Visto nel Web – 169

Parecchie novità qui sul blog, le avete viste vero?
E fuori ecco cosa ho visto nel Web.

Some problems when adding libraries to Quicklisp
::: Quicklisp news

CLIs with Go – Part 1
::: James Nugent

The Pirate Bay Is Back Online, Properly
::: Slashdot

Lo sviluppo di VirtualBox è in stallo?
::: macitynet

La Buona S(c)uola
::: Sergio Gridelli

Doctorow e DRM: di chi è il mio browser, il mio computer, il mio libro?
Luca qui è troppo accondiscendente
::: Luca De Biase


Economist. Contro la discriminazione dei dati su internet: tre domande e risposte
::: Luca De Biase

25 Facebook Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2014
::: Twitter

Even shorter Chess: “BootChess” by Red Sector Inc.
::: Twitter

Fractal Flowchart
::: Spiked Math

A federated Wikipedia
::: Questo blog non esiste

Moving to Go – What I wish I’d known
::: James Nugent

New Multi-Core Raspberry Pi 2 Launches
::: Slashdot ::: The Register ::: The Verge ::: lffl


Bill Gates Fears A.I., But A.I. Researchers Know Better

Replace CoffeeScript with ES6
::: Grab the Blaster

The end of privacy
Special Issue of Science
::: Science

Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2
roba da mat!
::: Windows Dev Center

Un progetto Open con strumenti Open
::: Giovanni Longo

Android is suddenly surrounded by enemies
::: Business Insider

Marcello Bardini

Come si traccia una jihadista su Twitter
::: Wired

Why Internet users all around the world should be worried about China’s Great Firewall
::: Washington Post

How do you become an expert?
::: Daniel Lemire

Ho sentito il solito spauracchio su Internet-diffusore-di-propaganda-terroristica
::: Twitter

Guest blog: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Founding Director, World Wide Web Foundation
Net neutrality is critical for Europe’s future
::: European Commission

Uber Chases Google in Self-Driving Cars With Carnegie Mellon Deal
::: WSJ


#Lubit 5, nome in codice Jean
::: Twitter

Go and Rust: The road ahead for two young programming languages
::: InfoWorld

Google, Amazon, Microsoft Reportedly Paid AdBlock Plus To Unblock
::: Slashdot

Tutte le cose che non devi fare se vuoi che io ti legga sul web
non è scontato
::: Giuseppe Granieri

Your brain and its software patches
::: Daniel Lemire

Computational Linguistics Reveals How Wikipedia Articles Are Biased Against Women
::: Technology Review


Site Launches To Track Warrant Canaries
::: Slashdot

Phishing – ti piace vincere facile?
::: Porte Ardenti

Il neopresidente Mattarella e la rete
::: Il Piccolo

A Trieste. Città come piattaforma open source
::: Luca De Biase

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler: This Is How We Will Ensure Net Neutrality
::: Wired

Dopo meno di un anno che ho comprato il tablet
::: Twitter

oft push

Central Bank of Italy Declares Virtual Currency Exchanges Are Not Subject to AML Requirements
::: Bitcoin Magazine

Parrot Security OS 1.7 – Recensione ufficiale
::: HackerNetwork

New Chinese Regulations Require Real Name On Internet
::: Slashdot

JavaScript, PHP Top Most Popular Languages, With Apple’s Swift Rising Fast
::: Slashdot

Google Glass’ new boss wants to redesign the headset ‘from scratch’
::: Engadget

Cisco: traffico globale dei dati mobile crescerà di 10 volte entro 2019
::: Tech Economy

Sul @nytimes dibattito sulle nuove regole sulla #netneutrality proposte dalla FCC
::: Twitter

Obama finds bipartisan support for first ‘Big Data’ privacy plan
::: Reuters

ech economy is booming with no bubble burst in sight, report says
::: Los Angeles Times

Tories spend more than £100,000 a month on Facebook – but still can’t beat Britain First
::: The Independent

Numeri di Internet
grazie a Salvatore Russo
::: Internet Live Stats

Scala now compiles to JavaScript non-experimentally
::: Twitter


Greg KH Favors Rolling Release Distros
::: Slashdot

Twitter boss admits firm is failing victims of trolling
::: BBC

MEDUSA4, il CAD gratuito cresce anche su Linux
::: ilSoftware

Some Hackers Unknowingly Gathering Intel For the NSA
::: Slashdot

Telegram Desktop sempre aggiornato su Gnu/Linux
::: Prima o poi

Small, safe and fast formatting library for C++
::: github


Quando il futuro era 8 bit
::: FabLab Roma Makers

The World’s Email Encryption Software Relies on One Guy, Who is Going Broke
::: ProPublica

The Poem That Passed the Turing Test
::: Slashdot

Fast Non-Standard Data Structures for Python
vecchio ma sembra OK
::: Mikhail Korobov

It’s official: Twitter and Google team up to make searching for tweets easier
::: The Next Web

Here’s Twitter’s Slowing User Growth In One Chart
::: TechCrunch


Radioshack Declares Bankruptcy
::: Slashdot

Yes, Major Record Labels Are Keeping Nearly All The Money They Get From Spotify, Rather Than Giving It To Artists
::: techdirt

Adventure: dialog
ehi! non lo sapevo! a me nessuno dice mai niente 😦
::: LinuxCommand

Swatch Plans Smartwatch to Compete With Apple Watch’s Debut
::: Bloomberg

Google’s advisory committee says no to global right to be forgotten
::: The Next Web ::: Twitter

Questo programmatore ha tutta la mia simpatia
::: Twitter


UK’s Most Secretive Court Rules GCHQ Mass Internet Surveillance Was Unlawful
::: Slashdot ::: Wired

Sto pensando di attivare la modalità troll e girare l’Internet
::: Twitter ::: Twitter

CrunchBang Linux Halts Development
::: Slashdot

Why It’s Important That the New Ubuntu Phone Won’t Rely On Apps
::: Slashdot

Ecco quanto è costato davvero
::: Wired


RMS Feels There’s “A Systematic Effort To Attack GNU Packages”
::: [Phoronix]

#emacs is not an editor, not an OS, … it’s a political tool
::: Twitter

Fast Lomb-Scargle Periodograms in Python
messo anche nel Blogroll –a proposito: cresce
::: nbviewer

Altro che rivoluzione informatica! Le scuole digitali sono 38 su 8.519
::: Corriere della Sera

Go concurrency is not parallelism: Real world lessons with Monte Carlo simulations
::: Soroush Pour

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