Visto nel Web – 170

Forse novità in arrivo —OOPS lo dico tutte le volte, non vale, scancello 👿
Intanto ecco cosa ho visto nel Web.
Ah, sì pronti per Lubit5, sta arrivando 😀

Vim as IDE
::: yannesposito

The BQ Ubuntu Phone Will Be Stocked With Binary Blobs
::: [Phoronix]

Anteprima Lubit 5
nota: Jean è da leggere sgian, nèh!
::: the secrets of ubuntu

Replacing the Turing Test
::: Slashdot

tiny command-line skeleton/snippet thing
::: github


Ubuntu Phone Insider’s Event – London UK
::: Carla Sella (Letozaf_ )

The Bizarre and Complex Story of a Failed Wikipedia Software Extension
::: Slashdot

Facebook Buys 21-Building Campus in Silicon Valley
::: Bloomberg

Awesome Ionic
A curated list of amazingly awesome Ionic libraries, resources and solutions
::: github

Securing & Optimizing Linux: The Hacking Solution (v.3.0)
::: Tecmint


Netizen Report: Asian Governments Embrace #Surveillance in the Name of Security
::: Twitter

Boston Dynamics Introduces Their Newest Four-Legged Robot, ‘Spot’
::: Slashdot

Translating math into code with examples in Java, Racket, Haskell and Python
sembra interessante, meriterebbe un’accurata esplorazione
::: Matt Might

Anonymous ora va a caccia dell’hacker n.1 dell’Is
::: la Repubblica ::: Wired ::: Twitter

Linear Regression In Python Using Stats Models
è nel Blogroll ma potrebbe interessare i miei ‘mici tehBoss &co.
::: Big Data Examiner

INTERNET & TERRORISME : Factchecking contre les idées reçues
::: Renaissance Numérique


Facebook traccia gli utenti anche fuori da Facebook
::: Wired

Ubuntu Phone Review (BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition): Great OS, Average Hardware
::: Web Upd8

Newsweek Twitter page hacked by CyberCaliphate
::: Twitter

Quello che non ci diciamo nel Safer Internet Day
::: Wired

Police from several UK forces seek details of Charlie Hebdo readers
::: the Guardian


Edward Berard is a software engineer, consultant for The Object Agency, Inc and the author of Essays on Object-Oriented Software Engineering
::: Google+

Come sta e dove va il web?
meravigliosa anche l’immagine 😀
::: Sergio Gridelli

64 new external resources and articles about data science, big data
::: Data Science Central

Ubuntu Phone Insider Event, dalla A alla Zeta
::: Dario Cavedon (iced) ::: Opensource ::: Wired

EFF Vows to Continue the Fight Against Mass Surveillance After Disappointing Ruling
::: Electronic Frontier Foundation


Unanimità per l’unità digitale d’Italia. Vittoria costituzionale di Quintarelli e Palmieri
::: Luca De Biase

50 Shades of Grey
::: Twitter

Office 365: disattivare la modalità “Protected View” di Excel (Word, ecc.) (GPO)
::: Gioxx

The Dark Web Still Thrives After Silk Road
::: Slashdot

Come migliorare i movimenti nei videogiochi fatti con Scratch!
Scratch, purtroppo sono vecchio! ma voi giovani… 😉
::: Codemotion Kids

kamlesh singh

Python: Tips, Tricks and Idioms
tutto Python in due post
::: Codefisher ::: Codefisher

Your Java Code Is Mostly Fluff, New Research Finds
::: Slashdot

Russia Seeking To Ban Tor, VPNs and Other Anonymizing Tools
::: Slashdot

A Primer of ALGOL 60 Programming
::: Twitter

Usa e Uk pensano a tassare correttamente i giganti di internet
::: Luca De Biase


Decreto antiterrorismo, quei passaggi poco chiari su privacy e aggravanti web
::: Messaggero Veneto

As t-shirts about the WWW & Net go, these, worn by @timberners_lee @vgcerf, are epic
::: Twitter

Impossible! this Is a Mac!
::: Twitter

Five Years After the Sun Merger, Oracle Says It’s Fully Committed To SPARC
::: Slashdot

Linux for Astronomers (Linux Journal)
::: LWN


Python version of the LLVM tutorial
Eli l’ho messo nel Blogroll ma per intanto anche qui
::: Eli Bendersky

Internet of Things: Erlerobot
::: Ubuntu Insights

In Putin’s Russia, a Retweet Can Lead to a Jail Term
::: Global Voices

Un nuovo ScratchTastic il 28 febbraio
sì, adottato 😀
::: CoderDojo Voghera

Facebook: a quali pagine ho messo il mio like?
::: Gioxx

Tutti pazzi per gli hacker dell’Isis
::: Wired


Raspberry Pi 2 promossa dai benchmark
::: oneOpenSource

The Correlation Between Where Startups Are And How Well They Do
::: Popular Science

Dice @micmord
::: Twitter

Peak Google: The Company’s Time At the Top May Be Nearing Its End
::: Slashdot

Torvalds Polls Desire for Linux’s Next Major Version Bump
::: Slashdot

caterina policaro

Arduino nel caos, accuse e avvocati tra i cofondatori Banzi e Martino
::: il Sole 24 Ore

Rust 1.0: status report and final timeline
::: The Rust Programming Language

Smart Homes Often Dumb, Never Simple
::: Slashdot

Apple Hiring Automotive Experts
::: Slashdot

Guy Blueiceman

Apple’s Cook: ‘Everyone has a right to privacy and security’
::: CNET

‘Google Search On Steroids’ Brings Dark Web To Light
::: Slashdot

Internet Censorship in China: We’ll Sing it for You
allucinante 👿
::: ProPublica

Obama Calls for New Cooperation to Wrangle the ‘Wild West’ Internet
::: The New York Times

I primi giorni con Ubuntu Phone
::: Dario Cavedon (iced)


The definitive guide to start with ClojureScript
::: Davide Aversa

List of Free Learning Resources
::: github

Vint Cerf Warns Against ‘Digital Dark Age’
::: Slashdot

Just got a brand new handheld text editor. – it has an “undo” feature too.
::: Twitter

#Lubit5 -2
::: Twitter ::: Twitter

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