Maxima – 261 – draw – 8


Continuo da qui, copio dal Reference Manual, PDF scaricabile da qui, sono a p.804.

Default value: none.

If enhanced3d is none, surfaces are not colored in 3D plots. In order to get a colored surface, a list must be assigned to option enhanced3d, where the first element is an expression and the rest are the names of the variables or parameters used in that expression. A list such [f(x,y,z), x, y, z] means that point [x,y,z] of the surface is assigned number f(x,y,z), which will be colored according to the actual palette. For those 3D graphic objects defined in terms of parameters, it is possible to define the color number in terms of the parameters, as in [f(u), u], as in objects parametric and tube, or [f(u,v), u, v], as in object parametric_surface. While all 3D objects admit the model based on absolute coordinates, [f(x,y,z), x, y, z], only two of them, namely explicit and elevation_grid, accept also models defined on the [x,y] coordinates, [f(x,y), x, y]. 3D graphic object implicit accepts only the [f(x,y,z), x, y, z] model. Object points accepts also the [f(x,y,z), x, y, z] model, but when points have a chronological nature, model [f(k), k] is also valid, being k an ordering parameter.

When enhanced3d is assigned something different to none, options color and surface_hide are ignored.

The names of the variables defined in the lists may be different to those used in the definitions of the graphic objects.

In order to maintain back compatibility, enhanced3d = false is equivalent to enhanced3d = none, and enhanced3d = true is equivalent to enhanced3d = [z, x, y, z]. If an expression is given to enhanced3d, its variables must be the same used in the surface definition. This is not necessary when using lists.

See option palette to learn how palettes are specified.

explicit object with coloring defined by the [f(x,y,z), x, y, z] model.

(%i1) draw3d(
        enhanced3d = [x-z/10, x, y, z],
        palette = gray,
        explicit(20*exp(-x^2-y^2)-10, x, -3, 3, y, -3, 3))$


explicit object with coloring defined by the [f(x,y), x, y] model. The names of the variables defined in the lists may be different to those used in the definitions of the graphic objects; in this case, r corresponds to x, and s to y.

(%i2) draw3d(
        enhanced3d = [sin(r*s), r, s],
        explicit(20*exp(-x^2-y^2)-10, x, -3, 3, y, -3, 3))$


parametric object with coloring defined by the [f(x,y,z), x, y, z] model.

(%i3) draw3d(
        nticks = 100,
        line_width = 2,
        enhanced3d = [if y>= 0 then 1 else 0, x, y, z],
        parametric(sin(u)^2,cos(u), u, u, 0, 4*%pi))$


parametric object with coloring defined by the [f(u), u] model. In this case, (u-1)^2 is a shortcut for [(u-1)^2,u].

(%i4) draw3d(
        nticks = 60,
        line_width = 3,
        enhanced3d = (u-1)^2,
        parametric(cos(5*u)^2,sin(7*u), u-2, u, 0, 2))$


elevation_grid object with coloring defined by the [f(x,y), x, y] model.

(%i5) m: apply(matrix,
        makelist(makelist(cos(i^2/80-k/30), k, 1, 30), i, 1, 20))$

(%i6) draw3d(
        enhanced3d = [cos(x*y*10), x, y],
        elevation_grid(m, -1, -1, 2, 2),
        xlabel = "x",
        ylabel = "y");
(%o6)                       [gr3d(elevation_grid)]


Pausa; altri esempi prossimamente.

Visto nel Web – 388

Puntata anomala –Assange, c’è chi ne ha fatto un fatto personale, a volte di branco– forse avrei dovuto scegliere ma sono in ritardo (al solito). Poi, ovviamente, ci sono anche altre cose che ho wisto nel Web.


Could We Blow Up the Internet?
Web, Internet
::: RadioProzac

Facebook, il solito
::: startup_italia ::: FrankPasquale ::: linuxjournal ::: Slashdot ::: EPICprivacy ::: Slashdot

Programming in Color with ncurses
linguaggi di programmazione
::: linuxjournal

Is functional programming worth it?
sì ma è impegnativo
linguaggi di programmazione
::: johnmcclean_ie

Is the Golden Age of YouTube Over?
social media
::: Slashdot

Kill The Newsletter: A cute project that gives you an email address to sign up to a newsletter, then converts any newsletters received into posts on an RSS feed
social media
::: _wilfredh

5G is going to be pretty different
dispositivi mobili | Web, Internet
::: _wilfredh

@DynamicWebPaige has written a fantastic @TensorFlow 2.0 FAQ. Please please check it out. There is so much great information in it!
linguaggi di programmazione
::: iamtimdavis

one jar includes compiler, standardlib, examples, sources, doc tool, tests, test runner, interpreter, even the command line repl
linguaggi di programmazione
::: mittie

“The Computer Girls,” was a 1967 Cosmopolitan piece about a strange new field dominated by women. It was called programming

Prince Harry Wants to Ban Fortnite? Here’s What He’s Missing
::: The New York Times ::: RudyBandiera

Elixir Roma ha un cuore che non smette mai di battere
linguaggi di programmazione
::: dottorblaster

Ok, panico
Web, Internet
::: dottorblaster

JOL Java Object Layout
linguaggi di programmazione
::: forked_franz

Take. Bash. Seriously.
programming, codice, snippet
::: ianmiell

Released ZYLISP 0.8.0 tonight

UK Investigates Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo Over Game Subscription Plans
economia, lavoro
::: Slashdot

Fwd: Andrea Contino intervista Kari Geltemeyer
i blog oggi
Web, Internet
::: dottorblaster


The revolutionary IBM System/360 computers were announced 55 years ago today. These mainframes ruled the computing industry for years
::: kenshirriff

Con un maxi finanziamento di ben 573 milioni di euro, la Commissione Europea vuole scommettere prepotentemente sulla banda ultralarga italiana
politica | economia, lavoro | Web, Internet
::: TomsHWItalia

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon Are Quietly Buying Undersea Cables
Web, Internet | hardware | ditte
::: Slashdot

If I hear “Python is great and you can rewrite the slow parts in C” again…
Python | linguaggi di programmazione
::: stylewarning

Microsoft Drops ‘Safe Removal’ of USB Drives As Default In Windows 10 1809
“la vita è troppo breve per rimuoverla in sicurezza” (cit. un tecnico del Poli di cui non ricordo il nome)
sistemi operativi
::: Slashdot

Why Aren’t People Abandoning Windows For Linux?
sistemi operativi
::: Slashdot

It’s starting to feel like Sculley-era Apple again. Big ideas with no soul
::: benjedwards

GIMP 2.10.10 released with line art colorization, usability improvements, initial DDS support, bug fixes, and more
applicazioni, programmi
::: GIMP_Official

Cabinets in front are core memory storage, holding 256 kilobytes each
lo so che mi ripeto ma… guarda e stupisci
::: marcelsalathe

To Stop Copycats, Snapchat Shares Itself
social media
::: Slashdot

::: raistolo ::: LauKaya ::: teirdes ::: MarietjeSchaake ::: Senficon ::: WikimediaItalia ::: Slashdot ::: Senficon ::: fabiochiusi ::: TechCrunch

Are America’s Big Telecom Companies Suppressing Fiber?
hardware | Web, Internet
::: Slashdot

shutil — High-level File Operations
::: pymotw

Before the internet, there was ARPANET. And before ARPANET, there was JCR Licklider’s dream of an “intergalactic computer network”
::: IEEESpectrum

What we lose when we lose our online history, or: How the Million Dollar Homepage became “a living museum to an earlier Internet era”
Web, Internet
::: medialab

This @WIRED article by @GretchenAMcC advocating non-English programming has a nice shout-out to @sayamindu’s study w/ me on how kids seem to learn faster when they do so in @Scratch. The author suggests @Scratch is only 1/4 languages w/ broad localization!
linguaggi di programmazione
::: makoshark ::: makoshark

Public Sans: A strong, neutral typeface for text or display
tools, componenti software
::: TeXtip


Remote Work Works, a New Google Study Finds
economia, lavoro
::: Slashdot

Most Popular Programming Languages: C++ Knocks Python Out of Top Three in New Study
quanto valgono queste classifiche?
linguaggi di programmazione
::: Slashdot

An update on the upcoming Linux Mint release, with candid discussion of team morale
Linux distro
::: _wilfredh

Interesting article by Stephen Wolfram, Logic, Explainability and the Future of Understanding
::: mathematicsprof

An amazing statistic, considering that Android’s global marketshare of new phones is over 85%
dispositivi mobili | sistemi operativi
::: mikko

Upgrade di versione da #Ubuntu18.04 a 18.10: “VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown block(0,0”. Bene ma non benissimo… Risolto selezionando il kernel precedente nel GRUB. Per chi dovesse avere lo stesso problema
::: Genjuro75

Generazioni e social media. Per la #GenZ “esistono” solo #YouTube e #Istagram. #Facebook è per tutti solo un “media generalista”
social media
::: SergioGridelli

According to teens, “Facebook is just an easy way to find people on Instagram”
social media
::: chsever

Heap sort requires O(n log n) comparisons. Its worst-case performance is better than that of quick sort
tip, suggerimenti
::: CompSciFact

Monotype Launches the First Redesign in 35 Years of the World’s Most Ubiquitous Font, Helvetica
tools, componenti software
::: Slashdot

Clojure devs some of the highest paid, most experienced in Stackoverflow 2019 survey
linguaggi di programmazione | economia, lavoro
::: puredanger

Companies are holding onto releasing repair guides for software in everything from phone to tractors. Now, farmers are hacking into their own machines to fix them
economia, lavoro
::: scifri

Congrats to the Python community for continuing to create such a great and loved language and ecosystem
::: brettsky

How Margaret Dayhoff Brought Modern Computing to Biology. The pioneer of #bioinformatics modeled Earth’s primordial atmosphere and made a vast protein database still used today
::: animalculum

Examples, examples, compiling examples and a little bit more examples to that
programming, codice, snippet
::: data_zen

Sony Creates Colossal 16K Screen In Japan
::: Slashdot

I’ve been trying to use @emacs for the past few days, because that’s the editor used by the 3 engineers who sit adjacent to me at the workplace. And, I want to look good, without sacrificing ease of use (so, not Vim 🙈) Got to say this: Emacs is growing on me
applicazioni, programmi
::: Nabhoneel


Windows XP Dies Final Death As Embedded POSReady 2009 Reaches End of Life
sistemi operativi
::: Slashdot

OS hackers: have you ever thought about how fork() is deeply peculiar? For HotOS, @jappavoo, @okrieg, Mothy Roscoe and I wrote a polemic about fork: its quirky history, the problems it causes today, and why after 50 years it may be time to deprecate it
sistemi operativi
::: 0xabU

Did you know half the world’s people do not yet have access to the internet? @hichrisfabian of @UNICEFinnovate and Rosemary Leith @webfoundation describe this basic inequity on @GlobalGoalsCast which examines #AI + #SDGs
Web, Internet
::: AlOraibi

Quanto ci fa stare bene un like? Ma soprattutto, cosa avviene a livello neurale? #socialmedia #internetaddicted
social media
::: SergioGridelli

Another week in all things
::: ReproBuilds

Elon Musk and Bill Gates are trying to do something about global warming
::: Recode

How to Get Into SRE
Web, Internet
::: alicegoldfuss

GRUB 2.04-rc1 is released. @Phoronix reports that after nearly 2 years of development, this release brings tons of changes, including “supporting multiple early initrd images, support for the F2FS file-system, a verifier framework, RISC-V support” & more
::: linuxjournal

An interesting measurement of relative energy efficiency of various languages
uh! 😯 ha senso?
linguaggi di programmazione
::: stevestreeting

SymPy 1.4 has been released
::: SymPy

Summary of some of the math used in computer science
matematica | programming, codice, snippet
::: CompSciFact

Bash pitfalls
This page is a compilation of common mistakes made by bash users. Each example is flawed in some way
linguaggi di programmazione
::: UnixToolTip

This is a couple months old, but it’s cool to see that sophisticated fuzzing techniques are becoming so powerful that the @BusinessTimes is citing “Ned Williamson’s fuzzer”
dispositivi mobili | Apple
::: jeanqasaur

Amazon employees never speak out publicly against their company. But 3,500 just did
::: Recode

Google’s Cloud Code Extends IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code To Kubernetes Apps
Web, Internet
::: Slashdot

Old-School Slashdotter Discovers and Solves Longstanding Flaw In Basic Calculus
::: Slashdot

Another spin on Linux Journal’s Linus interview
::: linuxjournal


Why Vi Rocks
tools, componenti software
::: Gianlucadfiore

Google Documenti consentirà la modifica in modo nativo dei file Microsoft Word, Excel e PowerPoint
Web, Internet
::: TuttoAndroid

The latest CLISP from the Gitlab repository compiled under Ubuntu 18.04 on my brand new Nvidia Jetson nano 64bit ARM board without problems. CLISP was initially released 32 years ago
::: RainerJoswig

SIAE e Soundreef, le due società che raccolgono i diritti d’autore in Italia, hanno trovato un accordo per risolvere le loro cause legali
copyright e brevetti
::: ilpost

If you’re a JS dev & at all curious about machine learning you NEED to watch this kickass (& hilarious) intro from @devdevcharlie! 🕯️🍆
linguaggi di programmazione | Web, Internet
::: AnjanaVakil

Sprechi di cittadinanza: 100 milioni per un software del Mississippi, ma in Italia ce ne sono di migliori (e sono gratis)
open source
::: MauroV1968

Arrestato Assange (e c’è anche Manning). Probabilmente più grande di quel che pensavo, e ci sono opinioni contrastanti (molto) anche tra chi seguo e apprezzo (io sono niubbo in materia, CVSD (ça va sans dire (acronimo appena inventato, mio)).
Web, Internet | politica
::: metpoliceuk ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: wikileaks ::: ilpost ::: wikileaks ::: Lenin ::: carlasignorile ::: nickeardleybbc ::: Reuters ::: sajidjavid ::: evgenymorozov ::: Asher_Wolf ::: RadioProzac ::: Snowden ::: avilarenata ::: dcavedon ::: cobrampi ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: fabiochiusi ::: Snowden ::: ggreenwald ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: wikileaks ::: mtracey ::: ilpost ::: arusbridger ::: mante ::: joshscampbell ::: jluismartin ::: josephfcox ::: attackerman ::: PerBylund ::: yanisvaroufakis ::: ewenmacaskill ::: mathewi ::: JameelJaffer ::: fabiochiusi ::: skirchy ::: disinformatico ::: b_fung ::: FabrizioSitzia ::: a_greenberg ::: kgosztola ::: Asher_Wolf ::: fabiochiusi ::: BBCDanielS ::: unoscribacchino ::: joshtpm ::: mathewi ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: evgenymorozov ::: evgenymorozov ::: David_Leavitt ::: froomkin ::: MattiaBBagnoli ::: jeremyscahill ::: JennaMC_Laugh ::: JakeLaperruque ::: ORARiccardo ::: benlewismedia ::: Popehat ::: trevortimm ::: ABC ::: ggreenwald ::: SMaurizi ::: kpoulsen ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: fabiochiusi ::: wikileaks ::: KimDotcom ::: AriMelber ::: christinawilkie ::: CNNPolitics ::: xychelsea ::: aaronjmate ::: fabiochiusi ::: mazzettam ::: mante ::: anonyfoundation ::: mathewi ::: trevortimm ::: jeremycorbyn ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: christinawilkie ::: BBCNews ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: fabiochiusi ::: fabiochiusi ::: alanfriedmanit ::: mazzettam ::: mazzettam ::: davidallengreen ::: BBCWorld ::: ilpost ::: astroehlein ::: paoloborrometi ::: Dio ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: NatangeloM ::: mazzettam ::: filipp3si ::: fabiochiusi ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: fabiochiusi ::: ellepuntopi ::: a_rossi ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: IOPscience ::: RadioProzac ::: annamomi ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: francesca_bria ::: evgenymorozov ::: ggreenwald ::: evgenymorozov ::: fabiochiusi ::: evgenymorozov ::: mante ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: guardiannews ::: avilarenata ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: GFrancaviglia ::: AmirAminiMD ::: TulsiGabbard ::: DrJillStein ::: kevinmitnick ::: noscosilendo ::: RadioProzac ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: GuillaumeLong ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: mante ::: evgenymorozov ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: evgenymorozov ::: Sci_Hub ::: evgenymorozov ::: evgenymorozov ::: TheOnion ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: f_obermaier ::: MaskSoba ::: jeffjarvis

The German version of my chart comparing the profits U.S. firms report to earn in low-tax jurisdictions relative to the profits they report to earn in the world’s largest economies
economia, lavoro
::: Brad_Setser

Visual Studio Code, gioie e dolori: CPU al 100% con la nuova versione
applicazioni, programmi
::: dottorblaster

C’è un nuovo caso Oscar Giannino
::: ilpost

Linux…Do It for the Children. A rundown of some fun and educational Linux software for kids.
Linux | scuola, educazione
::: linuxjournal

I don’t know if it’s just been too long since I’ve written C and my standards are out of whack, but the approach Racket’s I/O layer takes to handle select(2) sure seems diabolical to me
language Racket | linguaggi di programmazione
::: lexi_lambda

Gartner and IDC Agree: Global PC Shipments Fell To Exactly 58.5 Million in Q1 2019
::: Slashdot

Google challenges AWS with open-source support via @ZDNet & @sjvn Google starts using #opensource software support as a key difference between #Google #Cloud and #AWS
open source
::: sjvn

Il pozzo nero di MySpace: cancellazione accidentale di milioni di brani musicali. Cosa è capitato al social network che doveva essere l’archivio universale di Internet?
social media
::: startup_italia

Big tech companies gobbled up 436 companies over the past decade. “Facebook even deployed an app that looked for rivals that it could either buy or kill”
ditte | economia, lavoro
::: FrankPasquale

To Answer Critics, YouTube Tries a New Metric: Responsibility
social media
::: Slashdot


A quantitative defence of free/libre software
open source
::: _wilfredh

Rust 1.34, including a subtle issue with a function that should have been unsafe, and a slew of new numeric types
linguaggi di programmazione
::: _wilfredh

Google’s Next Big Money Maker Could Be the Maps on Your Phone
Web, Internet | economia, lavoro
::: Slashdot

Google’s New Currents App Is Its Enterprise Replacement For Google+
social media
::: Slashdot

The black hole image processing code. It’s GPLv3. 😊
open source | Python
::: jdub

Six easy ways to run your Jupyter Notebook in the cloud
::: realpython

in termini di accessi #YouTube ha superato #Facebook
social media
::: SergioGridelli

today our friends at @centrumcyfrowe and the @commonsnetwork have launched their Vision for a #SharedDigital Europe. Read more about this policy framework for reclaiming the digital space for the public good
open source
::: communia_eu

interesting paper on the need to reform intellectual property laws: Beyer, J. L. (2013). The Emergence of a Freedom of Information Movement: Anonymous, WikiLeaks, the Pirate Party, and Iceland. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 19(2), 141–154
copyright e brevetti
::: Sci_Hub

21 years ago Sergey Brin and Larry Page published the CS paper that birthed Google

Thoughts from the Future of Linux @BryanLunduke interviews three teenagers who are eating & breathing #opensource
Linux | open source
::: linuxjournal

The Most Loved and Most Disliked Programming Languages Revealed in Stack Overflow Survey
linguaggi di programmazione
::: Slashdot

Indeed, it seems that Google IS forgetting the old Web
Web, Internet
::: nicolaiarocci

Oggi nella newsletter de Il Post ci sono questi numeri interessanti. Il 75% degli utenti del sito arriva ormai da smartphone. È una notizia tanto triste quanto misconosciuta. Abbiamo creato un mostro che ci ucciderà. #mobilesecond
Web, Internet | dispositivi mobili
::: mante

Why are unrolled loops faster?
programming, codice, snippet
::: lemire

The PSF Quarterly Newsletter is out
::: ThePSF

China’s Largest Stock Photo Provider Attracts Fire Over Use of Black Hole Image
open source | copyright e brevetti
::: Slashdot ::: Slashdot


Racket News – Issue 6 is here. Enjoy!
language Racket
::: pocmatos

Facebook accidentally shipped “tens of thousands” of VR controllers with hidden messages like “Big Brother is Watching” and “The Masons Were Here.”
::: robaeprice

Windows 10 Ported To OnePlus 6T Smartphone
sistemi operativi | dispositivi mobili
::: Slashdot

‘How About Paying Your Taxes?’: Walmart Responds To Amazon’s Challenge Over Pay
ditte | economia, lavoro
::: Slashdot

Periodic reminder, in case you forgot how to detect bullshit: Upon encountering a piece of information, in any form, ask, “Who is telling me this? How does he or she know it? What is he or she trying to sell me?”
::: ehud ::: ehud

Intel’s Ramune Nagisetty talks about the company’s push to develop an industry-wide chiplet ecosystem, and what that will mean for fabless startups
::: IEEESpectrum

DVD and Blu-Ray Sales Nearly Halved Over Five Years, MPAA Report Says
::: Slashdot

Alibaba Founder Defends Overtime Work Culture As ‘Huge Blessing’
economia, lavoro
::: Slashdot

#scheme #lisp The Bibliography of Scheme-related Research as a domain/site is gone. Content is now here […]
::: RainerJoswig

Debian Trends: historical graphs about Debian packaging practices, and “packages smells”
Linux distro
::: LucasNussbaum

So… this is crazy. CthulhuSec aka Thomas White, a well known privacy and security figure, was sentenced to 5 years and 4 months for helping run the darknet drug marketplace Silk Road 2 under the DPR2 alias
Web, Internet
::: MikaelThalen ::: mikko

accadde… oggi: nel 1925 nasce #EvelynBerezin, l’inventrice del #wordprocessor
::: sdallagata

È un bene che la Commissione europea continui a favorire l’adozione di licenze libere standard per stimolare la diffusione di open data e il riutilizzo delle informazioni pubbliche
open source
::: wikimarcok

Feel nostalgic? You can still relive some of the operating systems of old. Enjoy these classic operating systems in your browser.: “8 Classic Operating Systems You Can Access in Your Browser”
::: MakeUseOf

Emacs 26.2 released!
applicazioni, programmi
::: jwiegley

Software Libero per comprendere i misteri dell’universo
open source
::: fusslab

Science and Technology links (April 13th 2019)
hey Daniel no ‘puters’ news?
::: lemire


Maxima – 260 – draw – 7


Continuo da qui, copio dal Reference Manual, PDF scaricabile da qui, sono a p.802.

Default value: "data.gnuplot".

This is the name of the file with the numeric data needed by Gnuplot to build the requested plot.

Since this is a global graphics option, its position in the scene description does not matter. It can be also used as an argument of function draw.

See example in gnuplot_file_name.

Default value: 5.

This is the delay in 1/100 seconds of frames in animated gif files.

Since this is a global graphics option, its position in the scene description does not matter. It can be also used as an argument of function draw.

(%i1) draw(
        delay = 100,
        file_name = "zzz",
        terminal = 'animated_gif,
3 frames in animation sequence
(%o1)          [gr2d(explicit), gr2d(explicit), gr2d(explicit)]


Option delay is only active in animated gif’s; it is ignored in any other case. See also terminal, and dimensions.

Default value: [600,500].

Dimensions of the output terminal. Its value is a list formed by the width and the height. The meaning of the two numbers depends on the terminal you are working with.

With terminals gif, animated_gif, png, jpg, svg, screen, wxt, and aquaterm, the integers represent the number of points in each direction. If they are not intergers, they are rounded.

With terminals eps, eps_color, pdf, and pdfcairo, both numbers represent hundredths of cm, which means that, by default, pictures in these formats are 6 cm in width and 5 cm in height.

Since this is a global graphics option, its position in the scene description does not matter. It can be also used as an argument of function draw.

Option dimensions applied to file output and to wxt canvas.

(%i2) draw2d(
        dimensions = [300,300],
        terminal = 'png,
        explicit(x^4,x,-1,1)) $

(%i3) draw2d(
        dimensions = [300,300],
        terminal = 'wxt,
        explicit(x^4,x,-1,1)) $


Il file maxima_out.png è uguale alla window prodotta da wxt.

Option dimensions applied to eps output. We want an eps file with A4 portrait dimensions.

(%i4) A4portrait: 100*[21, 29.7]$

(%i5) draw3d(
        dimensions = A4portrait,
        terminal = 'eps,
        explicit(x^2-y^2,x,-2,2,y,-2,2)) $
$ file maxima_out.eps
maxima_out.eps: PostScript document text conforming DSC level 2.0, type EPS

When true, functions to be drawn are considered as complex functions whose real part value should be plotted; when false, nothing will be plotted when the function does not give a real value.

This option affects objects explicit and parametric in 2D and 3D, and parametric_surface.

(%i6) draw2d(
        draw_realpart = false,
        explicit(sqrt(x^2 - 4*x) - x, x, -1, 5),
        color = red,
        draw_realpart = true,
        parametric(x,sqrt(x^2 - 4*x) - x + 1, x, -1, 5));
(%o6)                    [gr2d(explicit, parametric)]


Maxima – 259 – draw – 6


Continuo da qui, copio dal Reference Manual, PDF scaricabile da qui, sono a p.798.

Default value: true.

If colorbox is true, a color scale without label is drawn together with image 2D objects, or coloured 3d objects. If colorbox is false, no color scale is shown. If colorbox is a string, a color scale with label is drawn.

Since this is a global graphics option, its position in the scene description does not matter.

Color scale and images.

(%i1) im: apply('matrix,
                makelist(makelist(random(200), i, 1, 30), i, 1, 30))$

(%i2) draw(
        gr2d(image(im, 0, 0, 30, 30)),
        gr2d(colorbox = false, image(im, 0, 0, 30, 30))


Color scale and 3D coloured object.

(%i3) draw3d(
        colorbox = "Magnitude",
        enhanced3d = true,
        explicit(x^2+y^2, x, -1, 1, y, -1, 1))$


See also palette_draw.

columns is the number of columns in multiple plots.

Since this is a global graphics option, its position in the scene description does not matter. It can be also used as an argument of function draw.

(%i4) scene1: gr2d(title = "Ellipse",
                nticks = 30,
                parametric(2*cos(t), 5*sin(t), t, 0, 2*%pi))$

(%i5) scene2: gr2d(title = "Triangle",
                polygon([4, 5, 7], [6, 4, 2]))$
(%i6) draw(scene1, scene2, columns = 2)$


Default value: none.

Option contour enables the user to select where to plot contour lines. Possible values are:

  • none: no contour lines are plotted.
  • base: contour lines are projected on the xy plane.
  • surface: contour lines are plotted on the surface.
  • both: two contour lines are plotted: on the xy plane and on the surface.
  • map: contour lines are projected on the xy plane, and the view point is set just in the vertical.

Since this is a global graphics option, its position in the scene description does not matter.

(%i7) draw3d(explicit(20*exp(-x^2-y^2)-10, x, 0, 2, y, -3, 3),
             contour_levels = 15,
             contour = both,
             surface_hide = true) $


(%i8) draw3d(explicit(20*exp(-x^2-y^2)-10, x, 0, 2, y, -3, 3),
             contour_levels = 15,
             contour = map) $


Default value: 5.

This graphic option controls the way contours are drawn. contour_levels can be set to a positive integer number, a list of three numbers or an arbitrary set of numbers:

  • When option contour_levels is bounded to positive integer n, n contour lines will be drawn at equal intervals. By default, five equally spaced contours are plotted.
  • When option contour_levels is bounded to a list of length three of the form [lowest, s, highest], contour lines are plotted from lowest to highest in steps of s.
  • When option contour_levels is bounded to a set of numbers of the form {n1, n2, ...}, contour lines are plotted at values n1, n2, ....

Since this is a global graphics option, its position in the scene description does not matter.

Ten equally spaced contour lines. The actual number of levels can be adjusted to give simple labels.

(%i9) draw3d(color = green,
             explicit(20*exp(-x^2-y^2)-10, x, 0, 2, y, -3, 3),
             contour_levels = 10,
             contour = both,
             surface_hide = true) $


From -8 to 8 in steps of 4.

(%i10) draw3d(color = green,
              explicit(20*exp(-x^2-y^2)-10, x, 0, 2, y, -3, 3),
              contour_levels = [-8, 4, 8],
              contour = both,
              surface_hide = true) $


Isolines at levels -7, -6, 0.8 and 5.

(%i11) draw3d(color = green,
              explicit(20*exp(-x^2-y^2)-10, x, 0, 2, y, -3, 3),
              contour_levels = {-7, -6, 0.8, 5},
              contour = both,
              surface_hide = true) $


AI, innovazioni e blockchain – 69

Oggi c’è un argomento che monopolizza la lista; e una giovane nerd adorabile che monopolizza l’argomento monopolizzante, Giustamente. Probabilmente c’è qualche errore (più del solito), sapete la fretta, l’eccezionalità del momento 🤩🧐

Google cancels AI ethics board in response to outcry
artificial intelligence | privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: fchollet

IBM’s dream was to make an #AI that could diagnose disease. Instead, it produced a handful of AI tools to assist doctors w/specific tasks. Read @newsbeagle’s in-depth look at how IBM Watson failed to deliver on so many promises
artificial intelligence
::: AmyNordrum

L’Europa punta sugli aspetti etici nell’intelligenza artificiale, ed è un vantaggio, però mancano risorse, investimenti, soprattutto nelle startup. E non siamo competitivi nel mantenere talenti esperti di questa materia
artificial intelligence | etica
::: giovannidepaola

We need a new Bill of Rights to protect us from algorithms, Wharton professor says
algoritmi, codice
::: hoofnagle

Toyota Will Share 23,740 Hybrid Vehicle Patents For Free
innovazioni, futuro | copyright e brevetti
::: Slashdot

How quickly can we build a captcha reader using deep learning? Check out yourself the Captcha cracker built @TensorFlow 2.0 and #Keras
TensorFlow e Keras
::: A_K_Nain

Cloud robotics with @rosorg and @ProjectJupyter! I’ve blogged about the first release of jupyter-ros, open source interactive widgets for the Jupyter ecosystem that bring 3-D RViz like capabilities to the notebook
::: wuoulf

AI ethic guidance a first step but needs to be transformed into tangible rights for people
etica | artificial intelligence
::: fabiochiusi

Futurist Predicts AI Will Take Jobs, Benefiting the Rich But Not Workers
artificial intelligence | economia, lavoro
::: Slashdot

In Brussels for the launch of Europe’s first set of ethics guidelines for AI. Human centric of course
artificial intelligence | etica
::: DataEthicsEU ::: algorithmwatch ::: katecrawford

A lot of what is most concerning is not happening in broad daylight. It’s happening in military labs, in security organizations, in private companies providing services to governments or the police
artificial intelligence | etica
::: fabiochiusi

Would #AI be better at governing than politicians?
artificial intelligence | politica
::: wef


The ISS Is a Cesspool of Bacteria and Fungi, Study Finds
spazio, esplorazione
::: Slashdot

opera has officially launched the desktop version of its dapp-focused browser with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet
blockchain e crypto*
::: HerbertRSim

I wrote this thing up about what I’m calling the “AI Autumn,” where the hype fades away, and people with ML + HCI skills become vital for reaping the huge harvest left in its wake
artificial intelligence
::: jeffbigham

Facebook’s AI team maps the whole population of Africa
artificial intelligence
::: TechCrunch

China Wants To Ban Bitcoin Mining
blockchain e crypto*
::: Slashdot

Blue is a new human-scale force-controlled fully-backdrivable robot that costs only $5k and is designed for AI
::: IEEESpectrum

Ford and University of Michigan Study Whether Flying Cars Would be Better For Environment
dubbi (solo miei?)
innovazioni, futuro
::: Slashdot

Google’s Wing Drones Approved To Make Public Deliveries In Australia
innovazioni, futuro
::: Slashdot

How will AI change your life? AI Now Institute founders Kate Crawford and Meredith Whittaker explain
artificial intelligence
::: Recode

Ennesimo must read di @simopieranni su Cina, sorveglianza e AI – con una splendida prospettiva storica > Controllo e sicurezza. Gli occhi acuti della Cina
artificial intelligence | privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: fabiochiusi

What role does technology have in revitalising democracy and increasing public participation? @ChathamHouse has launched an open call for contributions
tecnologia | politica
::: Senficon

Il buco nero in M87
::: ESO ::: ESO ::: thek3nger ::: sigfpe ::: MIT_CSAIL ::: MIT_CSAIL ::: orporick ::: filipio_ ::: BadAstronomer ::: BadAstronomer ::: AstroKatie ::: BadAstronomer ::: Alex_Parker ::: BadAstronomer ::: fulcorno ::: medialab ::: JedidahIslerPhD ::: Zuckermaeuse ::: xkcdComic ::: mbeisen ::: MIT_CSAIL ::: marcoscan ::: jenzhuscott ::: EU_Commission ::: i ::: davcarretta ::: MIT_CSAIL ::: quantizzando ::: TEDTalks ::: FabrizioSitzia ::: stefaniaconti ::: quantizzando ::: thek3nger ::: bendhalpern ::: neiltyson ::: MIT_CSAIL ::: AstroKatie ::: RaiRadio2 ::: collnsmith ::: TEDx ::: andcapocci ::: katiebouman3 ::: katiebouman3 ::: AOC ::: JedidahIslerPhD ::: MIT_CSAIL ::: MIT_CSAIL ::: gadievron ::: maurobiani ::: fabiochiusi ::: il Sole 24 Ore ::: BeppeBeppetti

Katie Bouman
questo dovrebbe essere l’account vero, non l’altro che girava in giornata (sì ci sono cascato); ma è quasi vuoto😯 — NO! è finto anche questo! 😯


What Is Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI)?
::: Event Horizon Telescope

Which ML algorithm to use, in one chart
machine learning

The Firevase is a flower vase that you literally throw at a fire like a grenade in order to put it out
::: Rainmaker1973

This watercraft, that’s designed like a Dolphin, can go above and below water
innovazioni, futuro
::: DigitalTrends

Meanwhile on Earth, preparations continue for the Rosalind Franklin rover, scheduled for launch next year & arrival on #Mars in 2021
spazio, esplorazione | robots

‘Hyperscans’ Show How Brains Sync As People Interact
::: Slashdot

The @OneWheel Pint packs big fun!
innovazioni, futuro
::: DigitalTrends

A stunner of a review of #AI for drug discovery
artificial intelligence
::: EricTopol

New York City wanted to make sure the algorithms it uses are fair. That’s harder than it sounds
algoritmi, codice
::: Recode

;; 4

Maxima – 258 – draw – 5


Continuo da qui, copio dal Reference Manual, PDF scaricabile da qui, sono a p.793.

Default value: [false, false]

A list with two possible elements, true and false, indicating whether the extremes of a graphic object tube remain closed or open. By default, both extremes are left open.

Setting capping = false is equivalent to capping = [false, false], and capping = true is equivalent to capping = [true, true].

(%i1) draw3d(
        capping = [false, true],
        tube(0, 0, a, 1, a, 0, 8) )$


(%i1) draw3d(
        capping = [true, true],
        tube(0, 0, a, 1, a, 0, 8) )$


Default value: auto.

If cbrange is auto, the range for the values which are colored when enhanced3d is not false is computed automatically. Values outside of the color range use color of the nearest extreme.

When enhanced3d or colorbox is false, option cbrange has no effect.

If the user wants a specific interval for the colored values, it must be given as a Maxima list, as in cbrange=[-2, 3].

Since this is a global graphics option, its position in the scene description does not matter.

(%i2) draw3d (
        enhanced3d = true,
        color = green,
        cbrange = [-3,10],
        explicit(x^2+y^2, x,-2,2,y,-2,2)) $


See also enhanced3d, colorbox and cbtics.

Default value: auto.

This graphic option controls the way tic marks are drawn on the colorbox when option enhanced3d is not false.

When enhanced3d or colorbox is false, option cbtics has no effect.

See xtics for a complete description.

(%i3) draw3d (
        enhanced3d = true,
        color = green,
        cbtics = {["High", 10],["Medium", 05],["Low", 0]},
        cbrange = [0, 10],
        explicit(x^2+y^2, x, -2, 2, y, -2, 2))$


Default value: blue.

color specifies the color for plotting lines, points, borders of polygons and labels.

Colors can be given as names or in hexadecimal rgb code. If a gnuplot version >= 5.0 is used and the terminal that is in use supports this rgba colors with transparency information are also supported.

Available color names are:

    white            black            gray0            grey0
    gray10           grey10           gray20           grey20
    gray30           grey30           gray40           grey40
    gray50           grey50           gray60           grey60
    gray70           grey70           gray80           grey80
    gray90           grey90           gray100          grey100
    gray             grey             light_gray       light_grey
    dark_gray        dark_grey        red              light_red
    dark_red         yellow           light_yellow     dark_yellow
    green            light_green      dark_green       spring_green
    forest_green     sea_green        blue             light_blue
    dark_blue        midnight_blue    navy             medium_blue
    royalblue        skyblue          cyan             light_cyan
    dark_cyan        magenta          light_magenta    dark_magenta
    turquoise        light_turquoise  dark_turquoise   pink
    light_pink       dark_pink        coral            light_coral
    orange_red       salmon           light_salmon     dark_salmon
    aquamarine       khaki            dark_khaki       goldenrod
    light_goldenrod  dark_goldenrod   gold             beige
    brown            orange           dark_orange      violet
    dark_violet      plum             purple

Cromatic componentes in hexadecimal code are introduced in the form "#rrggbb".

(%i4) draw2d(explicit(x^2, x, -1, 1), /* default is black */
             color = red,
             explicit(0.5 + x^2, x, -1, 1),
             color = blue,
             explicit(1 + x^2, x, -1, 1),
             color = light_blue,
             explicit(1.5 + x^2, x, -1, 1),
             color = "#23ab0f",
             label(["This is a label", 0, 1.2]) )$


(%i5) draw2d(
        line_width = 50,
        color = "#FF0000",
        explicit(sin(x), x, 0, 10),
        color = "#0000FF80",
        explicit(cos(x), x, 0, 10)
(%o5)                     [gr2d(explicit, explicit)]


L’esempio che segue nella Reference usa tutta la memoria disponibile (compresa quella virtuale e termina con:

File error on "| gnuplot": Cannot create

Maxima – 257 – draw – 4


Continuo da qui, copio dal Reference Manual, PDF scaricabile da qui, sono a p.789.

Opzioni grafiche

Default value: 10.

adapt_depth is the maximum number of splittings used by the adaptive plotting routine.

This option is relevant only for 2d explicit functions. See also nticks.

Default value: false.

With option allocation it is possible to place a scene in the output window at will; this is of interest in multiplots. When false, the scene is placed automatically, depending on the value assigned to option columns. In any other case, allocation must be set to a list of two pairs of numbers; the first corresponds to the position of the lower left corner of the scene, and the second pair gives the width and height of the plot. All quantities must be given in relative coordinates, between 0 and 1.

In site graphics

(%i1) draw(
          allocation = [[1/4, 1/4],[1/2, 1/2]],
          grid = true)) $


Multiplot with selected dimensions

(%i2) draw(
        terminal = wxt,
          allocation = [[0, 0],[1, 1/4]],
          explicit(x^2, x, -1, 1)),
          allocation = [[0, 1/4],[1, 3/4]],
          explicit(x^2+y^2, x, -1, 1, y, -1, 1)))$


See also option columns.

Default value: true.

If axis_3d is true, the x, y and z axis are shown in 3d scenes. Since this is a global graphics option, its position in the scene description does not matter.

(%i4) draw3d(axis_3d = true,
             explicit(sin(x^2+y^2), x, -2, 2, y, -2, 2) )$


See also axis_bottom, axis_left, axis_top, and axis_right for axis in 2d.

Default value: true.

If axis_bottom is true, the bottom axis is shown in 2d scenes. Since this is a global graphics option, its position in the scene description does not matter.

(%i5) draw2d(axis_bottom = false,
             explicit(x^3, x, -1, 1))$

See also axis_left, axis_top, axis_right and axis_3d.

Default value: true.

If axis_left is true, the left axis is shown in 2d scenes. Since this is a global graphics option, its position in the scene description does not matter.

(%i7) draw2d(axis_left = false,
             explicit(x^3, x, -1, 1))$


See also axis_bottom, axis_top, axis_right and axis_3d.

Default value: true.

If axis_right is true, the right axis is shown in 2d scenes. Since this is a global graphics option, its position in the scene description does not matter.

(%i8) draw2d(axis_right = false,
             explicit(x^3, x, -1, 1))$

See also axis_bottom, axis_left, axis_top and axis_3d.

Default value: true.

If axis_top is true, the top axis is shown in 2d scenes. Since this is a global graphics option, its position in the scene description does not matter.

(%i9) draw2d(axis_top = false,
             explicit(x^3, x, -1, 1))$

See also axis_bottom, axis_left, axis_right, and axis_3d.

Default value: white

Sets the background color for terminals. Since this is a global graphics option, its position in the scene description does not matter.

This option das not work with terminals epslatex and epslatex_standalone. See also color.

(%i11) draw2d(background_color = light_blue,
              explicit(x^3, x, -1, 1))$


Default value: true.

If border is true, borders of polygons are painted according to line_type and line_width.

This option affects polygon, rectangle and ellipse in gr2d.

(%i12) draw2d(color = brown,
              line_width = 8,
              border = false,
              fill_color = blue,
              polygon([[5,2],[9,2],[7,5]]) )$


cit. & loll – 143

Aspettando la foto del buco nero (a colori, se possibile) ecco intanto i cit. 🧐 e i loll 😋


Prolific developers don’t always write a lot of code
::: RichRogersIoT

The first step of any project
::: CodeWisdom

io che studio sto cazzo di linguaggio php e
::: Defcon1979

Conversation (ir)réelle
::: CommitStrip_fr

The best performance improvement
John è uno dei miei eroi, quello che mi ha convinto ai linguaggi interpretati (Python in particolare)
::: CompSciFact

Elizabeth Holmes made a fake $9 billion company and got the entire world to believe her story, but somehow my alerts are all about how she’s getting married. It seems that Google and the media have joined forces with Asian mothers around the world
::: jeanqasaur

Reminds me of my Prolog days – I met a man from company who had landed a big job
::: joeerl

Do you love how a traffic light every 10 feet makes you feel safe?
estremista, cito, non condivido
::: deech

“Alice & Bob” first appeared #otd in 1978 in MIT prof. Ron Rivest’s paper w/the “S” and “A” of “RSA”

Books can now transport you into another dimension with #AugmentedReality! #MR #XR #tech #AR @pascal_bornet
passibile di più interpretazioni fino a quando si accede ai tweets di Pascal, rockz! 💥😯
::: evankirstel

If a developer says they don’t really care about design, change their editor theme to Hot Dog Stand
::: markdalgleish

The programmer has to be able to think in terms of conceptual hierarchies
::: RichRogersIoT

In my experience, not any single programming technique (FP, TDD, etc.) is a predictor of success in software
::: keleshev


Simili ai post con cui hai interagito
::: Dio

Extreme Pac-Man!
::: MarshallJulius

Scherzo al giggino
(anche se … se potessi raccontarla; ma no; comunque è capitato a –no)
::: CBugliano

Dream in year
::: RichRogersIoT

You don’t pay engineers to write code
::: RichRogersIoT

Welcome to Seattle
::: ByRosenberg

Bezos could buy an IKEA RIKLIG Teapot ($14.99) for all the people in China
::: BezosInContext

Not sure who this (joke) slide will offend more
::: RDBinns

Lisp traditionally uses `p` for boolean functions because the printing presses that ancient Lispers printed their code with were missing glyphs for þ
thread divertentissimissimo 😋😁🤩💥
::: jckarter ::: jnadeau

Uh, this looks fake but, alas, it’s our iPad today after 3-year-old tried (repeatedly) to unlock. Ideas?
::: eosnos

Il talento è scintilla; il genio, fiamma
::: S_Galimberti


Hello? Support? I can’t get into my computer
::: jckarter

Oggi la connessione internet prende da dio
::: evilripper

If you’re looking forward to this year’s WWDC, don’t
::: TimothyParody

#Haskell tip: if your program doesn’t compile
::: pasiphae_goals

Alternative Big O notation
::: jwcarroll

Ok, now that you asked
::: mathematicsprof

Every odd integer is the difference of 2 squares. Proof
::: fermatslibrary

The Internet of #Ransomware Things
::: Fisher85M

Ma oltre che su Twitter, ci state seguendo anche su Google Plus?
::: CBugliano

Blocking in the ’80s
::: manisha72617183

In the short term, corporate-driven AI
::: evgenymorozov

::: fchollet


Maxima – 256 – draw – 3


Continuo da qui, copio dal Reference Manual, PDF scaricabile da qui, sono a p.787.

draw2d (argument_1, ...)
This function is a shortcut for draw(gr2d(options, ..., graphic_object, ...)). It can be used to plot a unique scene in 2d, as can be seen in most examples below. See also draw and gr2d.

draw3d (argument_1, ...)
This function is a shortcut for draw(gr3d(options, ..., graphic_object, ...)). It can be used to plot a unique scene in 3d, as can be seen in many examples below. See also draw and gr3d.

draw_file (graphic option, ..., graphic object, ...)
Saves the current plot into a file. Accepted graphics options are: terminal, dimensions and file_name.

(%i1) /* screen plot */

(%i2) /* same plot in eps format -- crea maxima_out.eps */
      draw_file(terminal = eps) $


L’opzione dimension in draw_file non funziona; solo da me?

multiplot_mode (term)
This function enables Maxima to work in one-window multiplot mode with terminal term; accepted arguments for this function are screen, wxt, aquaterm, windows and none.

When multiplot mode is enabled, each call to draw sends a new plot to the same window, without erasing the previous ones. To disable the multiplot mode, write multiplot_mode(none).

When multiplot mode is enabled, global option terminal is blocked and you have to disable this working mode before changing to another terminal.

On Windows this feature requires Gnuplot 5.0 or newer. Note, that just plotting multiple expressions into the same plot doesn’t require multiplot: It can be done by just issuing multiple explicit or similar commands in a row.

(%i1) set_draw_defaults(
        xrange = [-1,1],
        yrange = [-1,1],
        grid = true,
        title = "Step by step plot" )$

(%i2) multiplot_mode(screen)$

(%i3) draw2d(color=blue, explicit(x^2,x,-1,1))$

(%i4) draw2d(color=red, explicit(x^3,x,-1,1))$

(%i5) draw2d(color=brown, explicit(x^4,x,-1,1))$

(%i6) multiplot_mode(none)$


set_draw_defaults (graphic option, ..., graphic object, ...)
Sets user graphics options. This function is useful for plotting a sequence of graphics with common graphics options. Calling this function without arguments removes user defaults.

(%i1) set_draw_defaults(
        xrange = [-10,10],
        yrange = [-2, 2],
        color = blue,
        grid = true)$

(%i2) /* plot with user defaults */

(%i3) set_draw_defaults()$

(%i4) /* plot with standard defaults */


Sicurezza e disinformazione – 19

Sempre meno sicuro ma di sicuro una nuova lista 🧐


Italian prosecutors announce investigation into eSurv, the spyware company that infected almost 1,000 people with 25 malicious Google Play Store apps
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: lorenzofb

Inferring someone’s religion from fitness tracker data
dati, raccolta
::: JohnDCook

WhatsApp said in a statement it was working with local startup Proto to classify messages sent to the service by users as true, false, misleading or disputed. They will also build a database of such content to better understand misinformation
disinformazione, fake news, bufale
::: fabiochiusi

In arrivo una brutta notizia per Casaleggio e il m5s da parte del garante della privacy: gli esiti delle votazioni su Rousseau sono vulnerabili, esposti ad accessi ed elaborazioni di vario tipo che vanno dalla semplice consultazione a possibili alterazioni
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: claudiocerasa ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: AntonioNicita

la spaventosa frontiera attuale delle disinfo ops sono le chat (whatsapp e telegram le principali), e Instagram. Su Facebook resiste la disinformazione e manipolazione degli anziani
disinformazione, fake news, bufale
::: jacopo_iacoboni

Facebook, Twitter sucked into India-Pakistan information war
social media
::: maurertim

French ISPs Ordered To Block Sci-Hub, LibGen
::: Slashdot

Singapore to introduce anti-fake news law, allowing removal of articles. // no government should have the power to decide which news are true and which ones are false
::: ChaToX

A woman from China carrying 4 cell phones and a malware-infected thumb drive gained access to Mar-a-Lago during President Trump’s recent visit
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: nytimes

Twitter now lets users appeal violations within its app
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: fabiochiusi

Un inganno chiamato Casaleggio. Ma quale mago dell’innovazione! Così il Garante mette a nudo anche l’incompetenza del capo del M5s
disinformazione, fake news, bufale
::: lucianocapone

Millions of Facebook Records Found on Amazon Cloud Servers
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Slashdot ::: dvIpr ::: zerohedge

Why did Google’s Digital News Innovation Fund offer up to €50,000 to a mouthpiece of Hungary’s authoritarian government?
::: NewsbySchmidt


Amazon Plans To Take on Roku By Vastly Expanding Its Free Ad-Supported Streaming Services: Report
ad, pubblicità
::: Slashdot

Is a well-organized and potentially large network of individuals creating and operating multiple Twitter accounts in order to promote political content? Updated research from @r0zetta shows that is this happening “directly under our noses”
Twitter | politica
::: FSecure

Elizabeth Warren Introduces Bill That Could Hold Tech Execs Responsible For Data Breaches
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Slashdot

Huawei Laptop ‘Backdoor’ Flaw Raises Concerns
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Slashdot

Amazon Quietly Removes Promo Spots That Gave Special Treatment To Its Own Products
ad, pubblicità
::: Slashdot

A misinformation tip line WhatsApp announced yesterday turns out to be primarily for research, not to help users who come across suspicious information
disinformazione, fake news, bufale
::: CraigSilverman

Già fatto in Cina, ovviamente
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: signorelli82

That time I got really mad and decided to kill an industry
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: evacide ::: fabiochiusi

The entire surveillance industry: stalkware, hacking, tracking, tracing tools targeting journalists, dissidents, it is out of control
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: MarietjeSchaake

MIT Cuts Funding Ties With Huawei, ZTE Citing US National Security Concerns
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Slashdot

People Changing Jobs Too Often Could Be Punished by China’s Social Credit System
economia, lavoro
::: Slashdot

L’assenza di reazioni significative in casa 5 Stelle si spiega per … la mancanza dell’effetto sorpresa
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: pestapere ::: jacopo_iacoboni ::: jacopo_iacoboni

US Conducted Secret Surveillance of China’s Huawei, Prosecutors Say
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Slashdot


Android TV Update Puts Home-Screen Ads On Multi-Thousand-Dollar Sony Smart TVs
ad, pubblicità
::: Slashdot

Why solely focusing on the bias or accuracy of facial recognition misses the big picture
privacy, sicurezza, spionaggio, virus
::: Matt_Cagle

We all have a right to live our lives without the threat of illegal surveillance
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This is unfortunate, but we have identified the video’s portion which triggered the YouTube’s copyright filter and we’re working to close the dispute soon
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Facebook, Google, Twitter To Face US Lawmakers About Tech ‘Censorship’
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I see few covering the rumors of Ecuador’s intention to unilaterally revoke Julian Assange’s asylum refer to the formal rulings of the United Nations
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Former Senate Staffer Admits To Doxxing Five Senators On Wikipedia
forse sono solo io ma doxx non sapevo cosa vuol dire e sembra non così standard; per fortuna c’è Urban Dictionary
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Non smetterò mai di dirlo, le fake che pubblica lo staff di Salvini, profumatamente pagato dai contribuenti,non sono gaffe,sono strategia politica, perché anche se dovesse arrivare la smentita, non arriverà mai a tutti quelli che hanno condiviso.
Un’interrogazione parlamentare?
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#Microsoft chiude il suo bookstore e tutti i volumi diventano illeggibili. Formati proprietari e #DRM: ecco perché le nostre librerie digitali possono cancellarsi
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A Russian court fined Twitter 3,000 roubles ($46) on Friday for failing to supply information to Russia’s authorities on where it stores its Russian users’
personal data
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White Hat Hackers Cracked 50 UK Universities’ Computer Systems In 2 Hours
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Passare per idiota agli occhi di un imbecille
è una cosa seria; riusciremo a fermare i giggini? (cioè il loro burattinaio)
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‘Cambridge Analytica quickly grew into one of the world’s leading political data firms… & Alexander was included in WIRED Magazine’s Next List as one of the world’s top 25 geniuses’ The ad industry reveals itself to be even more toxic & deluded than we thought. What a match
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Centinaia di utenti italiani spiati a loro insaputa via app? Il caso “Exodus”
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Dozens of UK business owners are using artificial intelligence to scrutinise staff behaviour minute-to-minute by harvesting data on who emails whom and when, who accesses and edits files and who meets whom and when
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Google Helps Government Conduct Warrantless Searches, Alleges EPIC
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Why Social Media Users Have Trouble Reclaiming Hijacked Accounts
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Several Major Browsers to Prevent Disabling of Click-Tracking ‘Hyperlink Auditing’
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Cheat sheets series for all vulnerabilities
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Dieci, cento, mille @r0gue_0, perché davvero non se ne può più di sti quattro scemi che vanno in giro a parlare di Blockchain e AI
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Heartbleed bug was discovered by Finnish engineers. How it happened
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I assume the UK, with their new social media laws, will also block tabloid newspapers from publishing the same content? I mean, more people probably saw the terror videos clips on The Daily Mail than on Facebook. No? … oh, so it’s just political populism then?
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British officials are calling for the creation of a mandatory “duty of care” standard intended “to make companies take responsibility for the safety of their users and to tackle harm caused by content or activity on their services
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Due studenti hanno truffato Apple per quasi un milione di dollari
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While well-meaning, proposals such as these contain serious risks, such as requiring or incentivising removal of lawful and innocuous content
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