Visto nel Web – 202

Prossimamente –molto presto– arriva Lubit. La gang di Lubit rockz! per davvero tanto di più. Per intanto ecco cosa ho visto nel Web.
U.S. and China Seek Arms Deal for Cyberspace
::: The New York Times

How can you test ClojureScript applications and libraries?
::: Lisp Cast

Microsoft si butta a pesce su Linux e sviluppa la sua prima distribuzione
::: Grab the Blaster

Simplified Web Components via DOMClass
::: Web Reflection

MrRobot – Ubuntu Mobile app enabled Robotics( Raspberry Pi and arduino involved)
::: Instructables


::: ehud

Knowing this one ClojureScript gotcha will save you hours
::: Lisp Cast 4.0
::: Ned Batchelder

AdBlock Plus Defends Ad Blocking, Applauds Marco Arment
::: Slashdot

South Korea’s “Smart Sheriff” Nanny App Puts Children At Risk
::: Slashdot


Cuidado com o projeto de lei que ataca a sua privacidade e a liberdade de expressão
::: Brasil Post

Does Silicon Valley’s reign herald the end of social democracy?
::: the Guardian

Il tempo speso per cliccare i banner “OK, accetto i cookie”
::: Flavio_MfM

Robots’ Next Big Job: Trash Pickup
::: Slashdot

giuro non è un fotomontaggio
::: f_126_ck


Congrats to OSI Affiliate @libreitalia & Pres @suxsonica
::: OpenSourceOrg

Edward Snowden’s Fermi Paradox solution
::: kottke

Oyster, the ‘Netflix for books,’ shuts down as founders join Google
::: Business Insider ::: Nieman Journalism Lab

Jigsaw drag and drop interface fully integrated into #IPython
::: DougBlank

Guts of Ni
è un inizio…
::: Roads Less Taken


Bjarne Stroustrup announces C++ Core Guidelines
::: isocpp

C++ Core Guidelines
::: isocpp

perl-5.23.3 – The Perl 5 language interpreter
::: meta::cpan

Scala and Spark Notebook: The Next Generation Data Science Toolkit
::: Typesafe

Under Public Pressure, India Withdraws Draft Encryption Policy
::: Slashdot

Government spying spooks French citizens
::: The Straits Times


::: partitopirata

World Map of Social Networks
::: antonioderuda

Avoid entering the Facebook vortex with Detox for Facebook
::: CNET

Software worth billions…
::: CommitStrip

Robot revolution sweeps China’s factory floors
::: fabiochiusi


Google Launches Brotli, a New Open Source Compression Algorithm For the Web
::: Slashdot

Jeb Bush says he’d repeal net neutrality
::: Washington Post

Former GM and BMW Executive Warns Apple: Your Car Will Be a “Gigantic Money Pit”
::: Slashdot

Cover 3.0
This library is an extensible code coverage tool for racket. It comes with the ability to generate HTML reports, and has extensions to submit coverage reports to Coveralls. You can also create your own coverage formats.
::: florence

Cassandra Rewritten In C++, Ten Times Faster
::: Slashdot


Volkswagen: milioni di auto con malware iper-inquinante. Messo da Volkswagen. E da quanti altri?
::: Il Disinformatico

Yet another pre-installed spyware app discovered on Lenovo computers
toh! Lenovo again
::: Boing Boing

Numerical properties for Python objects
this package is experimental
::: astrofrog

Launching nginScript and Looking Ahead

Web design is now completely boring
::: The Next Web


GNOME 3.18 – novità che colpiscono nel bene e nel male
::: Grab the Blaster

The Internet’s Vanishing Point?
::: TechCrunch

Facebook: ecco come farà soldi grazie a Messenger
::: Downloadblog

Microsoft makes Baidu a big piece of Windows 10 in China
::: The Verge

The Beauty of Clojure
::: Owen on Software


L’Internet delle Cose che Barano
::: Chiusi nella rete

I social network incontrano la scuola
::: Oggi Scienza

How to learn Haskell
This is a recommended path for learning Haskell based on experience helping others.
::: bitemyapp

Functors, Applicatives, And Monads In Pictures
::: Adit’s

Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 Hours
::: Wikibooks


Development release v.10.6.4 adds new functionality to existing functions and fixes more bugs
::: newlisp

Linus Torvalds’ first two lines of code
::: verdebinario

Reminder to change your fingerprints often
::: jpluscplusm ::: SIAMO GEEK

Forget the #PopeinNYC visit
::: eliblumenthal

Taking away a damaging tool
Uh! come lo scambio di note di stamattina con W! e le pensate di martedì; tutto prima di leggere il post di John, dev’esserci un’epidemia 😉
::: The Endeavour ::: The Clean Coder

William Banik

William Banik

Europe must not create a Balkanised internet
::: Financial Times

The $9 Computer Is Shipping Today
::: Make:

1/3 of marriages are now from online dating and that number is growing
::: SciencePorn

Lambda calculus is the hipsterest programming language
::: jessitron


Saudi Arabia Almost Bought Hacking Team
::: Slashdot

Memory layout of multi-dimensional arrays
Ricordo ancora la lezione/ramanzina di GR, preziosa e mai più dimenticata 😀
::: Eli Bendersky

Dieselgate, una questione di software (chiuso)
::: MySolution ::: Sergio Gridelli

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