Visto nel Web – 204

Settimana pasticciata dove sono riuscito a farmi sgridare per un post in cui non mi sono espresso bene. Ma OK, potrebbe capitare anche di peggio (ne sto preparando un altro). Intanto ecco cosa ho visto nel Web.

An object oriented analysis and code development platform that automatically generates build, class, sequence, and component diagrams for C++ and Objective C languages
::: animatedb

The only pinup for hardcore coders
::: tom_forsyth

EU court likely to slam Facebook on data privacy
::: fabiochiusi

Probability, Paradox, and the Reasonable Person Principle
::: nbviewer

Port of TinyWM in Go
::: collinglass


Perl 6 Documentation
::: Perl 6

Why use a free & open source operating system?
::: Compute Freely

First the #CJEU invalidated the Data Retention Directive, then #Safeharbor, all as a result of Snowden’s revelations.
::: PaulbernalUK ::: Vecchi_Paolo ::: jerezim ::: World Wide Web Foundation ::: Snowden ::: Armin Ronacher ::: Chiusi nella rete ::: la Stampa

Base16 for DrRacket
::: tuirgin

JavaScript and fast data structures: some initial experiments
::: Daniel Lemire


Ad Blocker

The great graphing calculator ripoff
::: ExtremeTech

Computer quantistici, ora si fa sul serio

Beginning Clojure: Cursive
::: Clojurescript Made Easy

Edward Snowden interview: ‘Smartphones can be taken over’
::: BBC


What Effect Will VW’s Scandal Have On Robocars?
::: Slashdot

is a plotting system for the Jupyter notebook
::: bloomberg

Racket Cheat Sheet
::: Racket

Create A Custom Ubuntu ISO With PinguyBuilder
::: Web Upd8


10 Reasons Why Java Now Rocks More Than Ever: Part 1 – The Java Compiler
::: ZeroTurnaround

Computational and Inferential Thinking
::: data8

I just turned a Windows phone into a PC
::: The Verge

a template project for small scientific python projects
::: uwescience

Avant le timestamp 0
::: CommitStrip


Slackel Linux: Not Your Father’s Slackware
::: Linuxinsider

Crash course to Amiga assembly programming
per Shintakezou 😉
::: Reaktor

Larry Wall Unveils Perl 6.0.0
::: Slashdot

Why Is RAM Suddenly So Cheap? It Might Be Windows
::: Slashdot

The wonderful world of recommender systems
::: Yanir Seroussi


Stop using Turbo C++: That is now stupid
::: Getting Geek

How to run Windows 1.01 In a Web Browser
::: Getting Geek

Gonna have to start writing some tools @twitter in Common Lisp
::: peterseibel

Lisp Machine Flavors…for Lisp-Flavored Erlang
::: cemerick

Dopo @snowden, #Assange: #Poitras lancia #Asylum e #Fieldofvision
::: RepubblicaTv


Preach it. This really needs to be better understood
::: Symbo1ics

Operads, Type Level Nats, and Tic-Tac-Toe
::: Bartosz Milewski’s Programming Cafe

Jimmy Wales and Former NSA Chief Ridicule Government Plans To Ban Encryption
::: Slashdot

::: Perl 6 Design Documents

A consolidated collection of topic model implementations
this is a research code and is developed incrementally — Java
::: isultane


Quantum computing breakthrough: Qubits made from standard silicon transistors
::: gizmag

Una guida alle linee guida
::: Sweet dreams are made of this

Singaporeans may soon receive their mail by drone
chissà seriuscirò a vedere una cosa così, qui da noi?
::: The Next Web

NSF Awards $74.5 Million To Support Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Research
::: Slashdot

Programming tip
::: sanityinc


Software libero e momenti di trascurabile infelicità
::: Tech Economy

Ministero Difesa e LibreItalia: parte la migrazione a LibreOffice, si inizia con la formazione interna
::: Tech Economy

It’s time to fight, internet
::: Snowden

Threading Macros
i racketeers sono sempre all’opera; questo post è da mettere nella to-do list, prossimamente… (forse) 😉
::: Racket

&ì(JS)_Introduction to regular expressions
::: codeplanet


Machine Learning for Developers
::: Mike de Waard

How to Write Faster, Better & Longer: The Ultimate Guide to Markdown
::: ghost

Stephen Hawking spiega in 5 righe perché diffidare di quelli che “il digitale risolve tutto”
::: fabiochiusi

Apple si apre all’Open Source: fuori VMware, dentro KVM
::: TUXJournal ::: LCyberspazio

Debian Dropping Linux Standard Base
::: Slashdot


ur newest fiscally sponsored project
::: NumFOCUS

Notes on how browsers work
::: Kunigami

#nonsolopesaro: facciamo luce sulle contromigrazioni
::: Tech Economy

Microsoft’s Mission To Reignite the PC Sector
::: Slashdot

EFF: the Final Leaked TPP Text Is All That We Feared
::: Slashdot


Freestart collision di SHA-1

Twitter Expected to Begin Layoffs and Stop Headquarters Expansion
::: The New York Times

Torvalds Still Not Afraid of Being Hit by a Bus
::: ServerWatch


Come la politica dovrebbe comunicare online. La guida di Twitter
::: Valigia Blu

Hewitt, 1976, AIM 410
::: RainerJoswig

Il CoderDojo della EUCodeWeek
::: CoderDojo Voghera


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