xof

Hypponen’s law
::: mikko


cit. & loll – 24

Prima che mi dimentichi (sapete la memoria, la mia) buon anno; intanto ecco…


A succinct summary of modern software development
::: Symbo1ics

In times of hate, love is a revolution
::: Snowden

Terminal forever ❤
hey c’est moi !
::: CommitStrip

cause this is what we needed
::: gdh12112

::: spectrumgomas


::: Pinperepette

a Fibonacci year is the one where each subsequent day
::: astarasikov

Surely it’s never too early to start using Emacs
::: samaaron

::: archillect

Just when you think you’re sufficiently horrified
::: kjhealy

My new year resolution: impure partial untyped imperative programming
::: rightfold


This tiny origami robot can self-fold and complete tasks
::: verge

Asking someone to write a ‘not equals’ sign can be quite revealing
::: JohnLaTwC

esiste una API per i #Pokemon
::: madbob

scontata 😳
::: freeuniverser

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.
::: evilripper

@Iddio a parte la pace nel mondo, vorrei
::: dylettama


cit. & loll – 23

Ieri (OOPS! anche adesso, di nuovo) WordPress era in manutenzione poi è quasi Natale e –OK, rassegna breve (e non sono tanto bravo con le giustificazioni) 😉


I like this. A shell analog of cdr, cddr, cdddr, etc. #lisp #bash
::: MartensJD

while (at(“holiday party”)) {
::: ThePracticalDev

IIS vs Apache
::: nixcraft

IT roles explained with a broken light bulb
::: arialdomartini

What’s your favorite stupid joke?
::: Quora


Your buggy site doesn’t work
::: lizardbill

There are only two hard problems in distributed systems
::: mathiasverraes

I still wonder how come most devs I know advocate Open Source
::: WebReflection

Make it snow in your terminal. In case you don’t have pv or perl. Also, explains the last command
::: climagic ::: climagic ::: climagic

Something that only exists in a fantasy world
::: wallingf

Manifestement cet éleveur de poules utilise #debian
::: poroot


WordPress continua a non funzionare :mrgreen:

cit. & loll – 22

Chissà se con tutto questo freddo e umido ce la faccio a dirvi cosa c’è di lolloso e cosa ho sentito? OK, ci provo 😀


State sazi, state lucidi!
::: omaronnis

Non Sequitur
::: GoComics

The Visual 6502
::: f_126_ck

Project Management
::: ThePracticalDev

Was? Du verwendest noch immer kein Windows 10?
Come, continui a non usare Windoze 10?
::: MicrosoftAT


Stephen Hawking: This will be the impact of automation and AI on jobs
::: wef

Dynamic languages
::: raichoo

Static, nonreconfigurable silicon is going to look archaic in a few years
::: Symbo1ics

Il #renzibis lo paragono alla mia situazione, quando scrivendo del codice che non compila
::: f_126_ck

So far behind on email
la migliore di sempre 😀
::: lizardbill


retweet if your first IDE was blue
::: jcsrb

Fantozzi è diventato un meme virale sulla programmazione
::: evilripper

I made this handy visual aid for teaching new developers
::: Nick_Craver

Nobody actually creates perfect code the first time around
::: ThePracticalDev

Most mathematical problem statement
non so se siete d’accordo con me, cioè con John
::: John D. Cook


Ringing the opening bell this morning!
::: JWhitehurst

Remember a week ago when I said it was time to learn about JavaScript?
::: wirelessmouse

How to write SOLID code that doesn’t suck
::: DEV

comment: “you’re not expected to understand this”
::: b0rk


One of the best programming skills you can have is knowing
::: ThePracticalDev

Created a new section in the company library today
il Practical è uno dei migliori in assoluto
::: peterseibel

when your superscripts have subscripts that have superscripts that have subscripts
::: lexi_lambda

Some people were confused by my tweet stating that ed is the standard editor
::: rob_pike


cit. & loll – 21

Nebbia, umido, post-fuffaro, … Ma ecco il lato 🅛🅞🅛loso e ⓒⓘⓣ.oso del Web 😀


Tre correntisti online su dieci accedono abitualmente dallo smartphone
::: Saiber_Man

Yesterday, a student gave me step-by-step directions to solve a Rubik’s Cube
::: dcox21

::: GoComics

Do you plan on coding this weekend?
::: ThePracticalDev


rinomato costituzionalista trombato

If an angel statue is removed from a fountain
::: inurashii

Great quote from student today
::: moorepants

This strikes me as not paradoxical at all
::: lizardbill

It’s never too early to teach kids to code – or for them to teach me!
::: JustinTrudeau

Unix was originally the control plane
leggere tutta la trilogia
::: TomNomNom


Code drunk. Debug sober.
::: lizardbill

I’ve worked in the private sector
::: JohnDCook

have shut down the Internet or social media around election time
::: fabiochiusi

How to Pay Programmers Less
::: Yegor Bugayenko

This is how sorting algorithms work
::: ThingsWork


cit. & loll – 20

Ecco, arriva subito-subito, eccolo qua 😀


JavaScript truth table
::: ThePracticalDev

The BEST way to start the day
::: manjusrii

Il Manifesto del digitale – adesso live al @FunkyPrize
::: demartin

Siamo geek
::: AndreaOmodeo


Yes, the Roomba uses #Lisp
::: RainerJoswig

Alien technology?
::: Symbo1ics

Un piccolo aiuto
::: _mattux_

The evolution of software architecture
::: RichRogersIoT

How people ignored each other at the table before the arrival of smartphones
::: Joelwillans


Being a CS major: what people hear & what it actually means

Dove ci si iscrive per le recensioni imparziali su Amazon
::: SteffRomagnoli

Python Programmer
::: Google+

pretty happy I decided to make comics every day in November
seguite tutti Julia vero?
::: b0rk ::: b0rk


cit. & loll – 19

Anche se piove ecco che arriva puntuale il solito post settimanale 😉


I have summed up our Instagram account as a JavaScript function
::: ThePracticalDev

Software testing types: Hammering nails
::: Google+

Google e Facebook, è guerra alle bufale: niente pubblicità per i siti di notizie false
::: ArsenaleKappa

Non Sequitur
::: GoComics

Command line advertising: coming to a terminal near you!
::: ThePracticalDev


Oslo airport: taxi for @Snowden?
::: arusbridger

In Unix there is a “man” command and a “cat” command… so why no “dog” command???
leggete anche il commento di Olaf 😀
::: Google+

Debian Linux is the operating system used in most terminals in the International Space Station
::: fermatslibrary

DSSP was not invented. It was found.
::: johnregehr


POTUS awards Margaret Hamilton, who helped create software for NASA’s Apollo command modules, the Medal of Freedom
::: ABC ::: lenajfc ::: ThePracticalDev

Made a Windows Notepad clone, started as joke, keep adding to it
::: _le717

My Chrome is hungry, pls send more RAM
Firefox (for me) too.
::: ThePracticalDev

Artificial intelligence has arrived. We’re all doomed
::: joelcomm


cit. & loll – 18

Improvvisamente arriva il giovedì, OK, posto 😉


::: xkcd

Speed and correctness
::: John D. Cook

President Obama has a political moment to pardon Manning & Snowden
::: wikileaks

to be or not to be
::: jolek78

Da un computer non ci si aspetta che sia creativo, ma solo che faccia ciò che gli diciamo di fare
::: ritagli di .mau.


The S in the IoT stands for Security
::: shelajev

Code reuse
::: 51monfarrow

We should be solving problems. We should not be building features.
::: pfunctional_tv

The President’s Choice
temo che sarà invece molto peggio
::: Bonkers World

Interest in unsolicited LinkedIn messages over time
::: ThePracticalDev


Eh già, cari tutti: avere un’idea non basta… ma neanche un po’
JuanCarlos è un prof tost’assay; peccato non insegnava quando frequentavo io 😀
::: demartin

What’s important is not simplicity or complexity
::: CompSciFact

Post-apocalyptic fiction
::: prentoulis

The Brain is filled with 70% water
::: manisha72617183

The evolution of programming languages
si può contstare a MIT che il Fortran viene prima del C?

Il divertente racconto di Geremì dal meeting Ubuntu-it 201 a Bologna
::: dcavedon


Snail race vote then retweet
::: heyifeellike

Why fix something when you can just add another layer
::: juldanjou

45 yrs ago today Intel unveiled the first single-chip CPU. 4 bits, 16 pins & 740KHz #4004

Gratefully inspired by @b0rk to draw a cute drawing about #paxos
bella la nuova moda 😀
::: DaveCTurner

If you have REPL and a good Lisp
::: deech
::: pavelpenev


cit. & loll – 17

Dai, the show must go on 👽


More than 40 teams at Facebook and more than 25% of our engineers are already using AI
::: btabaka

Top 20 Replies by Programmers when their programs don’t work
::: abt_programming

Programming languages
::: FunctorFact

Give someone a program
::: ThePracticalDev

So open source wasn’t a cancer
::: carlopiana


Old Days
non tutto vero ma qualcosa sì
::: xkcd

After I hit save and before I run the program
::: ThePracticalDev

I ragazzi NON sono nativi digitali, ma spingitori di icone
::: MarcoAlici

Meanwhile, in the USA
::: dcavedon

totally normal evening
::: mntmn


I really wish the macbook pro touchbar rumors are true
::: possan

I peggiori gestori di gruppi su #Facebook: un vademecum
attenti che su questo facciamo il prossimo compito in classe
::: Il nuovo mondo di Galatea

::: icelight_

This is a terrible example of the QuickSort algorithm
::: j_c_fitz


If I have not seen farther, it is because giants were standing on my shoulders
::: CompSciFact

When your tuple has 25 elements but only 22 are allowed
::: Cuddlyhugbear

how to talk to your operating system
::: b0rk

::: lipo1

This is what a headache looks like
::: DavideSpataro