Visto nel Web – 184

Sto studiando e ripensando… prossimamente vi racconto 😉
Per intanto ecco cosa ho visto nel Web.
Arduino Announces New Brand, Genuino, Manufacturing Partnership with Adafruit
::: Make:

Freestyle pc for Kids. Sistema operativo per bambini. Chi lo ha provato?
::: Luca De Biase

Nim binary size from 160 KB to 150 Bytes
::: HookRace

How Windows 10 Performs On a 12-inch MacBook
sarà vero? M$ è come $ilvio, imho
::: Slashdot

Solving the Data Extraction Problem in 10 lines
non so se riuscirò a vederlo ma sembra molto interessante
::: rodri.cios


I won’t post more code in my blog
atz! appena RSSato, lo gistso invece; ma ha appena postato un post! indagare!!!
::: svpino

is an easy to use web application framework for writing scalable web APIs in C
::: Kore

creating a Python 3 virt. env. on Ubuntu
::: Python Adventures

Turning an Arduino Project Into a Prototype
::: Slashdot

Toolz provides a set of utility functions for iterators, functions, and dictionaries
::: Toolz


The director of our company decided we’re all moving to Windows
::: codestandards

Da Arduino a Genuino: intervista a Massimo Banzi
::: YouTube

Learning bash scripting for beginners
::: NixCraft

Kim Dotcom Calls Hillary Clinton an “Adversary” of Internet Freedom
::: Slashdot

Why Today’s Automobile Industry Looks A Lot Like IBM in 1985
::: TechCrunch

Programmers will know.

The internet risks hitting peak capacity soon, but it can be saved
::: Engadget

Can C++ become your new scripting language?
::: ν42

La carica dei mostri…
io sono lontano fisicamente da questi posti ma vicinissimo dentro 😀
::: CoderDojo Voghera

Draining the Swamp: Micro Virtual Machines as Solid Foundation for Language Development
Our goal is to remove an important barrier to performant and semantically sound managed language design and implementation
::: Lambda the Ultimate

Simulatore di circuiti analogici


Welcome to the Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices, Solingen, Germany
::: Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices

Un’università spagnola abbandona Windows e passa a Linux
::: TUXJournal

how to sort 3 values
non so voi ma io trovo queste cose intriganti; da solo non mi verrebbero mai in mente; idea per test? 😉
::: The Ubuntu Incident

In case you are looking to learn about Git and GitHub
::: svpino

Russia is making its own smartphone platform, sort of
::: Engadget

2015 - 1

::: ElectroYou

Backlash Against Facebook’s Free Internet Service Grows
::: Wired ::: Chiusi nella rete

Microduino mCookie: The smallest electronic modules on LEGO®
::: Kickstarter

Tech Giants Tell Obama To Resist Calls For Backdoor Access To Encrypted Data
::: TechCrunch

How to implement WhatsApp messaging into your business
::: The Next Web

Phobos and Deimos

Code is the best documentation of how a system is implemented
::: afuerstenau

Isaac Asimov warns the kids…
::: PulpLibrarian

Alan Turing’s “The Applications of Probability to Cryptography” notes have entered the public domain & now on Arxiv
::: FredericJacobs

list your Firefox add-ons
::: The Ubuntu Incident

Comprehensive learning path – Data Science in Python
::: Analytics Vidhya ::: Analytics Vidhya


Putting the evil academic publishers in perspective
grossi guai per FOSS: l’immagine
::: Daniel Lemire

Choosing the Right IDE
è sempre una delle prime tre domande che mi fanno
::: Slashdot

Russia plans Linux-based mobile operating system to rival Android and iOS
::: Ars Technica

La Russie menace de couper Facebook, Google et Twitter
::: Numerama

Meet PyCharm 4.5: All Python tools in one place
::: JetBrains


Keep it simple
::: fabiochiusi

La mia protezione 50 di questa estate?
::: Marghe_Mariotti

Bravi i colleghi di @libreveneto
::: suxsonica

Functional Programming in Haskell by Examples
::: caiorss

Go Is Unapologetically Flawed, Here’s Why We Use It
::: Brave New Geek


Becoming Productive in Haskell
::: Mechanical Elephant

Thinking Functionally with Haskell
::: The Pragmatic Programmers

Online Photo Editor | Pixlr Editor
::: Pixlr

informatici ed emigranti
::: Quinta’s

thank you

Once you go functional, you can never go back
::: ZX coder

“La privacy non interessa più a nessuno”
::: fabiochiusi

The Traveling Salesperson Problem
::: nbviewer

Google developing “Brillo” Internet of Things OS based on Android
::: Ars Technica


How Java Changed Programming Forever
::: Slashdot

25 Years Today – Windows 3.0
ecco perché a volte i giovani mi guardano perplessi (sono vecchio)
::: Slashdot

#golang: The Next Great Teaching Language
::: roseland

Java’s 20 Years Of Innovation
::: Forbes

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